Patty Goodman

Patty Goodman | Receptionist | Fort Lauderdale | Fraser
Languages spoken: us

Patty joined Fraser in December 2016. She was born and raised in New Jersey, joined the Air Force at nineteen, and has also lived in Texas and Georgia before deciding to move to Florida to fulfill her desire to be close to the ocean again. She studied Commercial Art in community college and had hoped to be a greeting card illustrator one day. However, life had different plans and she has held many positions in the office arena, including Procurement, Account Manager, Sales Assistant, and CSR to name a few. She has no previous yachting world experience, so she’s learning the ropes each day as a Receptionist and assisting The Crew Network with crew documentation. She loves to go to the beach, draw, read, and spend time with her boyfriend, cat, and her children when they come to visit her in paradise.

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