More people have travelled into space than have explored the depths of the ocean

Now, you can be one of the few to experience unexplored depths - with FRASER and U BOAT NAVIGATOR's Deep Blue Experience.  

Explore depths of up to 1,000m/3,000 feet and unlock the mysteries of the big blue . 
Fraser gives you the chance to live the ultimate dive experience by chartering U BOAT NAVIGATOR.

The ultimate dive vessel, she is loaded with the best underwater exploration gear, including two Triton submersibles and a full dive centre .

The exclusive experience of a charter on board U BOAT NAVIGATOR is ideal for avid scuba divers, or for guests passionate about world history, shipwrecks or geology.  However, she also offers the perfect opportunity for the discerning adventurer looking for a truly unique experience to travel to depths very few have been and very few have seen.

Watch the industry's first ever underwater CA contract signing

In a worldwide industry first, Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau and the Owner of U BOAT NAVIGATOR signed a Charter Central Agency Agreement underwater.

The ceremonial signing took place outside the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show in U BOAT NAVIGATOR’s Triton 3300 submarine, filmed by the on-crew dive team.


Unlocking the mysteries of the deep,  previously reserved for a handful of experienced and privileged divers, is now possible all year round, whether you have underwater experience or are a complete novice. 
Charter U BOAT NAVIGATOR  and her submersibles in Malta, France, Spain, Italy, the Adriatic and Greece where some of the best wrecks and dive sites in the world can be found.

You can charter U BOAT NAVIGATOR all year round, by month or by week, with the vessel offering comfortable accommodation for 6 guests.  

An ultra-experienced and highly qualified crew of 6 awaits you on board U BOAT NAVIGATOR. 
With their combined skills , they will make sure  your experience is unforgettable.
Having carried out numerous exploration dive trips together, there is no other team that has the same expertise and enthusiasm to guide and enhance the full experience.

Included in a weeks charter is 30 hours of Deep Blue Experience 3-seater Submersible use.
The sub-pilot will take care of everything, allowing you to appreciate the wonders of the underwater world from the safety and comfort of the submersible.

If you are passionate about scuba-diving, a complete set of diving equipment is also included  for 6 guests.

U BOAT NAVIGATOR also offers the rare opportunity to charter at a daily rate and accommodates 11 guests for cruising.

You can charter U BOAT NAVIGATOR either as a standalone explorer vessel or as a shadow vessel for your principal charter yacht or your own yacht . 

Her team and her submersibles not only offer curious adventurers the rare opportunity to discover new depths and get a panoramic view of the underwater world, but they also regularly participate in numerous underwater documentaries and ship wreck discoveries.



"The team and crew of U BOAT NAVIGATOR provide a very professional approach in the organisation and execution of the expeditions and diving operations I have had the pleasure to partake in. They also provide great input into underwater research, archaeology and history."
Richie Kohler
Technical Diving expert, Shipwreck explorer, author and co-host of TV Show “Deep Sea Detectives”


The experience is for anybody who is curious or passionate about exploring the underwater world.  

Bespoke itineraries can be tailored to specific areas of interest:

The Owners of U BOAT NAVIGATOR built the vessel based on their passion for history and underwater archaeology.

Since her launch, U BOAT NAVIGATOR and her submersibles have been involved in the discovery, survey and mapping of numerous shipwrecks in her Mediterranean explorations.

She has also been the star of numerous underwater nature documentaries.

The Bespoke Triton Submersible 3300/3 takes guests closer than ever before to the most dramatic underwater sites.

Discover the Mediterranean volcanoes, including Marsili, located in the Tyrrhenian sea south of Naples in Italy and larger than Mount Etna.

Underwater cinematography  is easy and safe from the comfort of the Triton submersible.

Access the deep, comfortably and stay submerged for long periods to capture the best images, inaccessible to most.



Built in 2008 by a visionary Owning family of passionate divers, and fully refitted in Autumn 2020,  every inch of her 24m/79’ has been strategically thought through to offer the ultimate diving adventure.

In addition to her top-of-the-range diving equipment detailed below, U BOAT NAVIGATOR offers exceptional comfort and space on board.

Natural light bathes the interior of U BOAT NAVIGATOR and her large bridge-deck salon. 
Her double master suite and 2 twin suites with ensuite bathrooms comfortably sleep 6 guests.

To unwind and relax after a dive, or for non-diving guests on board , U BOAT NAVIGATOR boasts an elegant al fresco dining area with BBQ and grill, and a lounge area with a bar  for tranquil moments whilst enjoying panoramic views of the surroundings.

U BOAT NAVIGATOR's exceptional onboard equipment includes:

  • 1 x bespoke custom-built Triton 3300/3   3-seater submersible with a working depth of 1,000m/3,000’, 12 hours endurance max. and 30 hours of usage per week of charter 
  • 1 x custom design Triton 3300/1  1-seater submersible conducting tandem dives with the larger Triton for safety and high quality filming
  • Professional Scuba Diving Equipment for 6 guests
  • Decompression chamber for 4/6 guests (with certified doctor trained to use the specialised medical equipment on board at all times)
  • Professional dive centre with tri-mix facilities for mixing breathing gases
  • Wet Diving Bell with autonomous hydraulic crane (max. operation depth 100 m)
  • 5.7m RIB with 115HP outboard
  • 1 x Sea-Doo SPARK jet ski

U BOAT NAVIGATOR's specialised equipment is designed for guests to get to depths and areas normally out of reach and return to the surface comfortably. 

The vessel's aluminium superstructure and steel displacement hull give her a top speed of 11 knots, a cruising speed of 8 knots and a range of 1,500 nautical miles.

Being a compact vessel, she can access areas closer to the shore, not possible for many of today’s explorer yachts.

The yacht and ALL her equipment is fully Lloyds certified, and equipped with multiple safety features,  guaranteeing the highest level of safety in the maritime field.  The fully qualified sub-pilot and doctor remain on board at all times during a charter.  

Strict hygiene rules and precautions are in place before, during and after operations.
The submersibles are deep cleaned before and after each outing as a matter of course.


"I have never seen the same combination of equipment and professional operation apart from on board the U BOAT NAVIGATOR. From the safety of our divers to the ease of cooperation with the crew and operators, all of our needs are met and our expectations exceeded. I cannot recommend the U BOAT NAVIGATOR and her crew highly enough. I look forward to many future expeditions on board, and to her continued success."
David Concannon
Explorer Consulting.Com

My favourite dive spots - by Dmitriy Tomashev, submarine pilot U Boat navigator

“One of the most common questions I get I asked is what is your favorite diving place?


There are many beautiful and interesting places that are accessible with our submersibles, the first one would be the sister ship of Titanic, HMHS Britannic.


She rests at a depth of 118 meters in Kea channel, Aegean Sea. At a length of 270m  and 30 meter wide, she is one of the largest shipwrecks to visit and in amazing condition. It takes over an hour and a half to go round her in a submersible. 


The second place would be the shipwrecks round Malta – from the one thousand year old amphoras to first and Second World War battleships, destroyers, submarines, planes, a first-class liner, and one of the biggest yachts of her time: HMY Aegusa, formerly owned by tea mogul Sir Thomas Lipton. Most of the wrecks around the island lie at a very comfortable depth of between 70-150 meters.


There are also some amazing diving spots in Northern Sicily. One of the many shipwrecks in that area that really stands out for me is Viminale – otherwise known as the Italian Titanic. She is 142 meters long and lies at a depth of 130 meters. She is in an great condition and the story behind her is absolutely fascinating.


The Sicilian coast has so many things to offer including the Seven Sisters: 7 volcanos where you can see bubbles coming out of the rocks and a whole ecosystem all of their own. We have seen six Gill sharks in the Messina straits which is also a very unique diving area. There are few spots around the world where this shark actually comes to surface (they normally live at a depth of around 800m).


The truth is I could talk for hours about the diving spots where we explore and take clients. And every spot is unique with its own story."



Featured as 'Boat of the Week' in the Robb Report, January 2021 - read the article here.

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