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More yachts have now been purchased in 2020 than 2019.

Over 26% more than the average for the last 11 years.

Since March, we have helped you visit yachts safely when travel permitted. And for the first time, you have purchased yachts with us through Zoom calls, Facebook Live and broker-led video walkthroughs.

A record 1.1 million users now visit our website, double that of 2019. Our social media posts promoting our clients’ yachts have almost 5 million views... a month!

For us, this increased demand underlines one positive message from 2020... the importance we all place on quality time with those we care for, doing what we enjoy most.

We are proud to lead an industry focused on helping you bring those values to life.

Whether you are deciding to own your own yacht or choosing to bring everyone together for a charter vacation... we thank you for choosing Fraser.

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