Bali yacht charter itinerary

Bali is one of the 33 provinces of Indonesia, the largest archipelagic country in the world where the plants, mammals and marine life are simply stunning. A yacht charter in Bali will take you through to a paradise of jasmine, water lilies, frangipani and a variety of orchids abound in the temple grounds. Visit holy temples inhabited by troupes of cackling monkeys, climb up to volcanic craters with bright turquoise lakes or simply relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery unfolding around you.

day 1   Serangan to Gili Islands

Jump straight into your Bali charter by joining the yacht in Serangan and heading into the Lombok Straits with a majestic volcanic backdrop of the 3,000-metre Agung volcano, the largest peak on the island. If you’re a surfer this is a great spot to hit the local breaks, then head over to the Gili Islands to enjoy the terrific snorkelling or scuba diving, then head ashore to the white sand beaches for a romantic sundowner.


Lombok is less developed than Bali, with fewer tourists and crowds. Drop anchor in Amoramor Bay and head ashore by tender to the Sendang Gile Waterfalls in the foothills of Rinjani volcano. After a hike among the island’s chattering monkeys and exotic bird calls, head into the refreshing water for a dip.

day 3   SUMBAWA

As an island nation, the people of Bali have long relied on the water as well as the lush land to survive, so their boat building skills are fantastic. Visit the small village of Wera in Sumbawa to see the locals building traditional ‘phinisi’, the distinctive trading ships of choice in the region.


Scared of dragons? You need not be on Komodo Island, where the gargantuan Komodo dragons – the largest reptiles in the world – lumber at a leisurely pace across the rocky landscape of the Komodo National Park. Designated one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, you will see wild horses, water buffalo, wild boar and troupes of mischievous monkeys in their natural habitat. Then head underwater for some spectacular reef exploration on the island’s coastline.


Bali is famous for its volcanic scenery and the jewel-hued red, green and blue lakes of Kelimutu’s volcanic crater on Flores island are something special to behold. Head up in a 4WD for a fun excursion ashore for the afternoon, before heading back to the yacht for dinner under the breathtakingly star-filled sky.


Immerse yourself in local culture with a visit to the local market of Sumbawa Besar, as people bustle about their everyday lives. A trip to the historical palace of Dalam Loka is a must; it was built over 200-year-old for a local sultan and is a well preserved example of traditional architecture.


Enjoy a leisurely cruise back to southern Bali taking in the remote anchorages, stunning reefs and peaceful pace of life. Indulge in the excellent spa treatments available on the island, or tick off a few more spots on your surfing Bucket List.