Maldives yacht charter itinerary

The Maldives is famed for its rare underwater beauty. The abundance of psychedelic colours and variety of life underwater has captivated divers and water enthusiasts since the Maldives was discovered as a diving destination. Taking a yacht charter in the Maldives allows one to discover the beauty of the atolls (coral islands), the sparkling white beaches and the gleaming emerald green lagoons standing out on the deep blue sea.

day 1   The Coral Island of Bandos

Arrive in Malé International Airport and cruise to the nearby coral island of Bandos. Enjoy a late lunch on the aft deck while lazily drinking in the spectacular vistas of white sand beaches, lush green palms and silvery waves. Spend the afternoon enjoying some of the water-sports on offer, including windsurfing, banana-boat riding, diving and snorkeling.

day 2   Scuba Diving in Any Season

Located to the northeast of the Ari Atoll, the undisturbed sea and surrounding reef makes the Rasdhoo Atoll an ideal location for scuba diving in any season. Amidst the azure waters you can see small clown fish, turtles, eagle rays, morays, colourful parrotfish and even Hammerhead sharks!

day 3   Maaya Thila

Set a course for the Ari Atoll and dive in Maaya Thila, a coral reef valued for its large black coral trees, sea turtles, and schools of yellow and blue midnight snappers. Maaya Thila is widely regarded as the no.1 site for diving in the Maldives and is suitable for divers of all skill levels.

day 4   Emerald Green Lagoon of Meerufenfushi

On the fourth day of your Maldives yacht charter, set a course for the island of Meerufenfushi which, with its beautiful palms surrounded by an emerald green lagoon, is the ideal location for a day of sunbathing. A sunset dinner of local fresh seafood provides the perfect end to the day.

day 5   Kudarah Thila

Explore Dhangeti Island, then an afternoon dive. Kudarah Thila is one of the best sea beds in the Maldives, with an abundance of coral and reef fish in a rainbow of colours including moray eels, angelfish, coral groupers, soldier fish, triggerfish, and turtles.

day 6   Felidhu Atoll

The Felidhu Atoll is a tiny uninhabited atoll located 64km from Malé, where an underwater mountain rises from the depths of the sea. Divers will be able to admire multitudes of gorgonians, carousels of big silvery carangids, as well as large solitary sharks.

day 7   A Final Dive in the Crystal Waters

Begin the last day of your Maldives yacht charter with a final dive in the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. After a leisurely lunch, the yacht begins its journey back to Male.