Mark Koleda

Marketing & Website Specialist
Mark Koleda | Marketing & Website Specialist | Fort Lauderdale | Fraser
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Mark joined Fraser's marketing team in 2021. 

Mark knows luxury, made a career in marketing and worships branding. Equal parts creative/analytic, Mark pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Rutgers University, which he later complemented with a degree in Visual Communications.

Mark started his professional career promoting bespoke travel experiences for a private travel club. Three years later, he accepted a role with the Government of the Principality of Monaco that would define his marketing career. For 14 years, the Principality entrusted Mark to develop and implement destination marketing plans targeting the U.S. and Canadian luxury travel markets. Monaco valued his versatility in all specialisations of marketing. 

In his free time, Mark embarks on adventures of his own. Some noteworthy ones include an expedition summit of Mt. Rainier, a 24-hour mountain bike race in Georgia, camping on the Channel Islands, and his greatest adventure of all, fatherhood. 

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