Simple ways to make your onboard operations greener

Today, an increasing number of charter clients request environmentally friendly yachts for their holidays, and more Yacht Owners turn to Fraser to find out how to make their yachts more sustainable.


Here, discover our tips for going green, from simple, investment-free adjustments to onboard living to more complex changes, all with real benefit to the planet.


So what are yacht Owners doing, and what can you do, to help make that world of difference?

Get started with our tips below, and for advice personalised to your vessel, contact the Fraser Green Team.


Carbon offset

Carbon offsetting offers you the choice to offset each bunker, all flights, land and sea transfers or accommodation emissions, by donating funds to carbon dioxide-reducing projects from reforesting to wind farms.

As well as helping offset your yacht’s footprint, it can help guests and charterers feel more reassured about spending their quality time on board your yacht.

It is already successfully in place on board several Fraser yachts including WHEELS, as well as for all Fraser’s corporate travel.  And it is less expensive than you may think. The Fraser Green Team can advise further.


Sustainable dining

Most yacht chefs already source local produce, reducing their footprint, but for further reduction of food waste on board, encourage your chefs to create menu plans according to destination, paying attention to the sustainability index of the fish, and incorporating as many vegetables as possible.

Any food waste can be transformed into grey water using a variety of recommended onboard systems.


Plastic reduction

Almost 8 million tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean every year, taking hundreds of years to break down. Yet it is simple to eliminate single-use plastics on board and replace them with sustainable alternatives.

  • Replace plastic water bottles and with re-usable bottles made from sustainable materials and refill with filtered water.
  • Replace plastic straws with alternatives in metal, bamboo or rice.
  • Use refillable complimentary toiletries, provide material shopping bags on board for crew and guests and encourage your crew to sign the Clear Ocean Pact.
  • Beyond plastics, you can easily prevent damage to marine life by opting for toxin-free, microplastic-free products for laundry, cleaning and sun protection.

These are just a few suggestions. For more ideas, contact us at the link below or see more top tips on plastic reduction here.

Power saving

Electricity and water can be saved on board, for example by reducing the frequency of laundry and installing motion sensor lighting.
Similarly, when guest and Owner areas are not in use, non-essential equipment and systems can be closed down.


Reduced fuel consumption

Reducing fuel consumption does not necessarily require significant changes on board: it can be about being flexible and travelling in the optimal sea conditions to reduce drag or choosing a better-quality fuel, which Fraser Management can advise on.

Electric tenders and toys can be brought on board for delicate areas, and for the yacht itself, motor noise and vibration reduction can be optimised, with the help of the Fraser Technical Department.

These are only a few ideas of how you can make a difference through small changes to your operations.

To receive the new FRASER GREEN GUIDE FOR OWNERS & CAPTAINS, packed with more detailed tips, please contact us at the link below.

Fraser Green Actions

Fraser is proud to lead the way for sustainability in our industry. A few ways Fraser Worldwide promotes green in our workplace:

  • Membership of the Monaco Government’s National Pact for Energy Transition (Pacte National pour la Transition Énergétique) 
  • All corporate travel carbon offset for investing in various initiatives including the first wind farm on Aruba
  • Partnership with Plastic Oceans who strive to increase awareness about plastic pollution to drive behavioural change
  • No single-use plastic used in our offices
  • Digital storage as opposed to printing
  • Green electricity provider for our Monaco offices
  • Water fountains linked to the main water circuit, re-usable water bottles for employees
  • Coffee machines using organic coffee beans - which we recycle
  • Metal water bottles for employees
  • All marketing and brand merchandise and collateral take advantage of recycled and recyclable materials and supplies
  • Employees encouraged to join local beach cleans
  • Collaboration with eco-responsible suppliers
  • Promotion of the 5 R's throughout the workplace: Reuse, Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Return to the earth.

These initiatives, along with over 30 others, are a part of the Fraser Green Pledge and worldwide FUTURE campaign. For more information or to get involved, contact the Fraser Green Team below.