Yachts for Charter with Wine Cellar

fraser yachts for charter with wine cellar
For yacht guests who appreciate fine wine, the opportunity to charter a yacht with a wine cellar cannot be overlooked. As the world’s leading yacht brokerage, Fraser has a range of spectacular yachts for charter with wine cellar storage systems.

Practical yet Beautiful

Wine professionals will be the first to tell you that the constant motion of a yacht isn’t the best environment for storing fine wine in the long term. When you charter a yacht with a wine cellar however, you will have access to a collection stored in the most favourable of conditions possible: a dedicated temperature-controlled environment, located in a stable position on the yacht and away from direct sunlight, thereby reducing the toll of heat and movement on the wine and keeping it in premium drinking condition.

Wine cellars also act as a striking visual addition to the yacht’s interior design – whether a floor-to-ceiling glass wine cabinet, a wood-lined cellar, or a stunning circular tasting room. On a yacht, wine storage becomes an art piece of its own.

A Vintage Crew

When attention is paid to the storage of wine on a yacht, it only follows that the crew - especially the chef and interior team - have received specialised wine training as well, to ensure charter guests receive maximum enjoyment out of the wine collection on board.

Complementing the Gourmet Experience

Yachts for charter with wine cellars elevate the gourmet experience on charter, with a larger-than-usual range of wines available to pair with the chef’s creations. A wine cellar allows the charter guest to peruse the selection and feel a real sense of occasion as they indulge in another exquisite dining experience on board.

About Fraser

Fraser has been the world’s leading luxury yacht broker for seven years running and has 15 offices located in yachting centres around the globe. With 70 years of yachting experience and a vast charter yacht fleet, Fraser is the ideal partner for those seeking a yacht for charter with wine cellar storage systems.
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