Is this the most sustainable way of doing this?

This is a fundamental consideration in ALL of our corporate decisions.

Alongside all the eco-conscious initiatives we have set up both in-house and within our fleet,  we always choose to work with suppliers for all services and provisions who share the same vision and values as us. 

We have taken these steps further and partnered with the charities and companies below to show our support to their actions.

Plastic Oceans

Fraser is proud to be a partner of Plastic Oceans, a charity dedicated to changing the world’s attitude towards plastic. Through their powerful film and a programme of educational initiatives we are working together to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and destroys the delicate marine environment that our industry is founded upon. Find out more about our partnership here.


Eyesea is a nonprofit organization with a mission to map global pollution and maritime hazards. Without proper data on maritime pollution – what and where it is – effective solutions are hard to find. Eyesea have developed the concept of using geotagged pictures to map maritime pollution to be able to better manage ocean clean-ups.

MC Interieur

MC Interieur luxury interior design company is the exclusive dealer in Monaco for DEDON furniture.  DEDON are committed to sustainability and social responsability.  There is zero-waste in the supply chain and their long-lasting furniture is built to the highest quality and all elements are 100% fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycle,