Tips for reducing the use of plastic at home and on board

This page suggests some useful tips that each of us can implement in our own ways, either at home or on board yachts, to contribute to less plastic waste finding its way into our oceans. Many small changes to our every day life will amount to a significant impact, and by each of us taking responsibility we can make a huge difference.

  • Invest in and use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles
  • A great alternative to bottled water is CanOWater, available through VSF
  • Never use plastic straws - paper and metal ones are readily available nowadays
  • Ditch using disposable plastic cups at home, on picnics, or on your yacht in favour of glassware or a ceramic/metal bottle or cup
  • If you need a supply of water for an event or crew area, a water cooler is preferable to disposable bottles
  • Avoid one-use disposable carrier bags, instead use reusable groceries bags made from hessian, or similar
  • Don’t use plastic Q-Tips – more paper-based alternatives are now available
  • Never dispose of face wipes or Q-Tips down toilets – they may end up directly being discharged to our waterways
  • Separate out all plastics in your rubbish and ensure this is recycled
  • Boycott all personal care products that contain plastic micro-beads – such as facial scrubs and toothpastes. Choose alternatives available on the market – look for ones that say ‘bead-free’.
  • Choose toiletries in refillable receptacles or packaging
  • Refuse excess packaging from provisioners and suppliers, ask for deliveries without plastic wrap
  • Search out brands and provisioners which sell goods and ingredients without packaging e.g. coffee beans, sugar
  • For food storage, use glassware - if plastic must be used, use heavy duty reusable containers preferably made from already recycled plastics
  • Look at any alternatives to disposable plastic products – plant-based, compostable alternatives are coming to market and they need our support
  • Stop chewing gum, instead try mints

Would you like to get involved further ?

Find out more about the initiatives of Plastic Oceans, or the efforts of the revolutionary CanOwater by clicking on our partners logos below.


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What are you already doing on board or at home to reduce the amount of single use plastic you consume?

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