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15 May 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 28.00m/98’10" Sunseeker MOGUL to our sales fleet.
12 May 2020

Fraser was proud to be take part in The Marquip webinar this week,  focusing on the latest important changes to IMO Tier III regulations on nitrogen oxide emissions, and their impact on the yachting industry.
From January 2021, new large yachts sailing in Northern European and US waters will have to comply to these new rules.

11 May 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 65M / 214' YAAKUN, built by Nicolini to our sales fleet.
30 April 2020

Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 46m/150'11" Sanlorenzo FORWIN to our sales fleet.

30 April 2020
Today’s youth and the generations that follow them will inherit the catastrophic consequences of climate change. With the health of the world’s oceans severely compromised and getting worse each day, a new generation of entrepreneurs and activists are setting out to save the planet of their future.
Motor Yacht MY FLOWER For Sale with Fraser
23 April 2020

Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 38.70M / 127’00” Cantieri Di Pisa motor yacht MY FLOWER to our sales fleet.

Motor Yacht DREAMER From Hargrave Sold by Fraser
16 April 2020
We are delighted to announce the in-house sale of 41.5M/ 136' 01" DREAMER, launched in 2010 by Hargrave.
Motor Yacht LUMINOSITY From Benetti for Sale With Fraser
14 April 2020
Fraser is thrilled to welcome the 107.6M/353'00" Benetti  FB272 yacht LUMINOSITY to our sales fleet, and to the global market for the first time.
French Flat-rate VAT Amendment Cancelled
09 April 2020
Amendments proposed to end the French flat-rate VAT reduction system, on all charter contracts concluded after March 30th 2020, have been withdrawn in the wake of COVID-19.
Plan Your Future Yacht Charter With Fraser Without Worry
08 April 2020
At a time when most of us are only experiencing travel through online videos, you may not need to think of your next vacation as a distant dream.
OCEANXPLORER From Mark Dalio and OCEANX in Antartica
03 April 2020
Captivating the world with the launch of the OceanX initiative, Mark Dalio and his father are on a mission to explore the world’s oceans aboard their remarkable new vessel, OCEANXPLORER.
Benetti Motor Yacht +BRAVA Sold by Fraser
20 March 2020

We are delighted to announce the sale of 35M/115’ +BRAVA, launched in 2006 by Benetti.


Your Safety is Our Priority at Fraser and We Are in This Together
16 March 2020
Fraser welcomes motor yacht AUBREY from Maiora to the sales fleet
13 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 28.7m/94'02"  Maiora motor yacht AUBREY to our sales fleet.
motor yacht ENMER from Safehaven Marine joins Fraser sales fleet
12 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to welcome the 23M/75' Safehaven Marine yacht ENMER to our sales fleet.
30m Motor Yacht G From Azimut For Sale With Fraser
11 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 30m (98’05”) 100 Leonardo Azimut motor yacht G to our sales fleet.
M/Y Motor Yacht RANIA From Benetti Joins Fraser Charter Fleet From Benetti Joins Fraser Charter Fleet
11 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 42M / 137'10" Benetti RANIA to our charter fleet.
Explorer Yacht STEEL From Pendennis joins the Fraser Charter Fleet
10 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 55M / 180’ STEEL from Pendennis to the charter fleet.
Fraser Welcomes 29M New England Boat Works Classic Yacht MEDORA to Sales Fleet
10 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to welcome the 29M/96' New England Boat Works yacht MEDORA to our sales fleet.
motor yacht Dr NO NO built by CRN Ancona Joins the Fraser Charter Fleet
02 March 2020

Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 49.7M/163'02" DR NO NO to our charter fleet.

Motor Yacht ZOO From Cantieri di Pisa Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
02 March 2020
Fraser is delighted to welcome the 31.1M/ 102’ Cantieri di Pisa yacht ZOO to our sales fleet.
Superyacht LUCKY LADY Joins the Fraser Sales Fleet
24 February 2020
Fraser is pleased to announce the 62.6M/205'05" Oceanco-built LUCKY LADY has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
Motor Yacht SOPHIA From Royal Denship is Available for Charter with Fraser
20 February 2020
We are pleased to announce that 25.9m Royal Denship SOPHIA is now available for charter with Fraser.
Norwegian Hull Club Training Seminar with the Fraser Yacht Management Team
20 February 2020

The Fraser Yacht Management Team last week organised a seminar with Norwegian Hull Club, one of the world’s oldest and most respected maritime insurance companies.

60M M/Y FORMOSA From Benetti Added to Fraser Sales Fleet
17 February 2020

Fraser is delighted to welcome the 60M/196' Benetti yacht FORMOSA to our sales fleet.

37m M/Y MAYAMA From Couach sold by Fraser
13 February 2020
We are pleased to announce that 37M/121’ Couach MAYAMA has been sold by Fraser.
Amels 220 Limited Edition M/Y AURORA BOREALIS Sold by Fraser
13 February 2020

We are delighted to announce the sale of the 67.6m (221'09") AURORA BOREALIS.

2020 Fraser Charter Portfolio
10 February 2020
We are proud to announce that the brand-new 2020 Fraser Charter Portfolio is out now, available to read online or request in print.
42.99m M/Y VIRTUS 44 From Mengi Yay sold by Fraser
10 February 2020
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 43.99M/144'04" VIRTUS 44.
S/Y RADIANCE From Bayards Available for Charter with Fraser
06 February 2020

Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of 37m / 121’ Bayards sailing yacht RADIANCE to our charter fleet.

Kokomo Island Fiji yachting destination
05 February 2020
Imagine a destination where pristine reefs set the scene for an unrivalled experience, spectacular white sand beaches are yours for the taking, where privacy is paramount, service is superior, dining is exceptional, and you are the priority. This was the vision of superyacht owner and property developer Lang Walker, whose luxury resort in Fiji – Kokomo Private Island – opened for business in 2017.
44.37M M/Y ODYSSEY sold by Fraser
03 February 2020

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 44.37m / 145'07" ODYSSEY.

9 Tips to Reduce Plastic Pollution in Ocean
03 February 2020

With plastic pollution now at a crisis point, it’s more important than ever that the yachting community works together to fight to preserve the oceans that matter so much to us.

IYBA's Charter Professional of the Year Diane Fraser
27 January 2020
Fraser Charter Broker Diane Fraser has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to the charter yacht industry.
20.73m Ferretti-built M/Y LUMAR Joins the Fraser Sales Fleet
24 January 2020
Fraser is pleased to announce the 20.73 M/ 68'00" Ferretti-built LUMAR has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
30M GIAVA From Castagnola Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
20 January 2020

Fraser welcomes 30m / 98’05” GIAVA, built by Castagnola, to the sales fleet.

28.35M M/Y SEA FOREVER Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
20 January 2020
Fraser is pleased to announce the 28.35M/93'00" ABD Aluminum-built SEA FOREVER has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
36.6M INFAMIS Explorer Yacht of Yokohama Shipyards for sale with Fraser
16 January 2020

True explorer 36.6M / 120’01” INFAMIS of Yokohama Shipyards is now for sale with Fraser.

88.5m M/Y BARBARA Joins the Fraser Charter Fleet
14 January 2020

An ideal start to the New Year, Fraser is thrilled to welcome 88.5M/290'04" Oceanco BARBARA to our charter fleet.

Owner of S/Y U2 Ron Zuckerman
13 January 2020
Superyacht Times recently caught up with IT entrepreneur, prominent tech investor and owner/builder of ALL ABOUT U2, Ron Zuckerman.
Sales Broker Lon McCloskey Joins Fraser Ft Lauderdale Office
06 January 2020
We are pleased to announce Lon McCloskey has joined the Fort Lauderdale office as our newest Sales Broker.
43m Mangusta Oceano M/Y EVA.4EVA Available for Charter with Fraser
19 December 2019
Fraser is delighted to welcome the spectacular EVA. 4EVA, a 43m/141' Mangusta Oceano, to the charter fleet.
most searched for yachts for sale 2019
18 December 2019
The global superyacht fleet now numbers in the thousands, meaning there is more choice than ever before when it comes to yachts for sale. However, some yachts rise above the rest to become icons in the industry – because of their striking design, extraordinary features and amenities, or their cruising capabilities, as seen with the current meteoric rise in the popularity of explorer yachts.
83M M/Y HERE COMES THE SUN Sold by Fraser
18 December 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the landmark sale of 83M/ 272'04" HERE COMES THE SUN to close the year.
foreign flagged yachts can now explore Australia
11 December 2019

Australia’s stunning coastlines are finally open for superyachts worldwide to explore. Fraser has been instrumental in assisting the ground-breaking Special Recreational Vessels Bill 2019 to be passed through Australian parliament. Approved as an official agent by the Department of Infrastructure, Fraser can assist foreign flagged yachts with obtaining the necessary licence to charter in Australia.  

M/Y SANLORENZO SL 102_701 sold by Fraser
29 November 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 102'00" (31m) M/Y SANLORENZO SL 102_701, now named GENOA, a Sanlorenzo new build.


26m M/Y MALVASIA from Feretti Joins Fraser Charter Fleet
28 November 2019
Fraser is delighted to welcome MALVASIA, a 26m/86' Feretti Custom Line yacht, to the charter fleet.
35M M/Y PARADISE From Horizon Yachts Joins Fraser Charter Fleet
28 November 2019

Fraser is delighted to welcome PARADISE, a 35.00M/114'10" Horizon Yachts yacht, to the charter fleet.

S/Y DUNIA BARU Opens Learning Centre
27 November 2019
DUNIA BARU, the stunning traditional Indonesian style charter yacht, has given its name to a learning center in Raja Ampat, serving the region and enhancing the community. The boat is closely linked with the area and the team behind her ensure they give back to the community in the destination which has captured their hearts.
44m M/Y BENETTI DIAMOND 145 BP002 Sold by Fraser
08 November 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 44m/145' motor yacht BENETTI DIAMOND 145 BP002.


49.9m M/Y FRAMURA 3 From Codecasa Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
28 October 2019
Fraser is delighted to welcome FRAMURA 3, the 49.9m/163'09" Codecasa yacht for sale.
Fraser Hong Kong Sells G In House
04 October 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of G, a 30.75m/100'11" Azimut yacht.
Fraser partners with Shamin Abas for US market
25 September 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce a strategic new partnership with Shamin Abas Ultra-Luxury Brand Marketing & Business
Development.  As a specialist in the UHNW segment, the firm was chosen to assist in expanding Fraser’s reach in the United States and beyond utilising their full suite of services including rich, compelling media relations; carefully curated partnerships and alignments; and money-can’t-buy experiential programming. The firm will additionally serve as Fraser’s representative on the ground in New York, spearheading business development activities.
27M Arno Yacht CARAMIA sold by Fraser
23 September 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the in-house sale of CARAMIA.
126M Lurssen M/Y OCTOPUS For Sale With Fraser
04 September 2019
Fraser is thrilled to announce the 126.20m / 414'01" Lurssen-built OCTOPUS has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
31.1m S/Y ANAMCARA Joins the Fraser Sales Fleet
26 August 2019
Fraser is pleased to announce the 31.1M/102'00" ANAMCARA has joined the Fraser fleet.
50M Benetti M/Y B.NOW Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
15 August 2019
Fraser is thrilled to announce 50m / 163'09" B.NOW has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
50.9m S/Y DUNIA BARU Joins Fraser Charter Fleet
09 August 2019
Fraser welcomes 50.9m/167' DUNIA BARU to the charter fleet. Available to charter in South East Asia, DUNIA BARU is a distinctive luxury yacht guaranteed to enchant and charm guests.
Ferretti-built M/Y Happy Hour for sale with Fraser
31 July 2019
Fraser is thrilled to announce the addition of Ferretti yacht for sale HAPPY HOUR.
65M Heesen-built M/Y GALACTICA STAR sold by Fraser
25 July 2019
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of the 65.00 M/ 213'03" M/Y GALACTICA STAR built by Heesen in 2013.
29M Moonen M/Y CLEMENTINE Sold by Fraser
24 July 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 29m (96’) M/Y CLEMENTINE built by Moonen in 2005.

59m S/Y PERSEUS³ from Perini Navi for sale with Fraser
17 July 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 59m / 192'03" PERSEUS³ has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

39.6m M/Y SCOUT II Explorer Yacht for sale with Fraser
17 July 2019

Fraser is thrilled to announce 39.60 M/ 129'11" SCOUT II has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

M/Y VIBRANCE Available for Charter with Fraser
05 July 2019

Fraser is thrilled to welcome 49.30m (161'09") M/Y VIBRANCE to the charter fleet.

35.78m S/Y PATH From Baltic Yachts for sale with Fraser
04 July 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 35.77M/117'04" PATH has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

03 July 2019
It has been announced that MarineMax, Inc, the USA’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer, has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of Fraser from the world’s number one yacht builder, the Italian-based Azimut|Benetti Group.
8.36m Motor Yacht SEAS 60 From Azimut Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
01 July 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 18.36M/60'03" SEAS 60 has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

20.15m Motor Yacht SEAS 64 From Azimut Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
01 July 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 20.15M/66'01" SEAS 64 has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

33m Motor Yacht NAUTA From Baglietto Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
27 June 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 33M/108'03" NAUTA has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

26.22m Motor Yacht MALVASIA From Ferretti Joins Fraser Sales Fleet
27 June 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 26.22M/86'00" MALVASIA has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

Sailing Yacht SILVERLINING Joins Fraser Charter Fleet
26 June 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce that the 31.4M/103'00" SILVERLINING has joined the Fraser Charter Management Fleet.

25 June 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 43.89M/144'00" ALASKA OF GEORGE TOWN has joined the Fraser sales fleet.


24 June 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce 32.00 M/ 105'00" DANNESKJOLD has joined the sales fleet.
24 June 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 23.60 M/ 77'05" AL ZAIN has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

20 June 2019
With a collection of luxury motor yachts to choose from, the Owner of NADAN and MONTREVEL has decided to list his classical and neoclassical yachts for sale with Fraser. But there is a catch: he will only be selling one.
20 June 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 35.05M (115’00”) S/Y MANUTARA built by Valdettaro in 1994 and refit in 2015
17 June 2019

Fraser is thrilled to welcome 64.52M/211'08" MIKHAIL S. VORONTSOV to the charter fleet.

13 June 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 39M/127'11"LE PIETRE has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

mediterranean in the summer
11 June 2019

There are few places on earth as genuinely breath-taking as the glittering coastline of the Mediterranean. It is difficult to imagine a location equivalent in proportions and equally as accessible that is as rich in cultural vibrancy, food, wine, history and architecture both ancient and modern. Unquestionably beautiful in any season, in summer the Mediterranean comes into its own. Vivid blue water, long days and warm nights, sun-drenched white sand and the finest fresh cuisine present an intoxicating cocktail of sensual delights that are enough to make one wonder how you could ever spend the summer anywhere else. A Mediterranean yacht charter presents endless possibilities – every voyage is unique, limited only by your own desire to immerse and explore.

27 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 34.98M/114'09" BE COOL 2 has joined the Fraser sales fleet.


27 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 43.59M/143'00" L'ALBATROS has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

24 May 2019
Saturday evening, Fraser Chief Operating Officer Mike Busacca was recognised for his outstanding achievements and contributions in the marine industry.
24 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 24.39M/80'00" DANUSH has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

22 May 2019
Fraser is pleased to announce  58.83 M/ 193'00" SEAWOLF has joined the sales fleet.
20 May 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce that the 27.3M/89'07" ILIOS I has joined the Fraser Monaco Charter Management Fleet.

17 May 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce that the 52M/170'07" M/Y LATITUDE I has joined the Fraser Monaco Charter Management Fleet.

15 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce  57.6m /189'00" LARISA has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

15 May 2019

The first day of the LYBRA Superyacht show was celebrated with the 3rd edition of the Richard Earp Award commemorating his memory.

43.90M MAGIC
13 May 2019

Fraser is thrilled to welcome 39.62m (130'00") M/Y MAGIC to the charter fleet.

10 May 2019
Fraser is pleased to announce nine yachts sold within the past three weeks. The crowning sale was M/Y ARETI by Stuart Larsen. At 85m she is the 3rd largest yacht sold this year and was only on the market for just under nine months. Launched in 2017 by Lurssen with design by Winch, ARETI is the perfect combination of functionality, performance and comfort.
09 May 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 32.00M (105'00") S/Y WHITEHAWK built by O'Lie-Neilsen, Maine in 1978, refit in 2016.
08 May 2019
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of M/Y ARETI, 278’10” Lürssen, built in 2017.
Wally Yachts M/Y KANGA
07 May 2019
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of the 26.24 M (86'01") M/Y KANGA built by Wally Yachts in 2012.
03 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 28.6m/93'10" QUASAR has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

03 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 33.7M/110'07" MERMAID has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

03 May 2019
We are delighted to announce the sale of the 118’06" (36.12M) S/Y SOVEREIGN SEA built by Alloy Yachts in 1995  and refit in 2011.
02 May 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 59.6m/195'06" GRAND RUSALINA has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

33.91M M/Y IRA
01 May 2019
We are delighted to announce the sale of the 111'03" (33.91M) M/Y IRA built by Sunseeker in 2011 and refit in 2017.
29 April 2019

Fraser is pleased to announce 50m DR. NO NO has joined the Fraser sales fleet.

29 April 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 66.75m (219’) M/Y GOLDEN SHADOW built by Campbell in 1995 and refit in 2017. Jan Jaap Minnema of Fraser Monaco represented the Seller.

26 April 2019

We are delighted to announce the sale of M/Y LADY AZUL by Jan Jaap Minnema representing the Seller.

24 April 2019
Fraser is proud to announce the 43.90M ( 144'00") S/Y ENCORE has joined the sales fleet.
34.14M Sailing Yacht blue too
22 April 2019

Fraser is proud to announce the 34.14M (112'00") S/Y BLUE TOO  has joined the sales fleet.

19 April 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of VICTORY, the 51.8M superyacht built by Golden Yachts. Featuring large deck spaces and a beautiful interior design by Giorgio Vafiadis.


18 April 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce that the 32.92M (108’00”) M/Y HERCULES I has joined the Fraser Monaco Charter Management Fleet.

24.69M Sailing Yacht Zweisamkeit
17 April 2019
Fraser is pleased to welcome 24.69 M (81'00") sailing yacht ZWEISAMKEIT to the sales fleet.
33M Kingship Marine M/Y JEREMY
05 April 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 33M (108’03") JEREMY built by Kingship Marine in 2007 and refit in 2016.

03 April 2019
GALACTICA STAR is being offered for sale in a 45-day sealed bid arrangement starting April 4, 2019 with the close of bidding May 19th.
45.72M Richmond Yachts M/Y STATUS QUO
02 April 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 45.72 M (150'00") STATUS QUO built by Richmond Yachts in 2013.
25 March 2019

Fraser is thrilled to welcome NAUTA, a 33m luxury motor yacht to the charter fleet.

25 March 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce that the 42m (137'10") SAMATA has joined the Fraser Charter Management Fleet.

20 March 2019
Fraser is pleased to announce 32.31 M (106'00") Westport SNOWBORED has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
15 March 2019
We are pleased to welcome 41.45 M (136'00") DREAMER to the sales fleet.
three forks yacht
14 March 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 49.07 M (161'00") THREE FORKS built by Christensen in 2009 and refit in 2018.
14 March 2019

Fraser is proud to announce the 40M (131ft) M/Y SOLAIA has joined the sales fleet.

11 March 2019
EGO, ex RIMA II, has joined the Fraser charter fleet.
07 March 2019

Yachting has historically been a male environment but more and more women are coming to the forefront, with their influence in business and the industry felt in every sector of superyachting. We talk with five passionate women about their experiences in yachting.


07 March 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce that Anthony Baud has joined the Fraser Monaco team as a Charter Broker.
05 March 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 28.62M/ 93'11" M/Y VICIOUS RUMOUR by Peter Redford & Eugenio Cannarsa representing the Seller. Special thanks to Igor Cherentaev of Azimut Yachts Russia for representing the Buyer.

27 February 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 38.70 M (127'00") M/Y GLADIUS built by Cantieri di Pisa in 2007, refit in 2017.

27 February 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the stunning 47.45 M/ 155'08" M/Y STRANGELOVE built by Feadship in 1982, refit in 2004.

25 February 2019

Fraser, the world’s leading full‐service yachting company, is delighted to announce the opening of new office at Phuket Yacht Haven in Thailand! This new location strengthens Fraser’s presence in Asia and is perfectly located to offer the full range Fraser services to visiting superyachts in Phuket.


22 February 2019
On Tuesday February 19th, Fraser hosted a presentation of its 44m listing VIRTUS at the Monaco Yacht Club. Currently in the final stages of construction at the Mengi Yay shipyard in Turkey, the yacht is due to be launched in July 2019.
21 February 2019
Fraser is thrilled to welcome MARYBELLE for charter, a custom 83ft luxury fishing yacht built by Viking, and launched in 2018.
19 February 2019

Fraser is delighted to welcome CLEMENTINE to the sales fleet. She is now offered for sale for the very first time!

19 February 2019

Fraser is delighted to welcome CORROBOREE l to the sales fleet. Taking her name from the Australian Aboriginal word meaning ‘gathering’ or ‘ceremony’ – CORROBOREE I yacht is the perfect meeting place for family and friends. 

18 February 2019
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 38.00M (124’8”) SPIRIT.
18 February 2019

Fraser is thrilled to welcome DOLCE VITA NUMARINE 105 to the sales fleet.

18 February 2019
Fraser is proud to announce the 18M (59ft) S/Y MARILEE has joined the sales fleet.
14 February 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce that the new build 67m PROJECT WAKA, from the AMELS Limited Editions 220 range, is scheduled for delivery in summer 2019 and now available for sale.



12 February 2019

The brand new Fraser Charter Portfolio has now been released. This is your guide to the best that yachting has to offer, a beautiful brochure that offers a peek into the 100 most desirable charter yachts in the world, a showcase of the most exclusive destinations and more.

12 February 2019

Fraser is thrilled to welcome STATE OF GRACE to the sales fleet. She is the first of Perini Navi’s outstanding 40m Fast Sailing Cruising Line - a high performance world cruising contemporary sloop designed for an experienced yachtsman driven by cutting-edge sailing technology.

36.88M Benetti Motor Yacht NOMADESS
11 February 2019
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 36.88M (121'00") Benetti motor yacht NOMADESS.
04 February 2019
One of the most famous classic yachts sailing today, SHENANDOAH OF SARK has been beguiling guests and a string of characterful owners since 1902, resulting in a tapestry of rich heritage.
Westship Built 29.34M M/Y CRU
30 January 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 29.34M (96'03") Westship built motoryacht CRU. 

23 January 2019
Fraser is thrilled to welcome 50M GLOBAL 50-02 to the sales fleet.
18 January 2019

Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 18.3M (60'00") Multiplast yacht CIAO GIANNI.

14 January 2019

Fraser is delighted to welcome DEEP STORY, a 45.20m motor yacht, custom built in 2012 by Orkun Yachting in Tuzla, Istanbul (Turkey), to the sale fleet.

14 January 2019
Fraser was named the number 1 yacht brokerage by the independent and inaugural Superyacht Brokerage Report 2018. Fraser is proud to have our position as leading brokerage confirmed but it isn't just sales brokerage where Fraser shines. As you will see in the following video the numbers speak for themselves demonstrating expertise and know-how across all the departments we work in: sales, charter, yacht management, project management and crew as well as trust from our ever growing family of clients.
09 January 2019
Fraser is delighted to welcome motor yacht ALESSANDRA to the charter fleet. Read on to find out about the stunning yacht from Trinity.
08 January 2019
Fraser is delighted to welcome WILD CHILD, a 86ft Hatteras Convertible sportfishing yacht, to the sale fleet.
03 January 2019
Fraser is thrilled to welcome 47.85M ALESSANDRA to the sales fleet.
25 December 2018

The fourth annual Christmas Dinner hosted by The Crew Network was held in Viareggio at Il Principino on the 6th of December, welcoming 250 guests including 140 Captains from all over Europe and industry sponsors.


21 December 2018

Fraser is pleased to announce the addition of BUCEPHALUS to the sales fleet.

20 December 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome KE AMA II a magnificent 23.53mt  luxury cruising yacht built by Alloy Engineering and Marine, to the sale fleet.
20 December 2018
We are delighted to announce the in-house sale of 55M S/Y MARIE.
13 December 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of a new member to its team of unrivalled superyacht experts. Adam Blackmore has joined our Hong Kong office as a Sales Broker.
11 December 2018
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of the 27m (89 feet) Arno 2001/2017, M/Y CITA
10 December 2018
Fraser is pleased to announce the addition of  WHEELS to the sales fleet.
04 December 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome GOLDEN SHADOW a 66.7m  superyacht built by Campbell Shipyard, to the sale fleet.
01 December 2018
Dutch shipbuilder Hakvoort Shipyard has successfully launched the yard’s largest project to date: the 63.72-metre explorer yacht SCOUT designed by renowned British design studio, H2 Yacht Design.
29 November 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome newly built motor yacht GALA to the charter fleet. Read on to find out about the stunning yacht from Benetti.
Palmer Johnson 39.62M M/Y UNITY
26 November 2018
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 39.62M (130'00") Palmer Johnson motor yacht UNITY.
26 November 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of  MINX to the sales fleet.

22 November 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce two yacht sales: the in-house sale of LATITUDE, and the sale of SAINT NICOLAS.
21 November 2018
Fraser is pleased to welcome SHOOTIN' THE BREEZE to the sales fleet.
21 November 2018
Fraser is pleased to announce the addition of  LUNAR to the sales fleet.
20 November 2018
Maarten Ten Holter has been a yacht broker for over 25 years, we caught up with him to find out more about life as a yacht broker and learn a bit more about the straight-talking Dutchman and his career to date.
19 November 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the 120ft Abd Aluminum  ANDREA CAY has joined the sales fleet.
16 November 2018
Fraser is pleased to announce the addition of SEYCHELLE to the sales fleet as a central agency.
13 November 2018
Fraser is pleased to announce the addition of MY TUTKU to the sales fleet as a central agency.
13 November 2018
Fraser, the world’s leading full-service yachting company, is delighted to announce the winner of the fourth Yacht Management Captain of the Year Award. The award was presented at the annual Fraser Dockside Owners Soirée which was co-hosted by Porsche this year on November 3rd, held at the Winward VIP Club at the 59th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
09 November 2018
Fraser welcomes SAHANA to the charter fleet. The 36M Oceanfast yacht sleeps eight guests in four staterooms.
05 November 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 39.8M Heesen yacht HAPPY T.
59.99M Lurssen Yacht PODIUM
02 November 2018
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 59.99 M (196'10") Lurssen yacht PODIUM.
26 October 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce that the 80m superyacht  M/Y ARTEFACT, currently in build with Nobiskrug (Hull no. 790), has joined its Yacht Management fleet. Fraser will be providing full management services.
24 October 2018
Fraser is thrilled to welcome LIBERTY for charter, a 56.96M luxury yacht built by Trinity in 2012.
22 October 2018
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 28M Overmarine yacht PAPILLON.
12 October 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of explorer yacht AXANTHA II. The 43M explorer yacht was built by JFA Yachts in 2011.
01 October 2018
Fraser, the world’s leading luxury yacht service provider, is delighted to announce the addition of a new member to
its team of unrivalled superyacht experts.
27 September 2018
Fraser is thrilled to welcome LUCKY LADY for charter, a 62.61M luxury yacht built by Oceanco, and refit in 2017.
22 September 2018
New to the Fraser sales fleet is ETOILE D'AZUR, a 30M Moonen yacht for sale.
21 September 2018
Fraser welcomes MAG III to the sales fleet, a better-than-new Benetti yacht for sale.
21 September 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the 161ft Christensen THREE FORKS has joined the sales fleet.
20 September 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 31.70M (104’00”) WANTED built by Sanlorenzo in 2012.
18 September 2018
Fraser welcomes BRABUS 7 to the sales fleet, a better-than-new Sanlorenzo yacht for sale.
17 September 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the first yacht sale from the newly launched Phuket office. AFTER 8 was the first yacht to be sold from Fraser's Thailand base.
14 September 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of THOR, a 62ft (19m) yacht from Nautor's Swan.
14 September 2018
As the Summer season draws to a close with the much anticipated Monaco Yacht Show, a traditional marker of the end of the Mediterranean season, thoughts inevitably turn to Winter Cruising Destinations. Fraser has a host of options for guests looking to escape on the holiday of a lifetime. Read on to find out more about the stunning luxury yachts for charter and where they are available for the Winter season 2018/2019.
13 September 2018
Fraser welcomes VISTA BLUE for charter, a 36.58M luxury yacht built by Ferretti Custom Line in 2018.
12 September 2018
Fraser is thrilled to welcome 27.43M ETOUPE to the sales fleet.
12 September 2018
The luxury 68.15m superyacht SYCARA V has joined the Fraser sales fleet.
11 September 2018
Fraser welcomes 26.2M Wally Yachts KANGA to the sales fleet.
04 September 2018
85M Lurssen ARETI has joined the Fraser sales fleet, and her pedigree speaks for itself.
31 August 2018
Fraser is thrilled to announce that The Superyacht Annual Brokerage Report 2018 has confirmed Fraser as the No. 1. Yacht Brokerage, both in terms of number of transactions and value of yacht sales completed over the last five years.
29 August 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the in house sale of CRYSTAL, a 112ft (34.14m) yacht from Deep Sea Marine.
24 August 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome 40.56M ARTPOLARS to the sales fleet.
17 August 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of HAKUNA MATATA, built by Peri Yachts in 2011.
14 August 2018
URIAMIR is a brand new Benetti yacht for charter and a recent addition to the Fraser fleet. The yacht is offering a special rate for the remaining gap in September, read on for more information.
13 August 2018
Fraser welcomes ELENI for charter, a 33.71M luxury yacht built by CBI Navi, and refit in 2018.
08 August 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of RIMA II, the 46.5M Benetti yacht.
07 August 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of YXT 20, the Dutch-built shadow vessel from Lynx Yachts.
03 August 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 76M (249’04”) ANASTASIA built by Oceanco in 2008 and refit in 2013.
26 July 2018
Fraser welcomes Codecasa yacht OLMIDA to the sales fleet.
20 July 2018
Fraser is thrilled to welcome 39.6M SPRING to the sales fleet.
19 July 2018
Fraser is pleased to welcome 60M Lurssen superyacht for sale PODIUM.
16 July 2018
We are delighted to announce that Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau was elected president of the Large Yacht Brokers Association (LYBRA), on Thursday 12th July 2018 in Monaco.
12 July 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome classic schooner sailing yacht DALLINGHOO to the sales fleet.
10 July 2018
The 41.02m Siar Moschini MIRAGGIO has joined the Fraser charter fleet.
06 July 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 28.96M (95’00”) CHAGOS built by Ocean Voyager in 2009 and refit in 2013.
06 July 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of Tansu yacht CYCLONE.
29 June 2018
Spring has taken on a decidedly Spanish flavour in the yachting industry – not only are yacht charters in Spain increasing in popularity but the country is becoming a veritable yachting hub; with Barcelona and the Balearics hosting three yacht sales and charter shows almost back to back over a busy few weeks in late April and early May.
29 June 2018
The Crew Network is delighted to announce the opening of its Palma branch. Already well established in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale and Viareggio, The Crew Network is the leading crew recruitment agency focusing on the luxury yacht  market, with a team of specialists well versed in the skills needed to operate a yacht at the highest levels of luxury.
27 June 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of ORNELLA.
27 June 2018
Fraser welcomes HAKUNA MATATA to the sales fleet.
26 June 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of JETSETTER, a 38.6M yacht from Dynamiq Yachts.
26 June 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome DAY OFF to the sales fleet.
25 June 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome 49.9M Rossinavi yacht for sale ENDEAVOUR II.
22 June 2018
We're pleased to announce the sale of ROGUE the 90' Ocean Voyager, built in 2004 and refit in 2013.
18 June 2018
It’s with a heavy heart that Fraser announces the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague Tom Allen. He passed on Sunday, June 17th after suffering a stroke.
14 June 2018
Fraser is thrilled to welcome 29M BAMBOO to the sales fleet.
12 June 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome COCAL to the Fraser yacht sales fleet.
07 June 2018
The 35.05m (115ft) luxury sailing yacht MANUTARA has joined the Fraser sales fleet. Built by Valdettaro she is en route to Mallorca, Spain..
05 June 2018
Fraser the world’s leading full‐service yachting company officially launched Fraser Asia on the 30th of May at an event held in the Island Shangri‐La, Hong Kong. The well‐ attended event was graced by some of the most prominent people in Hong Kong, including many yacht owners and Hong Kong socialites.
31 May 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 20.12m KICK'N IT.
29 May 2018
Fraser welcomes Arno yacht VODKA to the sales fleet.
M/Y Toby
28 May 2018
The 31.3M (102'08") motor yacht TOBY has joined the Fraser sales fleet. Built by Cerri Marine she is lying in San Remo, Italy.
18 May 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the in-house sale of the 15.24M (50’00”) VITESSE built by CH Marine in 2002.
18 May 2018
The 159ft (48m) luxury sailing yacht GEORGIA has joined the Fraser sales fleet. Built by Alloy Yachts she is lying in Bermuda.
18 May 2018
The 126ft motoryacht AFTERGLOW has joined the Fraser sales fleet. Built by Christensen she is lying in Washington, USA.
08 May 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the BENETTI CRYSTAL 42M BY008 which has been recently delivered to her Owner.
08 May 2018
The 23m motoryacht MAI has joined the Fraser sales fleet. Built by Monte Carlo Yachts she is lying in Turkey.
08 May 2018
With great pleasure Fraser announces the sale of S/Y SELJM, 34.14M (112’00”) Sangermani, built in 1980.
07 May 2018
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of the 23.77M (78'00") M/Y MISS AMERICA built by Buddy Davis in 2000.
07 May 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of two new members to our team of unrivalled superyacht experts. John Gladstone and David Morris have joined our San Diego office as Sales Brokers.
03 May 2018
Fraser exhibited four charter yachts at the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona at the end of April and two of the yachts came away with prizes during the annual crew competitions. Read on for details.
26 April 2018
Fraser, the world’s leading full-service yachting company, is delighted to announce the opening of its new office in Barcelona. Located in the OneOcean Port Vell marina, this new office will provide the full range of Fraser services.
26 April 2018
The 38m Ocean Pacifico YUME has joined the Fraser charter fleet.
24 April 2018
Fraser is thrilled to welcome 28.6M QUASAR to the charter fleet.
24 April 2018
Fraser is pleased to welcome ZEUS I to the sales fleet.
24 April 2018
Fraser is pleased to welcome CRACKER BAY to the sales fleet.
20 April 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome the 66.7m GOLDEN SHADOW to the charter fleet. Read on to find out about the LUXURY yacht from Campbell Shipyards.
19 April 2018

We are delighted to announce the in-house sale of the  28.31M (92’11”) CUSTOM LINE, currently under construction at Ferretti Custom Line.

11 April 2018
Superyacht Times recently sat down with legendary Fraser Ft Lauderdale Broker Stuart Larsen. The following is the full article which you can also view on their website.
04 April 2018

At Fraser’s recent beach clean event (read more here) we caught up with Captain Manuel Battaglia, from charter yacht ROBBIE BOBBY, and spoke about the yacht, its refit, and more. Read on to hear what he had to say.

30 March 2018
Ask any yacht broker or charter management company what the most important aspect of a yacht is and chances are they’ll respond the ‘crew’. Utmost professionals - the finest in their field - the yacht’s Captain and his or her team ensure that each new charter group are made to feel like they are the only people that matter in the world. “Going over and above, that’s what we do,” affirms Don Lessels, Captain on the 50m Benetti yacht for charter, M/Y LUMIERE.
45.01M M/Y SCOUT
08 March 2018
Fraser is elated to announce the in house sale of the 45.01M (147'08") M/Y SCOUT built by RMK MARINE in 2012.
08 March 2018
With great pleasure Fraser announces the sale of 73.30M (240’06”) GRACE E, built by Perini Navi in 2014.
08 March 2018
Fraser is pleased to welcome VITESSE to the sales fleet.
08 March 2018

The 8th of March marks International Women’s Day around the world and this year Fraser is shining a light on a traditionally male dominated superyacht role: the Engineer. Earlier this month, Fraser took some time to speak with Mary Krieg, Engineer on board the 36.88m M/Y NOMADESS about her career path and the role of women within the yachting industry. 

08 March 2018
Due for delivery in April  2018, M/Y PLANET NINE is a stunning ice-classed 73.20m expedition-style superyacht that will look just as good anchored off the trendy island of Saint Barths as she will in the icy blue wilderness of the South Pole. A yacht designed for adventure and sophistication in equal measure, this is a true go-anywhere motor yacht for sale.
05 March 2018
BOADICEA is a recent addition to the Fraser charter fleet offering many desirable features sure to enhance any luxury yacht charter experience. The yacht shares a name with the fiery Celtic queen of folklore fame and is imbued with just as much spirit as her namesake.
02 March 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 34.14 M (112'00") M/Y ALESSANDRA III built by WESTPORT in 2014.
28 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of a new member to its team of unrivalled superyacht experts. Alexander Vaal has joined our Monaco office as a Sales Broker.
28 February 2018
The world’s leading full‐service yachting company, Fraser, is delighted to announce the opening of new offices in Hong  Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. All the new offices will provide the full range of Fraser services.
23 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 31.39M (103’00”) SERENDIPITY built by Broward in 1998 and refit in 2014.
22 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome VICIOUS RUMOUR to the sales fleet.
21 February 2018
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of the 55.4M (181’09”) TURQUOISE built by Proteksan-Turquoise in 2011 and refit in 2014.
20 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 25.60m (84’00”) M/Y ISLANDER built by Northern Marine in 2006.
19 February 2018
Fraser welcomes two new yachts to the sales fleet: 54M yacht ITASCA and 50M Benetti FB 215.
07 February 2018
Fraser welcomes 27.43M pocket explorer yacht COMMERCIAL BREAK to the sales fleet.
02 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome 33.2m CORROBOREE to the charter fleet. Available to charter in Australasia and the South Pacific, guests will discover all the southern hemisphere has to offer in absolute comfort and luxury.
02 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of CHANTELLA.
1st and 2nd of February 2018

Fraser is delighted to sponsor two sessions of the Italian Yacht Masters Training Programme focused on leadership and management for member captains of the Italian Yacht Masters Association.

01 February 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome luxury sailing yacht DREAMLAND to the sales fleet.
01 February 2018
The 76.6m Amels BOADICEA has joined the Fraser charter fleet.
30 January 2018

In recent years, the yachting industry has awoken to the necessary demand for, and opportunity to impact on, charitable causes. Independent charities, Owners, Captains, and yacht brokerages all over the world are mobilising to undertake impressive aid efforts, changing the face of the yachting industry to one of mindfulness and purpose. Nowadays, steps are being taken to protect the environment in increasing measures and the seafaring community has become more giving and more united in its altruistic endeavours than ever before.

26 January 2018

Splendid in its unadulterated setting, Venice is a city that romances the old and celebrates the new.

26 January 2018
Sales brokers from the European Fraser offices gathered in January for their annual conference, designed to review the previous year's performance, look ahead to the coming year and strategise plus encourage team building in a stimulating environment.
23 January 2018
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 27.6M NOOR, built by Sanlorenzo in 2014.
18 January 2018

Fraser proudly presents S/Y ALLURE A, a 40.54m performance sloop with an extensive global cruising pedigree. The sailing yacht for charter is now available in the Eastern Mediterranean.

16 January 2018

2017: A Fine Year to Celebrate 70 Years in Business

The dominance of Fraser as the world’s leading luxury yachting company continued in 2017, as the brokerage sold more yachts than any other for the 8th consecutive year. The company’s 70-year anniversary was also marked by a raft of other successes, including a strong summer charter season, a rapidly expanding management fleet, some exceptional new-build projects, and a record-breaking placement record by The Crew Network. Nevertheless, the year has not been without its challenges, with the devastating hurricanes impacting the winter Caribbean yacht charter season and new build orders slowing in certain sectors.

15 January 2018
Fraser is delighted to welcome EUGENIA VII to the charter fleet.
03 January 2018

Live the yachting dream this Caribbean winter with a charter on the 40.00m M/Y K. Sporting distinctive exterior lines and fabulous features – including folding balconies, Jacuzzi pool, and gym – this 2016 motor yacht for charter from Palumbo is a unique vessel. With the superyacht’s hybrid auxiliary electric propulsion system earning it RINA’s green classification and a reputation for near-silent operations underway, M/Y K is sure to be extremely attractive to a wide range of charterers in 2017/2018.

22 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to welcome luxury motor yacht SIRAHMY to the charter fleet. Read on to find out about the stunning yacht from Benetti.
22 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 30M M/Y MAXIMUS.
22 December 2017
Fraser welcomes luxury sailing yacht TAWERA to the sales fleet.
21 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce its partnership with luxury real estate group Michaël Zingraf Real Estate Christie’s.
20 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 56.01M ULYSSES, a well-built Benetti superyacht.
20 December 2017
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 24.99M DECK OF CARDS, a well cared for Horizon Yacht.
20 December 2017

‘Convention’ is not a word that interests Mr Farad Al Athel. He’s not kerbed by standard practice, or restrained by the unknown - his ambitions surpass the confines of what is typical in the yachting world, and instead, he is realising his goals one vessel at a time.

15 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of NAIADE, a 34.34M Nautor's Swan sailing yacht.
13 December 2017
Fraser is proud to present for sale the stunning M/Y LADY AZUL. Benefiting from Omega Architects exterior design, this stunning 39.4m vessel was launched from the acclaimed Heesen shipyard in 2001 and underwent a major refit in 2015. Her history of purely private use ensures this pedigree motor yacht for sale has been exceptionally maintained and is presented in superb condition for her next Owner.
07 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of ZAZOU I, a 40M Benetti yacht.
06 December 2017
Fraser is delighted to welcome luxury sailing yacht ALLURE A to the charter fleet. Read on to find out about the stunning yacht from Sterling.
30 November 2017
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of 26.37M LADY ZAR.
29 November 2017
Fraser welcomes luxury sailing yacht IN LOVE to the sales fleet.
28 November 2017
Available to charter in the Maldives and South East Asia this winter, the M/Y FORMOSA is a stunning 59.99m superyacht from Benetti. Built in 2015, she benefits from many exceptional features, a cinema room, elevator, Jacuzzi, an observatory deck above her sun deck, and a tender garage with many of the latest water toys.
21 November 2017
Twenty-two members of staff from the Fraser Monaco office recently took part in the No Finish Line event where participants complete laps of a circuit in order to raise money for the charity called Children & Future.
16 November 2017
Andrew Parkinson, from Yachts International, visited motor yacht LAUREL to find out more about her and why she is so appealing to charter guests.
16 November 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of SARITA SI, a 38.61M yacht built by CRN Ancona.
14 November 2017
As morning sprays colours all around Bourayne Bay’s surrounding cliffs, a repeated call comes from afar. Hep...hep...hep... Yooo. Several low canoes are rowing all together towards a yacht and the call precedes the six men in the canoes switching the paddle to the other side each time. Locals teaching a visiting yacht about Va’a, a traditional Tahitian outrigger canoe, is just one of the many authentic cultural experiences available to superyacht guests in Tahiti according to Etienne Boutin of Asia Pacific Superyachts Tahiti. For yacht owners and guests alike, immersive authentic encounters are fast becoming one of the most popular aspects of a yacht’s itinerary when visiting a new country. For increasing numbers of superyacht guests, enjoying a unique and authentic cultural experience is the highlight of their visit to a new country.
09 November 2017

Fraser is delighted to offer for sale the exceptional and groundbreaking M/Y GRACE E, a 73.3m award winning yacht for sale

08 November 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 30.48M Benetti CARLAMARIA.
25 October 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 47.55M WILDFLOUR.
19 October 2017
Azimut Benetti has exercised the option to purchase the shares of the minority shareholders V.Ships.
19 October 2017
Part of the Ferretti Custom Line 124' series, the 37.8m M/Y LADY DIA is a luxurious yacht for charter and turns heads with her dark hull and sleek exterior styling. She features drop-down balconies and a glamorous, contemporary interior, which attract charter groups with an interest in stylish cruising. Boasting a top speed of 27.5 knots and many modern superyacht comforts, including a Jacuzzi and at-anchor stabilisers, M/Y LADY DIA is the perfect charter yacht for sophisticated cruising in the West Mediterranean.
18 October 2017
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of the 47M Turquoise yacht RAZAN.
11 October 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 43.44M Perini Navi sailing yacht VICTORIA.
10 October 2017
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 23.9M C2 MAZARIN, a beautiful yacht built by Tamsen in 2011.
02 October 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 67.5M ICON, a state of the art Dutch-built superyacht from Icon Yachts.
25 September 2017

Fraser is delighted to announce the In-House Sale of M/Y YUNONA.



21 September 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of LARS, an explorer yacht.
beatrix yacht for charter
01 September 2017
A stunning example of modern motoryacht design, the 50.00m M/Y BEATRIX is available to charter year-round in the West Mediterranean. Launched from the Cantieri di Termoli shipyard in 2015, this Italian-built motoryacht for charter features many stunning features, including a majestic Owner’s suite on the upper deck, a guest elevator, and a sun deck wellness area.
01 September 2017
“Lifting a yacht is quite an impressive feat,” says Valerio of Sevenstar Yachting – a provider of superyacht transportation services – speaking from the company’s Monaco office. “A 15-metre yacht out of the water looks big, but imagine a 40-metre yacht being lifted by a crane…It is a spectacular sight.”
28 August 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the in-house sale of 47.85M COCKTAILS built by Trinity Yachts in 2004 and extensively refit in 2012.
02 August 2017
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of 27.41M TALON.
01 August 2017
Fraser is thrilled to announce the sale of 33.53M TIE BREAKER.
27 July 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 51.99M DEJA TOO.
25 July 2017
This summer, to mark their 70th anniversary, Fraser has partnered with the German sports car manufacturer to offer their clients an exceptional offering both on dry land and when out on the water.
nassima yacht for charter
17 July 2017
In the summer of 2017, step aboard a 49.17m Dutch-built charter superyacht with a difference. Enjoy the use of a private Owner’s deck and terrace, a full-beam gym, and huge tender garage. Make memories on the water, using jetpacks, inflatable trampolines and an ocean fishing room. Relax on a huge sun deck with a Jacuzzi and lounge bar. Unwind in her elegant, high-volume interior that comes complete with a striking floor to ceiling aquarium. Charter M/Y NASSIMA and enjoy one of the finest Mediterranean yacht charter experiences available.
11 July 2017
For Leonardo Ferragamo, owner and chairman of Finnish shipyard Nautor’s Swan since 1998, sailing is a true passion. In 2015 he took delivery of his seventh Swan, 35m Solleone, but he first discovered the sport when his elder brother, Feruccio, took him sailing off the coast of Tuscany when he was very young. “I immediately fell in love with the sport and I’ve been sailing ever since,” he says. Quickly developing a fondness for Swan yachts, his first Swan was a Swan 51 called Marlin Blue which he bought in 1988, ten years prior to eventually acquiring the shipyard itself.
10 July 2017
A striking explorer yacht with a palatial interior and expansive deck spaces, the 63.3m M/Y FORCE BLUE from Royal Denship is proudly presented by Fraser yacht charter brokers as a featured yacht of the month. A go-anywhere superyacht in the truest sense of the term, M/Y FORCE BLUE can transport you to the world’s furthest, most remote destinations.
okto designer yacht for sale
30 June 2017
The award-winning 66.4m M/Y OKTO is one of the finest designer yachts for sale in the global superyacht fleet. With a jet-black hull, metallic grey superstructure and striking pale grey decks, this sleek Andrea Vallicelli-designed motoryacht exudes an aura of stealth, style and exceptional power.
30 June 2017
Tuesday 27th of June saw over 100 Fraser clients and Monaco Yacht Club members join together for a private screening of the award winning documentary A Plastic Ocean.
29 June 2017
An innovative new concept for the yachting industry and offered through Fraser, the DJ Dispensary is a fun and bespoke yachting DJ service that stands to enhance any yachting experience. Whether chartering a sailing yacht or cruising on your luxury motor yacht, the DJ Dispensary can entertain guests, teach them how to mix music, and provides an instant party. We spoke to Matty Wainwright, the Director of the company, to find out more about the exciting new service.
19 June 2017
Following 70 years of industry success, Fraser has partnered with CanO Water to further their commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.
16 June 2017

For most, champagne is the epitome of luxury and success. It’s a celebration of the finer things in life, an indulgence to be appreciated and savoured on the palate, and a fitting way to toast or mark an occasion. For the remaining few it is the moniker of extravagance, often sprayed in excess by Formula One podium winners, but then champagne has always been the preferred choice of the elite. It is no surprise, then, that champagne is often the drink of choice on luxury motor and sailing yacht charters.

ev-twin electric motorbike
13 June 2017
In the world of yachting, there is a marked interest in both engineering innovation and stylish luxury. When cruising the waters on a stunning vessel, travelling becomes an indulgent event. It follows suit, then, that seafarers have long taken an interest in those gadgets and modes of transport that evoke the same sentiments as yachting: high speed, lavish comfort, innovation, style, and fun. The latest vehicle to emerge in this sphere is the cutting-edge eV-Twin Electric Motorbike.
08 June 2017
Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau has just returned from taking part in a gruelling challenge all in the name of a great and worthy cause. Raphael was part of a team of five cyclists who embarked on a long route from Angers in Northern France down to Denia in Spain, covering the distance in just one week, to raise money for a charity supporting disable children: Ent’raid 49
02 June 2017

We are delighted to announce the sale of the 27m (90’) M/Y TIVOLI built by Proteksan in 2001.  

01 June 2017
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of 51m (167’) M/Y ALDABRA built by Codecasa in 2011.
world oceans day 2017 fraser
26 May 2017
The world’s oceans and seas provide most of the oxygen we breathe, regulate the globe’s climate, put seafood on our tables, and provide leisure activities and beauty beyond measure. For yacht Owners, charterers, crew, and superyacht brokerages like Fraser, healthy oceans sustain an incredible way of life and a global yachting industry of which we all feel privileged to be a part. Yet in some corners of the world, the mighty ecosystems we depend on so heavily are in an exceptionally poor condition, plagued by pollution and overfishing.
I LOVE THIS BOAT yacht for charter
24 May 2017
Fraser, the world’s leading superyacht brokerage, is delighted to offer for charter the superb 44.2m M/Y I LOVE THIS BOAT. The vessel will be available to charter in the gloriously pretty New England in summer and in the sapphire waters of the Bahamas throughout the winter season.
project infinity designer yacht
18 May 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the addition of a spectacular superyacht build project to its sales fleet: the 103.99m M/Y PROJECT INFINITY – a superb designer yacht for sale that will be the result of a collaboration between Dorrie Yachts and the acclaimed H2 Yacht Design.
16 May 2017
Fraser is pleased to announce the sale of 41.91m M/Y STAR, built by Kingship Marine in 2012.
16 May 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of LADY PETRA, a 46.7m Heesen superyacht.
11 May 2017

As owners continue to look further afield for new destinations to visit, it is no surprise that orders for some of the most exciting designs of explorer yachts ever conceived are on the rise.

10 May 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the in-house sale of 33.5M HELIAD II built by Lynx in 2013.
02 May 2017
Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of 46.7M MY SECRET.
south of france event charter fraser yachts
26 April 2017
All eyes turn to the Côte d’Azur each spring as the excitement of Hollywood, the glamour of motor racing, and the innovation of the creative arts descend on this sparkling stretch of coastline. What better way to make an impression and enjoy each of these glitzy events than by chartering a yacht? Either for a party or a more traditional yacht charter in France with family and friends, make the most of the Riviera’s glittering social calendar in 2017. These six vessels are available to charter through Fraser, and guarantee a good time at the Côte d'Azur’s premier events.
MYSTIC TIDE yacht for charter fraser
04 April 2017
As a yacht charter destination, Australasia remains on the peripheral of seafaring popularity – much to the delight of those in the know. Waters of crystal clarity, which teem with exotic ecosystems, can be enjoyed in relative privacy and consistently desirable conditions. Despite offering the attractions that make yacht charters among the greatest experiences on earth – indulgent luxury, stunning scenery and an invigorating sense of adventure – Australasia remains the route less travelled.
private plane charter fraser
03 April 2017

What was once seen as the sky-high preserve of tycoons, politicians and the stars of sport and entertainment is now being transformed by new, tech-based business models that tune into today’s on-demand and sharing economies.

29 March 2017
On the second day of the Kuwait Yacht Show, Fraser, the world’s largest superyacht brokerage firm, is pleased to announce their recent partnership with Seas & Deserts Group.
28 March 2017
Fraser is delighted to present one of the world’s finest superyachts for charter, the 83m M/Y HERE COMES THE SUN. Launched from the prestigious Amels shipyard in 2017, this brand new palatial superyacht stretches the boundaries of luxury and performance and is a spectacular addition to the Fraser charter fleet.
28 March 2017
An exciting opportunity has arisen to own M/Y LEGEND, a spectacular 77.40m explorer yacht for sale. She features a cinema, gym, swimming pool, two helicopters, and a stunning Balinese day spa, making her the perfect vessel to explore remote waters in style and comfort.
heesen yacht for sale fraser
20 March 2017

A multi-award winning Dutch shipyard, Heesen is one of the most famous luxury yacht builders in the world. The Heesen brand was founded in 1978 in Oss, Holland, and quickly made a name for itself as a high-quality manufacturer of luxury performance powerboats with an international reputation for technical innovation, a meticulous attention to detail, and superb design.

10 March 2017
Typically Mediterranean but with its long-standing Balkan links, a summer foodie tour of traditional dishes cruising along the Montenegrin coastline encompasses Italian seafood, warming meat dishes, and a fiery taste of Rakia.
superyacht for sale fraser
08 March 2017

After rounding off an extremely successful 2016, Fraser started 2017 promisingly with the sale of the 28m M/Y TRIPLE NET. Five luxury motor yachts were also added to the Fraser central agency sales fleet in January, strengthening the selection of yachts for sale with the world’s leading yacht brokerage.

08 March 2017

In honour of International Women’s Day, which takes place annually on 8th March around the world, Fraser is proud to celebrate the female Captains within our fleet. While there are many female crew members working on superyachts in a range of roles globally, the coveted role of Captain is still predominantly held by men. Thankfully this is changing and, having pledged for parity last year, Fraser is proud to showcase some of the brilliant female Captains within the current fleet.

07 March 2017
The best of the highly popular Sea Axe vessels from Damen shipyard, designed by Azur Naval Architects, M/Y UMBRA is built to go anywhere. The versatile 54m support yacht has been used for disaster relief missions and scientific research all around the world, from Ecuador to New Zealand.
28 February 2017
On 25 February a new 74-metre AMELS 242 (242 ft) emerged from the Dutch luxury yacht builder’s yard in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Construction is progressing perfectly to schedule for delivery before the summer season.
27 February 2017
Tuesday 28th February will see the retirement of Rudi Plessers the Chief Financial Officer of Fraser, after 13 years of dedicated service.
22 February 2017
Fraser was delighted to welcome the 44.50m M/Y BACCHUS to the yacht charter fleet in October. Launched from the renowned Italian yacht builder Trinity in 2005, the semi-displacement superyacht is presented to the charter market in spectacular condition after a refit in 2016.
21 February 2017
M/Y GALAXY OF HAPPINESS is nothing short of a game-changer. Silver, sleek and stunningly beautiful with a space-age exterior and a glossy, decadent interior, this trimaran superyacht delivers a futuristic yachting experience: highly efficient cruising with emissions-free capabilities.
20 February 2017

Fraser and Triton Submarines are delighted to announce the sale of two new construction 1000m Triton 3300/3 Submersibles.  The submersibles are the sixth and seventh deliveries of this hull model from Triton’s Florida-based manufacturing facility, and the fifth and sixth Tritons constructed in the last 12 months.

09 February 2017
When a famous face remains in the spotlight for an inordinate amount of time, there comes a point when we, as an audience, feel as though we know them, on a familiar and friendly level, a personal one even. Their stage persona or character becomes their identity, the lines between public and private life are blurred, and it becomes increasingly hard for them to retreat or find a reprieve from the glare of the media.
sunglasses for a superyacht charter
07 February 2017
Spending time on the sun-soaked decks of your chartered luxury superyacht, while cruising the azure waters of the Caribbean, require very little in terms of attire, but a good pair of sunglasses are an essential accessory. We’ve hand-selected this season’s sunglasses that are as cool as the Caribbean air is hot to ensure that your yachting adventure is experienced with a rose tint.
ULYSSES yacht for charter
03 February 2017
Fraser builds on an impressive start to 2017 with the announcement of exciting yacht charter news: two sensational superyachts have been added to the global charter fleet, while discounted rates have been revealed on two popular charter vessels for the winter/spring period.
SAFIRA yacht for sale
02 February 2017
Fraser enjoyed successes in December, with two vessels sold and two magnificent yachts for sale joining the sales fleet.
24 January 2017
Vassilis Fotilas and Roberto Giorgi speak to Bloomberg about the design process for Owners wishing to build their own superyacht. Not only is it about building a dream, but about making important considerations for the future of your investment. To watch the video, read on.
24 January 2017
2017 sees the leading superyacht brokerage, Fraser, celebrate its 70th anniversary. Originally founded in 1947 by David Fraser in Newport Beach, the company has since grown to become the world’s leading superyacht services company, offering brokerage, charter, management, new construction and crew services to clients around the world.
Journeying to the Polar Regions on board the Hanse Explorer
16 January 2017
If an out-of-the-ordinary adventure is what you’re after, head to the ends of the earth with the legendary and luxurious Hanse Explorer.
13 January 2017

Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce its partnership with The Plastic Oceans Foundation as part of its efforts to protect the marine environment that provides the basis of the luxury yacht industry.

03 January 2017
January saw the announcement of exciting price reductions within the Fraser central agency charter fleet, with winter/spring charters on two vessels being offered at discounted rates. Also revealed was the news that a talented new Captain has taken over the helm of one of Fraser’s popular charter motor yachts.
The Crew Network Italy’s Captain’s Christmas Dinner
16 December 2016
The 2nd Captain’s Christmas Dinner hosted by The Crew Network was held in Viareggio at the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte on December 7th. The historical location, built in the 1920’s, welcomed 160 guests including over 95 Captains from all over the world and industry sponsors to network over a sumptuous dinner.
Remembering Jane Buffington
13 December 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Jane Buffington. An industry icon and mentor to many, Jane passed away on November 29th, 2016. She was 90 years old.
12 December 2016
Fraser Yachts is proud to present S/Y SEDNA, a superb 24.99m Nautor’s Swan yacht for charter. Launched in 2009, and having undergone a refit in 2016, S/Y SEDNA bears many hallmarks of quality, as can be expected of a yacht from such a distinguished shipyard.
05 December 2016
There is something wild and exciting about the alluring coastal waters and hidden streets of Cuba, and thanks to the newly relaxed regulations for cruising and dropping anchor, it’s proving to be the hottest new destination for superyacht charters.
Fraser Yachts Sells 67m New Construction Project from Amels
02 November 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce the sale of a new construction 67.1m AMELS. The yacht is the second new construction project from the Amels shipyard sold by Fraser Yachts and the third Amels project signed for project management by Fraser Yachts in the last 13 months.
Sydney opera house
24 October 2016

Australia, surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans, is a vast country offering visitors a wealth of culture, landscape, wildlife, and diversity. Home to the stunning Whitsundays and the revered Great Barrier Reef, the continent of Australasia is increasingly a yacht charter haven due to the variety of enjoyment it provides. Whether it’s a city break in Sydney or a scuba diving trip of a lifetime, there is something for everyone in Australia.

29 September 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce the winner of the 2016 Richard Earp Award is Alex Lees-Buckley, sales broker at Camper and Nicholsons.
20 September 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce that the Richard Earp Award, created in tribute to the much loved and respected broker Richard Earp following his passing earlier this year, has received tremendous positive response and an impressive list of nominees for its inaugural edition.
12 September 2016
The world’s leading full-service yachting company, Fraser Yachts, is delighted to announce its impressive line up for the Monaco Yacht Show. As the show embarks on its second quarter of a century, Fraser Yachts will have seven stunning yachts on display, each one unique whilst all imbued with luxury.
Guy Booth AURELIA Fraser Yachts
25 August 2016
Guy Booth, the Captain of M/Y AURELIA, took time out of his busy Mediterranean yacht charter schedule to speak to Fraser Yachts about the distinctive vessel and its charter activity.
explorer yachts fraser yachts
22 August 2016
The charter market for expedition yachts has enjoyed a boom over the last 10 years, as the allure of far-flung destinations - as well as the extraordinary versatility, spaciousness and character of explorer vessels - has enhanced the appeal of an ocean-going charter experience. An explorer yacht for charter presents an unbeatable combination of seafaring strength and indulgent superyacht luxury.
Feadship Shipyard Fraser Yachts
17 August 2016
Each shipyard brings a defining set of qualities to the yachting industry. For Feadship, these qualities include premium craftsmanship and a proclivity to exceed clients’ expectations. Having built a strong reputation for itself in the yacht building industry, the Dutch shipyard offers world-class luxury, employing the most talented yacht builders to deliver bespoke projects for a discerning clientele. Combining high performance with a relentless quest for perfection, every Feadship yacht for sale is the best the company has ever produced. Its continuous evolution of design, engineering and construction has made it one of the market leaders in custom superyacht construction.
Richard Earp Award Fraser Yachts
16 August 2016
Fraser Yachts is honoured to introduce the Richard Earp Award, following the sad passing of the much-loved and respected Broker. The award will celebrate charisma and ethical behaviour in the yachting industry. Richard was highly regarded throughout the industry for his gentlemanly conduct, fair negotiations and honest character - attributes on which all nominees for the award will be judged. Nominees will also be judged on their transparency and respectability, and must still be active in the market today.
superyacht for sale deja too fraser yachts
25 July 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce July’s featured superyacht for sale as being the 52m motor yacht, DEJA TOO. Launched in 2003 from the premier Dutch yacht builder Amels as part of their successful Tigre d’Or Series, M/Y DEJA TOO immediately attracted attention for her sleek exterior design and versatile interior, and is presented for sale in immaculate condition.
sailing yacht for charter Solleone Fraser Yachts
22 July 2016
Fraser Yachts is proud to present 35.2m S/Y SOLLEONE for charter. The elegant vessel perfectly combines the high performance of a modern sloop with the luxuries expected of a contemporary sailing yacht for charter: the plumb bow, wide stern and twin rudders deliver optimum performance, while the spacious and contemporary interior accommodates up to nine guests in four luxurious staterooms.
Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts
20 July 2016
From underwater flying machines to amphibious vehicles, the futuristic and luxurious gadgets found on superyachts are the things of which sci-fi dreams are made. Presenting the latest and greatest, as well as some enduring classics, we’ve put together a list of some of the best superyacht accessories on the market in 2016.
The Richard Earp Award
18 July 2016
Following the sad passing of the much loved and respected broker Richard Earp earlier this year Fraser Yachts felt it would be a fitting tribute to set up an award in his honour. Richard was renowned for his gentlemanly conduct and fair negotiations, valuable attributes that should be encouraged in this growing and competitive industry.
1 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne
07 July 2016
With summer officially under way the summer 2016 charter season is in full swing.  This month we speak to wine expert Sarah Jameson at VSF on the top 5 wines to enjoy on board your yacht this summer season.
Benetti yacht for sale ULYSSES Fraser Yachts
06 July 2016
In Tuscany, things are built to last: from the Renaissance art that still hangs in many of Florence’s art galleries and museums to the fine wine made from the region’s vineyards, which can keep for longer than most other wines combined. Is it any surprise, then, that some of the world’s leading shipyards emerge in this corner of Italy, which is so steeped in tradition? Combining their countrymen’s natural flair for style with a passion for creating world-class yachts of the highest quality, Benetti is Tuscany’s preeminent yacht builder and the Fraser Yachts featured shipyard of the month.
superyacht for sale L'ALBATROS Fraser Yachts
05 July 2016
Fraser Yachts is proud to present the 43.59m M/Y L’ALBATROS as its yacht of the month. This elegant 1985 Sterling superyacht features a deep blue hull and a classic clipper bow, lending it the feel of a gentleman’s yacht of yesteryear. An extensive refit in 2015 has produced a contemporary interior with all the modern luxuries that you would expect on a superyacht for charter.
a sense of taste fraser yachts
04 July 2016
Ed McLachlan decided at the tender age of 18 that one day he would become a superyacht chef. Ten years on, he’s just won the MYBA Charter Show chef competition: his culinary journey has taken him from rural Devon to remote Asia, using hard graft and an enquiring mind to attain his goal.
30 June 2016
Fraser Yachts has teamed up with The DJ Dispensary to bring a brand new and exclusive music experience to the deck of your superyacht. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, The DJ Dispensary promises to meet yachts anywhere and take discerning travellers on a ground-breaking luxury experience of both travel and music.
The importance of belonging Fraser Yachts
20 June 2016
The private members’ club: a coveted place of solace, a sanctuary or haven for the genteel folk, a slice of privacy away from prying eyes. It’s also a long serving tradition that is now enjoying a new lease of life on a global scale.
superyacht for charter ELLEN Fraser Yachts
20 June 2016
Fraser Yachts is proud to present S/Y ELLEN as June’s featured superyacht for charter, a stunning 40.41m Perini Navi sailing ketch with a spectacular reputation on the charter market. With an elegant interior that merges classic styling with yachting sophistication, S/Y Ellen combines sensational comfort with impressive sailing performance.
M/Y MY SECRET superyacht for sale Heesen Fraser Yachts
24 May 2016
A prime opportunity has arisen to purchase M/Y MY SECRET, a stunning 47.6m tri-deck motor yacht, which boasts a unique interior decor by the prestigious Bannenberg & Rowell. With naval design by Omega architects and built with exceptional quality at Heesen’s Dutch shipyard, M/Y MY SECRET was launched in 2012 as part of the yard’s 4700 Series, and is presented by Fraser Yachts in excellent condition.
M/Y LAUREL superyacht for charter Fraser Yachts
19 May 2016
Exotic island destinations set in distant oceans were once considered as just idyllic notions, reserved for scientific research and holidaying royalty. Now, however, these paradises are becoming regular fixtures on superyacht charter itineraries, thanks to the improved capabilities of luxury vessels. No destination rewards venturing yacht charterers more than the South Pacific, where an assortment of exotic-sounding islands offers secluded beauty, without the crowds of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.
10 May 2016

In the bespoke world of haute couture, nothing is impossible. And in the specialist field of Savile Row, a family-owned tailor is cutting out a niche of their very own for royalty, superyacht owners and families alike. Here Ray Stowers, of Stowers Bespoke, speaks of crocodile skin, Michael Jackson’s uniform, and the traditional art of tailoring.

MCP HEMISPHERE 140/02 Fraser Yachts
03 May 2016
Proving that superyacht construction really is a global industry, Fraser Yachts is delighted to have been appointed the central sales agent for M/Y MCP HEMISPHERE 140/02, due to be launched in 2017 from Brazil’s MCP Yachts. With over 35 years of industry experience, MCP Yachts is South America’s leading naval architects and shipbuilders, and is responsible for some of the largest aluminium yachts to be have been launched in the region.
S/Y ANTARA Fraser Yachts
26 April 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to present the graceful S/Y ANTARA as the featured charter yacht of the month for April. The 46m superyacht is an exclusive new addition to world-leading brokerage’s central agency charter fleet. Built by the highly renowned Perini Navi in 1991, she was completely refitted in 2014 and is currently undergoing further upgrades, including new rigging and a fresh coat of paint. After the work is complete, this classic vessel will be available to charter on the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean - just in time for the summer yachting season.
Cruise South Pacific Fraser Yachts
08 April 2016
“Swimming with humpback whales in Tonga. Cage-diving with great white sharks in South Australia. Flying along the edge of the Great Barrier Reef in a helicopter, watching marlin and sailfish jumping. Finding a shipwreck on a remote atoll near Fiji. Climbing a live volcano in Vanuatu.” As a lifetime bucket list, this would be pretty ambitious, but Captain Owen How is describing just his top five memories of his six years at the helm of explorer superyacht OPHELIA.
M/Y FINISH LINE Fraser Yachts
18 March 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to welcome the award-winning M/Y FINISH LINE to its global charter fleet. The 36.58m custom yacht from American yacht builder Trinity Yachts was launched with fanfare in 2013, going on to win the title of ‘Best two-deck yacht’ at the World Superyacht Awards in 2014. This superyacht for charter has certainly made a splash in the yachting industry, and it’s easy to see why.
16 March 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to offer congratulations to one of the sailing yachts in its charter fleet, OHANA, on finishing third in class in this year’s Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous.
whisky Fraser Yachts
15 March 2016
We're in a jewellery shop in Mayfair, London, and in front of us is a crystal Lalique decanter, containing rare Macallan whisky. This is the Lalique Cire Perdue, and it’s at the start of a journey that will take it to paris, New York, Moscow and Taipei before it is auctioned in Hong Kong. The decanter will eventually fetch £299,000 ($460,000) and within two years another Lalique decanter containing Macallan will be sold for a new record of £408,000 ($628,000).
M/Y SEVEN J'S Fraser Yachts
14 March 2016
M/Y SEVEN J’S is just one of the spectacular superyachts for sale that Fraser Yachts will be exhibiting at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, between the 17th and 20th of March 2016. This stunning 47.55m custom superyacht from Delta Marine was launched in 2008 and is presented for sale in exceptional condition. With a gleaming blue hull, red racing stripe and white superstructure, M/Y SEVEN J’S is a proven world cruiser with a striking profile and strong oceangoing capabilities.
Frasers 2014
08 March 2016
Every year, March 8th marks International Women’s Day. With the World Economic Forum estimating in 2015 that the gender gap wouldn't close entirely until 2133 the theme for the 2016 International Women’s Day is #PledgeforParity. This year Fraser Yachts profiles eight female yacht designers who have carved out a path for themselves in the yachting industry.
29 February 2016
Fraser Yachts, the world’s leading luxury yacht service provider, is delighted to announce that Raphael Sauleau has been appointed as the new CEO of Fraser Yachts and will be joining the Group on the 4th of April.
S/Y VICTORIA Fraser Yachts Palma Superyacht Show 2016
26 February 2016
Not every shipyard in the world attracts such a devoted and loyal a following as iconic Italian superyacht builder, Perini Navi. Founded in 1983, this shipyard may still be in its youth compared to some other superyacht builders, yet it boasts a portfolio overflowing with some of the most celebrated names in the industry. Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce the addition of S/Y VICTORIA from this iconic Viareggio shipyard to its sales and charter listings.
Molecular Gastronomy Fraser Yachts
26 February 2016
In recent years, the practice of molecular gastronomy has redefined cookery to become a staple of most superyacht menus, captivating diners with its imaginative form and limitless possibilities. From espresso pasta to pineapple glass, the inventive scope of molecular gastronomy knows no bounds and is ever-evolving. For many, the cuisine is a crucial component of any successful superyacht charter. Fraser Yachts spoke to Fabio Greganti, the head chef of 63M FORCE BLUE, to learn about the exciting culinary art form.
26 February 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce that award winning shipyard Tansu Yachts has sold 39.3m superyacht CUTLASS which was under construction for spec. A couple passionate about art and design has been attracted by the sharp lines of this series combined with the quality and award winning design synonymous with Tansu Yachts.
M/Y MY PARADIS Fraser Yachts
22 February 2016
M/Y MY PARADIS is February’s featured yacht for sale. This superyacht is the first in the 108’ Tradition Supreme series, launched by Benetti in 2014. She is a stylish superyacht that was custom-built using the superior engineering that has made the prestigious Italian yacht builder so highly respected. Optimised for smooth cruising over a range of 2,300 nautical miles, this displacement motor yacht is capable of reaching 13.5 knots using diesel power.
22 February 2016
Thinking of chartering in the Caribbean this season? If so, you are sure to find yourself surrounded by some of the most exquisite, crystalline waters the world has to offer. Whether you relax on the sundeck, indulge in water sports, or explore any of the spectacular white-sand beaches synonymous with the region, almost any activity in paradise requires the perfect piece of swimwear… but where do you find that ideal costume? Below you will find some inspirational styles and trends to set you up for the ultimate Caribbean yacht charter.
Silver Angel_IMG-20160130-WA021
11 February 2016
Fraser Yachts charter broker Jason Whiting was lucky enough to take part on “fam trip” aboard 64m Benetti superyacht SILVER ANGEL in the Seychelles. In this blog post he shares his daily diary with us and exclusive pictures of life on board a superyacht in an island paradise.
Living the high life Fraser Yachts
05 February 2016
Penthouse living has long been the number one status symbol among the world’s ultra-high net worth crowd, but the rise of innovative superyacht design has seen an extraordinary pairing between rooftop serenity and nautical architecture. The beauty of modern day superyacht design is in its organic fluidity and process of evolution. Borrowing from, as well as inspiring, neighbouring sectors such as the automotive industry is what keeps it current, innovative and surprising. Match that with the global demand among the elite for power living, and the result is a rise in penthouse developments that capture both the style and essence of life aboard a superyacht; coveted privacy teamed with unparalleled, progressive design.
03 February 2016
Fraser Yachts, in partnership with Bombardier, was delighted to host a select group of clients at the Snow Polo World Cup 2016 in St. Moritz. An annual event since 1985, when snow polo first debuted, this year’s tournament took place from 29th-31st January 2016. The guests were whisked away from London in a Bombardier Global 6000, one of the largest aircraft in the Bombardier fleet.
M/Y EMOTION Fraser Yachts
19 January 2016
Those planning a Mediterranean yacht charter in 2016 should consider the option of chartering M/Y EMOTION, a stunning 43m motor yacht from CRN Ancona. M/Y EMOTION has excellent charter qualities, accommodating up to 11 guests in five palatial staterooms. The full-beam master suite is found on the main deck and is offered with a large study, a decadent marble bathroom and a private balcony - an unusual feature on a yacht of this size.
Benetti Breeze FB802
18 January 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce the sale of the 50m new construction project, Benetti Breeze FB802, marking a strong start to 2016 for the leading yacht brokerage company. FB802 is the second hull in the FB800 series from the renowned Italian yacht builder, with a scheduled delivery date of June 2016. The 50m tri-deck motor yacht will feature a streamlined and sleek exterior design with some standout design features, such as a private Owner’s balcony and a fantastic pool and entertaining area on the bridge deck forward.
Silver Screen Beauty Queen - Fraser Yachts
18 January 2016
Blue lagoons rich in marine life, white sand beaches adorned with coconut palms, remote, secluded private villas accompanied by Michelin food and world-class wine – it’s just another day in paradise at the most exclusive holiday destination to date, the exotic French Polynesian resort, The Brando. It seems strangely apt that someone so publicly adored for his devastating good looks, and often cited as one of the greatest and most influential film actors of all time, should be the person to stumble upon a place of such unspeakable wonder, and make it his mission to preserve it.
13 January 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce the sale of the new construction 50m Benetti Breeze FB802 project. FB802 is the second hull of Benetti’s 50m FB800 series and is set to be delivered in June 2016. A third yacht of the same series is already in construction with delivery in 2017.
05 January 2016
Fraser Yachts is delighted to welcome the spectacular M/Y VICTORY to its luxury yacht charter fleet. Golden Yachts built this incredible 52m yacht in 2007, before it underwent a stylish interior refit in 2010 at the expert hands of Giorgio Vafiadis.
04 January 2016
An exciting opportunity has arisen to own M/Y VICKY, an iconic 72.59m custom superyacht for sale from Proteksan-Turquoise shipyard. This spectacular yacht gained favourable attention when she was launched in 2012, due to some remarkable custom features by the owner in collaboration with H2 Yacht Design. M/Y VICKY accommodates up to 14 guests in seven palatial staterooms, all of which have their own unique design.
Fraser Yachts MOAS
18 December 2015
On 7th June 2015, a flotilla of vessels was involved in the rescue of thousands of migrants adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. Alongside the naval and coast guard vessels there was just one private boat – a dedicated search and rescue vessel called Phoenix. Representing the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, Phoenix was the first boat on site and later coordinated the rescue efforts before heading to Sicily to disembark some 372 people, including 126 women and 62 children.
M/Y WHEELS for charter
10 December 2015
This winter, step aboard luxury superyacht M/Y WHEELS for an unforgettable charter experience. A recent addition to the Fraser Yachts charter fleet, this stunning 49.99m Trinity yacht was launched in 2009, with a beautiful interior design by Scott Carpenter and sleek exterior styling by Trinity Yachts. With a semi-displacement hull and clean lines, M/Y WHEELS reaches 19 knots at full speed and perfectly combines performance and comfort. This superyacht for charter accommodates 12 guests in six luxury staterooms: a main deck master suite with private office, 4 double staterooms and one twin.
02 December 2015
A wonderful opportunity to own M/Y COCKTAILS - a luxury 47.85 m Trinity superyacht for sale through Fraser Yachts. M/Y COCKTAILS superyacht is presented for sale in immaculate condition, after a major refit by her builder, Trinity Yachts, in 2012. Formerly known as CHEVY TOY, this sophisticated and spacious 47.85m Trinity motor yacht sleeps up to 12 guests in 5 palatial cabins, and boasts a gorgeous original interior by Howard Design Group, with recent updates.
02 December 2015
M/Y SUNSHINE is an ideal family yacht, with an excellent charter pedigree and a wonderful layout for bringing the generations together. The 37.80m motor yacht from Lloyd's ships was launched in 1983 and underwent a major multi-million dollar refit in 2014, completely updating the interior as well as overhauling the AV, Internet and VSAT systems. The refit has ensured the interior is like new: bright, elegant and airy, yet with the retro feel of its heritage still intact. As a result, SUNSHINE is a very welcoming yacht that feels both opulent and fun.
Building the Dream
26 November 2015
Knowing that you would like to build a yacht is one thing, but finding out who will build it to your specifications, on time, on budget, and offer the right advice without any nasty surprises cropping up halfway through can be time consuming, hard to achieve, and for a first time builder, near impossible. Unless, that is, you employ the dream team.
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 13.56.16
09 November 2015
When you imagine the yacht of your dreams, is it built by one of the industry’s most respected shipyards? Designed by some of the leading names for both exterior and interior design? Complete with all the features, and more, that you would expect for a yacht of its size? A proven charter favourite in both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean?
MY Imagine
16 October 2015
Captain James Griffith has just got off his racing bike. After a three-day 850 km charity tribute ride from Barcelona to Antibes, James, sponsored by Fraser Yachts, and his fellow riders have raised over 252,000€ for cancer. Just before he set off for the Cogs4Cancer charity bike ride, we met up with him on board superyacht IMAGINE, to ask him a few questions about how he got to be captain of one of the most impressive yachts on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015.
13 October 2015
A 5 day diary of the Cogs4Cancer 2015 charity bike ride from Barcelona to Antibes by Captain James Griffith of M/Y IMAGINE.
21 September 2015
Fraser Yachts is delighted to announce the sale of a new construction 74m AMELS.  The yacht is the second hull of the AMELS 242 Limited Edition range and is scheduled for delivery in spring 2017.
17 September 2015
Cruise the Mediterranean in style on board the luxurious Benetti superyacht for charter, M/Y LATIKO.
150630_LADY NAG NAG_Profile picture
16 September 2015
Built in 2008 by the notorious Amels shipyard in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, M/Y LADY NAG NAG is one of the exclusive new additions to the Fraser Yachts sales fleet.
19 August 2015
You can now sail the Mediterranean and the Caribbean with the elegant S/Y OHANA, a luxurious 49.70m high performance cruiser and the eighth sailing yacht designed by Dubois Naval Architects.
mega yachts for sale
11 August 2015
Fraser Yachts, the world’s leading full-service yachting company, is delighted to announce the strengthening of its partnership with Julian Chang and the appointment of two new Fraser Yachts representatives in Asia as part of its commitment to the region.
05 August 2015
New to the Fraser Yachts sales fleet is the classic and stunning luxury yacht M/Y LINMAR.  Rich with history, this 23m motor yacht was originally built by New York Launch in 1932 as a private, luxury cruise yacht and for the next 73 years she cruised along both coasts of North and Central America, taking people from the Panama Canal to the Great Lakes and into Alaska's Inside Passage.
#8_HUTIANE_Aerial View
26 July 2015
Cruise the Western Mediterranean this summer on board the stunning catamaran, S/Y HUTIANE. For experienced yacht charterers or those new to the industry alike, a catamaran offers an alternative to traditional motor and sailing yachts, all whilst ensuring the bespoke itineraries and luxury amenities you would expect from your yacht charter no matter the style of vessel.
22 July 2015
Available for charter for the first time and a brand new addition to the Fraser Yachts charter fleet, the striking 56m Benetti “ANNAEVA” was built in 2007 and has been maintained to the highest standards by her dedicated owner. With her well laid out interior and excellent utilisation of space, the yacht is impressive and the quality of execution and materials used propel her into a league of her own.
Profile 01
15 July 2015
From one of the most exciting yacht builders in the industry comes one of 2015’s most anticipated launches, the 39m superyacht for sale, M/Y CUTLASS.
Andrea Musetti Chef Lady Dia
14 July 2015
Ever wondered what life as a superyacht chef is like? This month Fraser talks to Chef Andrea Musetti of 37.80m M/Y LADY DIA.
29 June 2015
Continuing on the tradition of highest quality design and finest craftsmanship from the renowned Italian yacht builders Codecasa Shipyards, is the distinctive 51m superyacht M/Y ALDABRA, for sale with Fraser Yachts.
001_04072015_MAYRA_Main_Running_50M_3D3_1213b (1)
29 June 2015
Welcome to the future of yacht design with the stunning superyacht M/Y MAYRA. One of the most unique yachts to ever be offered on the sales market, this 50m new-build yacht from Turkish shipyard Mayra Yachts boasts a distinctive exterior designed by Ken Freivokh and is an exciting addition to the Fraser Yachts superyachts for sale listings.
24 June 2015
If there is one destination which captures the heart and imagination of those who spend even a small amount of time visiting it, it’s Greece. From majestic sites like the Acropolis in the capital Athens to the rock towers of Meteora in the north of the country. For those fortunate enough to have already explored Greece, you’ll no doubt agree when we say that the best way to discover this wonderful country and her more than 6,000 islands is by sea. This is why a luxury yacht charter in Greece is one of the most requested itineraries we see during the summer season, allowing you to visit several of the many unique islands in one holiday.
26 May 2015
M/Y ARIANNA is an extraordinary Delta Marine superyacht for sale with Fraser Yachts. Designed by the prestigious U.S. shipyard, the 50m luxury yacht features a unique structure that includes a 34ft wide beam, 7,500ft2 of living space and more than 822 gross tons, making her the world’s largest 50m yacht by volume.
22 April 2015
With the Caribbean charter season drawing to a close, the focus of the yachting industry turns to the ever popular Mediterranean and guests, brokers and crew alike are busy planning and preparing upcoming summer charters in glamorous destinations such as Spain’s Balearic Islands, the French Riviera and Croatia’s Adriatic coastline.
08 April 2015
Motor yacht MY ZEHAVA is the seventh release in Benetti’s popular Delfino 93’ range. Launched in November 2013, this 28.32m displacement vessel features an impressive composite superstructure by the Italian shipbuilders and exterior concepts by Stefano Righini.
Screenshot 2015-04-09 09.38.42
03 April 2015

Valeria originally moved to France in 1995 to teach Russian language and literature, but after moving to the South of France in 2000 she moved into the world of yachting. Valeria started working at Fraser Yachts in 2005 as a retail charter broker and has been in the yachting industry in Monaco since 2002. She is noted for her  impeccable personal style and her knowledge of art and literature.

   In this blog post she reveals her top 10 essentials on a yacht charter.
Sundeck Forward IMG_2529
01 April 2015
M/Y FELIX, the Amels yacht for sale offers a rare opportunity for the discerning buyer to purchase one of the most exceptional yachts available on the market.
13 March 2015
Following on from International Women’s Day on the 8th of March we take time to celebrate 8 key female figures in yachting. Trail blazers, pioneers, innovators…. Whatever your preferred term for them may be, these women have all paved the way for our own paths to success. In an industry where senior positions are largely male dominated, they are an inspiration for any woman forging her career path and building her own “tomorrow” in this fascinating industry. In no particular order, the women Fraser Yachts have chosen to celebrate are:
COPASETIC_Red Bluff Bay, Baranof Island_0014
02 March 2015
In the superyacht world, philanthropy can be seen in two ways. The traditional involvement, of course, means donating to charities, and that remains much needed. However, the newest form of philanthropy involves the yachts themselves. The biggest hurdle for scientists wanting to study the oceans is not money, not lab equipment, not staffing. It’s finding a way to get out on the oceans to do the research. But with the help of a few dedicated yacht owners that is now beginning to change.
26 February 2015
It would be easy to assume from the increasing number of dramatically large concepts and the general industry obsession with size over the last few years that we have entered the age of the megayacht. Highly anticipated deliveries of yachts like Lürssen’s 180m M/Y AZZAM in 2013 and this year’s 140m Ocean Victory from Fincantieri, and big ‘pipeline’ projects like the 85m sailing yacht Vitters and Oceanco are currently collaborating on, have only served to draw more attention to this elite realm.
01 February 2015
Thirty-five years is a long time to wait to be reunited with your long-lost sister in your hometown. Many thought it would never happen such is the rarity of a maritime event like this. But against all odds, and thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment from those involved, the unlikely took place on a warm, hazy summer’s day last year.
29 January 2015
The Bosarge family are passionate sailors whose knowledge and love of sailing has translated to all of their yachts, including the most recent, 54.86-metre S/Y MARIE, which launched from Vitters in 2010. With S/Y MARIE for sale with Fraser Yachts, the family are now turning their attentions to another new build, a longer lifting keel yacht by the same build and design team.
NISHII_Picture 017
19 December 2014
Harry Vafias is one of the most successful shipping entrepreneurs in the world, as well as a lifelong lover of boats and the sea. Don Hoyt Gorman speaks with a man who balances shrewd business acumen with a passion for yachts and the life it brings.
04 December 2014

Luxury yacht charters are experiences that will last a lifetime. Fraser Yachts presents an incredible yachting experience aboard the luxurious M/Y LATITUDE.

FIREFLY_palma cup
27 November 2014
There are many fast, beautiful and comfortable sailing yachts on the water today but achieving superior comfort levels while achieving high performance is a tricky balance. The truth is that if you want to be fast, really fast, comfort will always have to take a back seat. For the owner of S/Y FIREFLY there was only one way to avoid the speed/comfort compromise: buy a motoryacht as well.
24 November 2014
Paradise is a shape-shifter. She assumes many forms and appears in various guises. However none is so alluring or so at ease with her natural beauty than the bountiful island of Tahiti. Diane Fraser and Patricia Codere of Fraser Yachts Fort Lauderdale reminisce about their recent voyage of discovery to this beautiful island.
Rima II yacht
02 October 2014
An essential ingredient of any successful superyacht charter is the galley and Fraser Yachts, the worlds leading yacht sales and charter brokerage, is delighted to announce that Chef Hadleigh Corban of M/Y RIMA II, has been named by yachting website Charterwave as their Chef of the Month.
Tansu Yachts Nomade
15 September 2014
Riza Tansu has been designing and building yachts for almost 20 years. A belief in pure, open and spacious designs translates to all his yachts, including the award-winning 36.4m M/Y NOMADE and 33.9m M/Y ONLY NOW. With three projects in build at the Tansu Yachts yard, future plans include designing and building a yacht of his very own.
Charter Guide - Discover Timeless Wonders
04 September 2014
Turkey’s lengthy coastline provides a multitude of choices for luxury yacht charter itineraries. In particular, the stunning Turquoise Coast from Antalya to Dalaman offers you the opportunity to create your very own mythical odyssey.
Villa 10_Ornamental Lake
08 August 2014
Amanyara Villas – an island paradise resort so secretly tucked away in the Caribbean that those who have had the pleasure to visit prefer to keep it to themselves.
15 July 2014
Famous for its white-sand beaches, renowned rock star owners and jaw-dropping villas, Mustique is one of the most captivating of all Caribbean islands. Nestled in the heart of the Grenadines, it is prime Pirates of the Caribbean territory, an area where 17th century pirates used the sheltered bays to hide their ships and treasure – and modern-day travellers come to escape the stresses of our fast-paced world.
09 July 2014
When Italian yacht builder Benetti asked the international design world to develop new concepts for its custom yachts ranging from 50m to 90m plus, based on existing Benetti platforms, the outcome was a ‘coup de theatre’ – something never seen before. And it seems this creative initiative – which saw 16 designers give new life to a fascinating journey of style, ideas and direction in yacht design – has been met with enthusiasm, with negotiations igniting on some of the designs.
24 June 2014

If you are seeking a relaxing yacht charter, Corsica makes the ideal getaway. Corsica is a beautiful French island located west of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its mountainous terrain, superb beaches and citrus groves, Corsica offers a classic Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Bask in the sunshine on your sundeck; Corsica has one of the highest average daily sunshine records of all the French territories.

20 June 2014

Personally overseen by the Club President, HSH Prince Albert II, the new Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) clubhouse will celebrate its grand opening on June 20 2014 after more than 10 years of planning and construction. The world-renowned architect, Lord Norman Foster from Foster and Partners was awarded the commission in 2003 and collaborated with local architect Alexandre Giraldi.

SOJOURN_Margerie Glacier cropped
19 June 2014

The name ‘Alaska’ meaning peninsula describes a vast landmass jutting out from the North American continent with the Arctic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. At 34,000 miles, the Alaskan coastline is longer than the combined coastlines of all the other states in the USA making it a unique destination to be explored on a luxury superyacht charter.

21 May 2014
A month-by-month guide for superyacht owners and charterers on the best time to cruise each corner of the planet. With so many stunning yacht charter destinations to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to voyage on your superyacht from month to month. Fraser Yachts share their expertise and tell you the perfect places to be throughout the year.
19 May 2014
One man’s vision to improve an owner’s experience by creating a new support vessel, the YXT, has come to fruition. Yachting enthusiast and head of LYNX Yachts, Slim Bouricha, says the YXT project has been on his mind for more than five years. “I always felt that owners of yachts from 35 to 60 meters, as well as large sailing yachts, deserved to get more out of their yachts during their precious vacation time,” he says.
08 May 2014
The arctic explorer Pen Hadow, famed for trekking solo from Canada to the North Pole, defined the art of exploration as: ‘going places and attempting things which haven’t been done before, discovering new things and learning from what you’ve found out.’ Now, a generation of yacht owners and superyacht charter guests are also intent on becoming a generation of explorers.
15 April 2014
The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 116-islands in the Indian Ocean famous for their azure waters and white sand beaches. The Seychelles islands enjoy a year-round tropical climate, beautiful scenery and calm waters making them an ideal luxury yacht charter destination.
11 April 2014
It may only be early in the year; however the Mediterranean charter season is fast approaching. For those that are interested in purchasing a luxury superyacht ready for the summer season, the Antibes Yacht show is the perfect opportunity to do so. The show is followed by the opening of the charter season with several high profile events taking place along the Cote d’Azur in May, including the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix when the jet-set fly in from all over the world to charter luxury yachts at these luxurious events.
09 April 2014
Life moves fast. With work and home commitments dictating the rhythm of our daily lives, it’s easy to forget to stop and enjoy special moments with family and friends. On the beautiful South Pacific islands of Fiji, pristine beaches, turquoise seas and quiet coves make the perfect backdrop for you and your loved ones to pause, reflect and forget everyday stresses while relaxing onboard a magnificent superyacht.
Eclipse from the beach_original
28 March 2014
Sometimes referred to as the ‘Sea of Antilles’, the Caribbean is an area of outstanding natural beauty and without doubt one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world. The region is comprised of more than 700 islands divided into some 30 territories, offering a diverse range of attractions for every taste. We take a look at your favourite Caribbean charter locations for history, culture, relaxation and discovery.
28 March 2014
Fraser Yachts has been appointed worldwide CA for M/Y AURELIA. She is a modern, sporty and luxurious superyacht with a comfortable, contemporary interior. AURELIA was built by the renowned Dutch shipyard Heesen and has proven charter success with many fantastic references.
27 March 2014
Snorkels, jet skis, paddleboards and water slides. Peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches on the menu. These are a few of the essential elements for a successful superyacht holiday with kids. “A yacht charter is a great way to bring families together and for them all to share a unique experience,” explains Robert Wilhelm, captain aboard M/Y Harmony III, a 43.6m Benetti based out of the Western Mediterranean, and frequent host to charter guests’ children and the owners’ grandchildren.
14 February 2014
The 32m Baltic Yachts sailing yacht Inukshuk displays sleek as well as aggressive exterior styling. She comfortably sleeps eight guests in four cabins including a master suite, a VIP cabin and two twin cabins. S/Y Inukshuk is available for charter in the Caribbean this season and will move to New England for the summer season
13 February 2014
One of the great pleasures of yachting is that it gives you the freedom to dictate luxury on your own terms. While cruising the Mediterranean’s gentle waves is undoubtedly the prime objective, every now and then you find a secret hideaway on land; in the shape of a hotel that allows you to moor your yacht right next door.
30 January 2014
There are many great dive sites in the world to visit on your luxury charter yacht, but there are some that offer an experience so unique that they deserve to stand out from the crowd. This is not a list of the world’s top dive sites, but more a collection of unique dive experiences – whether that’s diving into a tuna vortex off the coast of Malta, swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos or diving wrecks on a monumental scale. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing a whale shark, how about seeing up to 100 at once? And what about the opportunity of swimming with more than two million stingless jellyfish? Image by Mark O'Connell
23 January 2014
The number of Mediterranean marinas and berths for superyachts has increased, giving more choice for destinations in 2014. There are certain destinations that must be visited whilst cruising the Mediterranean. For many years now, the hotspots of St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Portofino and Porto Cervo have established themselves as favourites for the luxury motor yacht owner and those embarking on a superyacht charter. Over the last few years however, more marinas have been developed in countries that have previously had little sway in the superyacht industry. Whether due to lack of funding, or higher tax regulations, certain countries just haven’t had the capacity to accept large numbers of superyachts, until now.
14 January 2014
As many involved in the superyacht brokerage and charter industry appreciate, yachting is not a one dimensional aspect of one’s life; it often spills over into various parts of day-today living. Your world on board does not stop upon stepping back on dry land, but becomes part of who you are. Nowhere is this more apparent than through Niklas Amundson’s artwork. From his various maritime-inspired oil paintings done on sail canvas collected from old sailing ships, to the collaborations with the Volvo Ocean Race, it is hard to imagine a better relationship between the art world and the yacht industry.
23 December 2013
There are few places on earth more child-friendly than the Caribbean, with its scores of idyllic islands fringed with soft white sand and warm clear sea just waiting to be explored by intrepid junior travellers. But as those of you looking into booking a Caribbean sailing holiday will probably know by now, there is enormous choice of where to go in this magical region spanning more than one million square miles.   Image by Barry Peters
05 November 2013
The Rio Carnival is quite simply the biggest party on earth and anyone planning a luxury yacht charter to Brazil should plan their itinerary carefully so as not to miss it, at all costs. For five long hot days and nights, the whole coastline rocks with Carnival Spirit, with celebrations officially kicking off at midnight on the Friday before Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter.
29 October 2013
Forget St Tropez, Monaco and the glittering yet congested charms of the Cote d’Azur. There is only one Riviera on the tongues of the trendsetters this season, and that is the Brazilian Riviera. Praised by Wallpaper, lauded by Tatler and hailed by Vanity Fair as the coastal destination of choice, the Brazilian coastline is the place to seek out on luxury yacht charter this season. Following the increasing interest in the region, Fraser Yachts recently partnered with local charter provider and Azimut dealer, Yacht Brasil, to offer charter services along this hitherto relatively unexplored Atlantic coastline.
Beaches Bahamas
14 October 2013
A Caribbean island charter offers you the perfect chance to explore the incredible array of beaches in the Bahamas, one of the most picturesque and popular destinations on the planet. Indeed, there are so many stunning stretches of sparkling white sand that it is almost impossible to know where to head first. The Bahamas consists of more than 700 different island and cays over a distance of 258,998 square km in the western Atlantic Ocean, so finding a decent beach on a Caribbean yacht charter in this breath-taking region just isn’t an issue.
07 October 2013
Following the recent appointment of Fabio Ermetto as the new President of Yachtique, the world’s largest superyacht services organization, the Azimut | Benetti Group is now delighted to announce that Ermetto will also be the new Chairman of Fraser Yachts. Fraser Yachts is the world's leading superyacht services company. The full range of services includes brokerage, charter, yacht management, new construction and crew recruitment.
04 October 2013

The waters surrounding the beautiful and wildly exotic country of Thailand is emerging as one of the most popular new destinations for luxury yacht charter on the planet, and it’s easy to see why.

The Andaman Sea coastline is nothing short of a marine paradise, from the sheer limestone cliffs and fantastic dive spots of Phang Nga to the hectic streets of Phuket’s Patong area and the turquoise emerald sea surrounding the twin islands of Phi Phi.
St Barths shop
30 August 2013
St Barts is a playground of the rich and famous with pristine beaches, gourmet restaurants and unbelievable shopping which can’t fail to impress even the most experienced shopper on a yacht charter in the Caribbean. The small French island measuring just eight square miles boasts more than 200 designer boutiques, with new shops opening all the time, resulting in arguably the best shopping in the whole of the Caribbean region. The two main shopping areas to head for some serious retail therapy on a Leeward Islands yacht charter are the capital, Gustavia and the delightful town of St Jean, in the north island.
28 August 2013
Award-winning S/Y Kokomo is the ultimate fast cruising sloop combining elegant beauty with outstanding performance and speeds. Built by New Zealand shipbuilders Alloy Yachts in 2010, S/Y Kokomo is a 58.4 metre sailing yacht that is regarded as one of the most stunning vessels on the planet.
26 August 2013

The Bahamas offer the ideal location for luxury Caribbean yacht charters, boasting a virtually unlimited supply of crystal-clear waters, word-class fishing and spectacular diving locations.

The three island chains which make up The Bahamas also offer an inexhaustible choice of first-class dining venues, the very best of which we have listed in this mini-guide to the Best Fine Dining in the Bahamas. But do remember: the archipelago is a hugely popular holiday destination and those on yacht charter in the Bahamas who have their heart set on any of the restaurants below should ask their crew to book a table to avoid disappointment.
19 August 2013
With fierce competition to win new superyacht contracts with luxury yacht builders, the pencil fight for an owner’s attention is greater than ever. There are new concepts launched to the market weekly, some more exciting than others, so what becomes of those that never leave the drawing board? There is always an element of risk when releasing new ideas onto the superyacht market. Having said this, it is a good and cost-effective way (in the long term) to promote a design agency’s abilities and innovativeness. Rarely will an initial concept remain unchanged as most clients will want to tweak certain elements of the design. Whether purely interior alterations which, in turn, have the potential to impact on the aesthetics of the exterior, or they like the design but simply want a larger version, changes are inevitable. Therefore, concepts become a launching pad to evolve an idea into a more promising and bespoke product that meets the tastes of a client.
Evil Zana
31 July 2013
Built by the iconic British brand in 2010, Evil Zana is a 38.40 metre motor yacht which turns heads wherever she goes. Evil Zana is a Sunseeker with a difference, with an elegant and customized interior characterized by a light oak paneling instead of the Sunseeker’s signatory dark American cherrywood, Evil Zana offers bright accommodation for eight guests. Other bespoke features of this unique Sunseeker include a spacious balcony on both the main saloon and owners’ cabin, as well as zero speed stabilisers for the ultimate in comfortable cruising.
31 July 2013
It takes little more than a cursory glance at this luxury motor yacht to understand why the owner decided to call her Satori. With sleek exterior lines and an extraordinary sensation of luminosity, Satori is every bit as ‘enlightening’ as her name would suggest. In Japanese, ‘Satori’ is the spiritual goal of Buddhism, and this award-winning yacht could not be more Zen. The winner of no less than six awards including Monaco Yacht Show’s prestigious Prix du Design, the yacht was built by leading Dutch shipyard Hessen in 2011.
31 July 2013
Inspired by traditional schooners and equally elegant Turkish Gulets, this classic luxury motor yacht is a seafarer’s dream. Built by Vicem Yachts in a small fishing village of the same name on the shores of the Black Sea, the 46 metre vessel has been recently completed and offers the ultimate in luxury cruising. Meticulously constructed using state-of-the-art technology, the yacht is one of the most elegant designed to date and promises to turn heads in any port of call.
M/Y Lady Michelle
31 July 2013
With her sleek and sophisticated exterior design and spacious luxury refined interior, Lady Michelle is the epitome of elegance. Built and designed by the Italian shipyard Benetti, with award-winning French team Zuretti responsible for her lavish interior, the brand new 54 metre motor yacht sets new standards for the superyacht industry. With six staterooms offering spacious accommodation for 12 guests, sumptuous seating throughout and three extensive decks, Lady Michelle is the ideal yacht for entertaining with family and friends.
03 July 2013

This year’s 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco promises to be the most spectacular event in the 162-year history of sailing’s greatest trophy. Fraser Yachts has paired up with the America’s Cup Event Authority as an operational partner, bringing superyachts and their owners as close to the action as possible with exclusive access to this exciting event.

Motor yacht Ulysses
31 May 2013
Griffins, birds, lions, faces, all in galvanized bronze, decorate the sun and upper deck of M/Y Ulysses, and Captain Jorgen Gormsen, or known to his crew as Gorm, speaks of the instant wow factor when she turns up in port or off Pampelonne beach with her beautiful black hull. “When we park up, generally other boats like to be around us; we are different.” The owner said “the Griffins are heraldic symbols,” which “act as guardians and minders….caretakers of the boat.”
MY Ulysses Fine Dining
23 May 2013
“There is no better job in the world than being a chef on a superyacht – everyone loves food.” Meet Shane, a Kiwi chef,  who qualified 22 years ago at the Auckland Chef and Hotel Training School and is now head chef onboard the 65 metre M/Y Ulysses superyacht, one of the long-anticipated motor yachts on show at the Genoa Charter Show 2013. We were invited onboard by Gorm the captain to ask Shane a few questions about his experiences, his work, and what he liked cooking.
14 May 2013
Nothing represents luxury travel much better than taking a flight in a private jet. No long airport check in’s or waiting around in overcrowded departure lounges. After all if your destination is a luxury yacht you don’t want the holiday to be dampened by a poor flight experience.
06 May 2013
Welcome onboard M/Y Jaguar the newly renamed Benetti motor yacht, Four Aces, which had a re-fit in 2008 including a new interior by renowned designer Francois Zuretti. The windows were pushed back in the refit and the main salon really looks voluminous with a beautiful minimalist modern style and incredible silk white carpets. The TV pops up out of a central bar and allows 180 degree swivel so you can have a TV dinner or watch from the 12-seater extra comfy couches.
luxury yacht for sale Andiamo
20 March 2013
With sales remaining steady since the start of the year, and continuing into March, often regarded as one of the quietest months of the year in superyacht sales, those within the industry are optimistic of the continued improvement in the yachting industry.
Dubai International Boat Show 2013
08 March 2013
The 21st edition of the Dubai International Boat Show 2013 has started with a bang, with one exhibitor recording strong boat sales within hours of its opening on Tuesday. Additionally, several superyacht manufacturers have reported solid leads on the first day of the superyacht show with big sales expected over the course of the five days.
Nautical Signal - Number 1
08 February 2013
The latest data available from Boat International’s “Market Intelligence” shows that Fraser Yachts consistently secured by far the largest share of the superyacht market in 2010, 2011 and again in 2012. The report by the industry’s leading source of statistical information shows that Fraser Yachts is significantly ahead of the other players in terms of total sales. The top five performing brokerage companies over the three years achieved combined sales of 138 vessels in 2010, 155 in 2011 and 165 in 2012. In addition to standing head and shoulders above the competition for three years in a row, Fraser Yachts also managed to steadily increase its share of the combined sales from 26% to over 30%.
Caribbean yacht charter - Grenada
19 December 2012
Exotic destinations are par for the course for luxury yacht charters, and perhaps one of the highest on the list is the spectacular ‘Island of Spice’ in the southeast Caribbean Sea, otherwise known as Grenada. With the smaller islands which make up the Grenadines, Grenada is just 12 degrees north of the equator, but its tropical climate is tempered by steady cooling trade winds. The Grenadines offer those on a Caribbean yacht charter in the region a wealth of sheltered anchorages, year round good weather, fantastic waters for sailing and diving, and a host of things to see and do.
Fraser Yachts Diamond Collection
18 December 2012
The luxury yacht charter market can be difficult to navigate, an innovative initiative to help discerning, would be charterers, and charter yacht owners to find each other is what is needed. The answer to the problem lies in Fraser Yachts' Diamond Collection, a totally new concept in the super yacht industry but one Fraser Yachts have been providing for over two years now. The service is managed and operated by Fraser Yachts in partnership with IYS – Interior Yacht Services, a leading company in luxury yacht service excellence, training and auditing of customer service.
Newport Shipyard
17 December 2012
The historic Newport Harbor in Rhode Island, which is home to and a popular port for some of the most impressive sailing and motor yachts in the world, is soon going to attract even more super yachts. This follows huge investment by Newport Shipyard in response to the growing numbers of luxury yachts wishing to dock there and visit this world famous yachting destination.
Christmas Fair in Cannes
13 December 2012
Christmas is a truly magical time of year, not least of all in the festival city of Cannes, where the cobbled streets shine with strings of festive lights and lit-up sapins, while the shops are bursting with Christmas fare. And whilst Christmas might not be the usual time of year to be on board your luxury yacht in Cannes, try it once and you'll wonder why you haven't done it before, after all, the Mediterranean has been the retreat for British society in the darker months since the 19th Century.
Den Helder  - Eco-friendly shipyard
05 October 2012
Ambitious plans to build an eco-friendly boat yard have been revealed. Intec Marine Shipyard has recently announced that it plans to build a yard using solely alternative and eco-friendly energy. The ambitious project launched by Dutch shipyard Intec includes plans to install windmills and solar panels on roofs as well as bio-gas tanks in the yard to enable ship builders to work using alternative energy and deliver eco-yachts for sale that are truly green.
S/Y Regina
05 October 2012
For the first time the ultra-discrete world of super yachts has been shaken, by the news that this very special luxury yacht is for sale. Fraser Yachts is proud to announce that the stunning and award winning REGINA sailing yacht, launched just last year by Pruva Yachting, is on the market.
Fraser San Diego
07 August 2012
In the balmy Southern Californian sunshine, from July 26 through July 29, Fraser Yachts made its foray into the 9th Annual San Diego Yacht and Boat Show. The buzzing industry event is the premier yacht show in San Diego and was presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California. In the nine years since its inception, the San Diego Yacht and Boat Show has smartly positioned itself as a multi-tier show which features yachts for a variety of lifestyles and budgets at the most competitive prices of the year. This year, the event took place in front of the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island.
07 August 2012
London’s 2012 Olympic Games look like being the culmination of a series of global events in the capital. It all kicked off on the 29th of April 2011 with the Royal wedding, watched by an estimated 3 billion people worldwide (source New York Times). This summer saw the Royal Jubilee assemble the largest armada the Thames has ever seen.
Jazz a Juan 2012
15 June 2012
The French Riviera is glamorous, picturesque and sizzling hot – so it’s the perfect place to come on a yacht charter this summer. It’s also got a music line up to challenge even the largest cosmopolitan cities, so those coming on a Mediterranean yacht charter this year are in for a particular treat. Here’s our guide to Fraser Yacht’s top musical events this year across the Cote d’Azur:
Cannes Yacht Show 2012
15 June 2012
Most of you are probably looking ahead to your luxury yacht charter, and not concerning yourself with where to go to buy your own mega yacht for sale. But here’s the thing. Your holiday on board one of our luxury yacht charters will be so magical that you will be yearning to buy your very own luxury yacht when the fortnight or weeks have come to an end. In this eventuality, it’s best to be in the know as to where to go for the best choice in mega yachts for sale which undoubtedly includes the Cannes Yacht Show, which takes place in September.
Monaco Grand Prix 2012
25 May 2012
The principality of Monaco is abuzz this week with the arrival of the Monaco Grand Prix 2012 to the realm.  With qualifications happening this Saturday and the actual race on Sunday the most exhilarating motor race is about to kick off the 2012 summer season with a bang.
11 May 2012
The annual World superyacht Awards took place on May 5th in the fantastic setting of the Çırağan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul, Turkey. The prestigious event, now in its 7th year, welcomed a distinguished guest list of superyacht owners and senior members of the superyacht industry.
Sardinia Hot Spots
11 May 2012
Sardinia is a sailors’ paradise, in clear blue waters off the mainland of Italy and just below Corsica, it is one of the most popular destinations for a Mediterranean yacht charter. Each summer its first class marinas and perfectly equipped ports fill up with visitors on a charter vacation, all keen to discover the delights of the Mediterranean’s second largest island.
West indies cricket team
26 April 2012
Along with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and wonderful Creole cuisine, the West Indies are also associated with the game of cricket. And if you are lucky enough you might be able to catch a game of this quintessentially English sport whilst on an exotic Caribbean yacht charter.
Consider Sardinia this season
26 April 2012
Sardinia is a sailors’ paradise in clear blue waters off the mainline of Italy, and one of the most popular destinations for Mediterranean yacht charter. Each summer, its first class marinas and perfectly equipped ports fill up with luxury vessels as scores of visitors discover the delights of the Mediterranean’s second largest island.
Newport Boat Show 2012
05 April 2012
It may not be one of the most talked about luxury yacht shows in the industries calender, but the Newport Boat Show is nonetheless an excellent venue in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Situated on the affluent shores of Newport Beach, in the sunny state of California, it attracts exhibitors and attendees from all over the world. It is California's premier big boat and luxury yacht show, presenting more boats in the water than any other event on the West Coast.
27 March 2012
Sicily and the cluster smaller islands at the toe of mainland Italy are some of the most popular Mediterranean yacht charter destinations. And it’s doesn’t take much to see why. Sicily, which has more than 1,200km of stunning coastline, offers endless opportunities to sail between picturesque ports, stop off in secluded bays and dive some of Europe’s best sites.
Antibes Yacht Show 2012
21 March 2012
Spring in the South of France really is magical, especially for those looking for super yachts for sale. The region boasts one of the most exciting yacht shows in the world – the Antibes Yacht Show 2012 - which is a mean feat for an exhibition which was only started six years ago.
15 March 2012
The Seychelles are a collection of 115 islands that are scattered in the Indian Ocean about 900 miles south of Africa. For many, the region is pretty close to paradise on earth and the islands have become very popular for clients on luxury yacht charters. The Seychelles boast swathes of unspoiled sandy beaches, emerald blue sea and a wonderful collection of some of the last remaining ecological wonders on the earth.
Giglio - Italy yacht charter
28 February 2012
The enchanting island of Giglio which lies off the Tuscan coast of Italy, has long been a favourite stop over for those on a super yacht charter in the Mediterranean but it has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons.
Yacht charter
28 February 2012
We’re all familiar with the worrying concerns of the Greek economy; its gaping public debt and the inability of European politicians to bring the country back from the brink of despair.
luxury yacht brokers
13 February 2012
As a cold front sweeps over much of the Northern Hemisphere, it is definitely the right time to begin thinking ahead to this summer’s yacht charter. And where better to go to meet a host of Fraser Yacht's luxury yacht brokers than at the various international boat shows which take place across the world in the coming months.
super yacht sales
06 February 2012
The new yachts being commissioned by the world’s mega-rich are bigger than ever before, according to the latest superyacht ranking.
luxury yacht charter New England
26 January 2012
The east coast of the United States is one of the premier yacht charter destinations in the world, with the quaint ports and towns of New England being particularly popular. It’s not difficult to see why. Here on the Atlantic coast you will find the yachting heart beat of Newport, idyllic and remote Block Island and the fashionable resort of Martha’s Vineyard, all within easy reach on any luxury yacht charter.
St Kitts yacht charter
18 January 2012
St Kitts and Nevis are two islands in the Caribbean which together make an increasingly alluring super yacht charters’ destination. The islands, which lie in the stunning Leeward Islands chain, actually make up one single country called the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, a former British colony which was given independence in 1983.
Discover Sicily
11 January 2012
Slightly off the beaten track but more than worth the visit on your Italy yacht charter is the stunning island of Sicily. Situated at the toe of mainland Italy, Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island separated from the Italian region of Calabria by the Strait of Messina, which at its narrowest measures just three kilometers wide.
03 January 2012
The Miami International Boat Show will take place between 16th and 22nd February this year, kicking off 2012’s exciting and busy calendar for those interested in luxury yacht sales. The yacht show is also a key event for people keen to find out more about Mediterranean yacht charters for the coming summer.
luxury yacht brazil
22 December 2011
With more than 8,000 kilometres of stunning coastline scattered with scores of tropical islands and a wonderful all-year climate, Brazil boasts all the necessary qualities to make it a premier luxury yacht destination. But until now, the Latin American country - first discovered by Portuguese seafarers more than 500 years ago - has remained relatively closed to the international yachting community. However, leaders in the luxury yacht charter industry believe this is all about to change.
St Barth yacht charter
12 December 2011
St Barth – or St Barthélemy as it is officially known – is a charming island and a premier destination for those on a luxury yacht charter.
yacht charter Seychelles
07 December 2011
A yacht charter in the Seychelles is a magical experience – a winning combination of beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of fresh fruit and seafood which makes dining a five-star event every meal of the day.
luxury yacht charter
29 November 2011
The Tuscan Archipelago is a collection of seven islands scattered in the clear waters off the Italian mainland which make the ideal luxury yacht charter destination. Lying in a crescent shape off the Tuscan coast, the islands are each totally unique in their beauty and charm and offer endless possibilities for Mediterranean yacht charter.
A Guide to the Amalfi Coast
28 November 2011
For those of you that have ticked off the stunning French and Italian rivieras as destinations for your superyacht charters and are now looking for a new European cruising ground, the Amalfi Coast awaits.
luxury yachts for sale
28 November 2011
Buying your perfect mega yacht is a massive undertaking that requires a lot of detailed research. And the commitment doesn’t end when you finally have in your hands the keys to your own super yacht.
23 November 2011
The Bahamas are a collection of 29 islands and dozens more islets, located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba these islands have for many years been the preferred port of call for those on a luxury charter yacht.
luxury yacht for sale
31 October 2011
The super yacht industry is being saved from stagnation during a period of economic uncertainty by a new breed of people seeking luxury yachts for sale. First it was the Russian oligarchs who swamped the market buying a string of luxury yachts and motor yachts for sale. They have now been joined by wealthy buyers from China, Brazil and India who are keen to get in on the action, say experts following the Monaco Yacht Show.
Caribbean yacht charter
28 October 2011
The ABC Islands are a small archipelago in the Caribbean Sea which remains one of the best hidden secrets in the ever-expanding world of superyacht charter. Consisting of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and the islands that lie off the coast of Venezuela all of which lie in crystal clear waters just waiting to be explored. They make up part of the Lesser Antilles, and used to belong to the Netherlands Antilles, which explains their strong tie to the European country still today.
luxury yacht charter along Mexico's coastline
28 October 2011
Why not look slightly further afield than the French or Italian Riviera next year and explore the wonderfully exotic Mexican coastline on your superyacht charter? The Baja Peninsula is a thin strip of land which stretches approximately 750 miles along the coast of Mexico, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of California, or Sea of Cortes, on the other.
Antigua yacht show 2011
24 October 2011

The Antigua Yacht Show, arguably the Caribbean’s largest yachting event, will take centre stage later this year when it opens its doors on December 4th. Thousands will descend on the island as it provides the last opportunity to view motor yachts for sale in 2011, with the next major yacht show being the Antibes yacht show in April 2012.


super yacht charter Greece
29 September 2011
Hardly a day goes by without world politicians and economists lamenting the financial woes of Greece. The country owes a staggering €305 billion, with little hope of being able to pay the colossal amount back. However, luxury charter yachts in Greece are still on course despite the country’s debt crisis, its financial difficulties, which look set to threaten the economic stability of the entire world, have done little to dent the country’s tourism industry which includes a buoyant super yacht charter industry
New Zealand Rugby World Cup
14 September 2011
The eyes of the world were on Auckland last week as its majestic harbour erupted into colour and stunning fireworks were let off during the opening ceremony of this year's Rugby World Cup. Auckland, situated in the north of New Zealand’s North Island, is the hub of the Rugby World Cup 2011 and over the next six weeks will see a host of first-class matches between competing nations being played in its famous Eden Park stadium, with the final being played there on October 23rd.
Mediterranean yacht charter - Marseille
02 September 2011
If you have tired of the French Riviera, why not head a little further west on your Mediterranean yacht charter to the relatively unchartered city of Marseille. Marseille is France’s second largest city and the capital of the Provence Côte d’Azur region and it’s fair to say that it has not always enjoyed the best reputation. But a generous €3.5 billion redevelopment project has changed the face of France’s largest sea port, and finally put it on the Mediterranean yacht charter map. Financed by the national and local government, the extensive regeneration program covering 1,185 acres has ensured that Marseille now plays centre stage in the global economic, cultural and business arena.
Mega yacht charter Turkey
29 August 2011
Turkey is a country of riches, where ancient history as old as time can be enjoyed from the decks of the most modern luxury yachts under perfect blue skies. The southern coast of Turkey, with its rugged shoreline and emerald blue sea, was popular long before the first mega yacht charters began to cruise the area. Indeed, the coastline was one of the world’s main trading routes for centuries, transporting exotic goods from East to West and visa versa. The area is now one of the most popular destinations for those taking a luxury yacht charter. Many choose to start at the resort of Gocek, previously a small fishing village it is now one of Turkey’s main yachting resorts with four marinas.
yacht charter thailand
17 August 2011
Phuket, Thailand’s largest and most popular island, is fast becoming the hub of all super yacht charter activity in the region and it’s easy to see why. The island boasts some wonderfully green and verdant inland oasis, while its coastline is a series of white sandy beaches bordered by inviting turquoise sea.  There are also a number of small uninhabited islands to explore, making it the perfect sailing ground for your yacht charter in Thailand.
17 August 2011
For six sensational nights the skies above Cannes will erupt into colour again this year for the annual International Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique. And where better to watch the dazzling display of fireworks from than on board your super yacht charter, anchored in the Baie de Cannes. Invite friends on your luxury Riviera yacht charter and enjoy the festivities together like thousands of other have ever it started in 1967.
17 August 2011

If the picturesque ports of Villefranche sur Mer and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat are the jewels in the crown of the French Riviera, then surely the unique fishing villages of Cinque Terre are the Italian Riviera's equivalent.

Cinque Terre is a stretch of rugged coastline on the Italian Riviera, just over 100 nautical miles from the French/Italian border. Factoring in a visit to this unique piece of coastline will reap rich rewards for those on an Riviera yacht charter.
17 August 2011

Follow in the footsteps of newly weds Prince William and his beautiful bride Catherine Middleton who are understood to have chosen the idyllic islands of the Seychelles for their honeymoon. Currently staying on one of the archipelagos 100-plus islands in the Indian Ocean that lies just south of Madagascar the couple will undoubtedly be enjoying this holiday before returning the England and their royal duties.


17 August 2011

Thailand is fast emerging as one of the top destinations for those wishing to take a super yacht charter.

The Kingdom of Thailand’s reputation as the leading tourist hotspot in Asia has long been established: each year more than 12 million visitors come to the ‘Land of Smiles’ to experience its stunning scenery, rich culture and beautiful deserted beaches.


17 August 2011
The Cote d’Azur with its stunning coastline and equally beautiful countryside littered with historical villages and magical Provencal towns, is one of the most coveted sailing destinations in the world. Serviced by a string of luxurious and glamorous marinas, the area between Menton on the Italian border and the fashionable fishing port of Saint-Tropez offers the very best in terms of amenities and yachting experiences.
Tian Zhan
17 August 2011
Legend has is that the Seychelles is the original site of the ‘Garden of Eden’ and it’s easy to see why. The collection of 115 island scattered across the emerald blue waters to the north east of Madagascar are truly a heaven on earth and make ideal cruising ground for your super yacht charter.