YERSIN: One-of-a-kind Sustainable Discovery Vessel For Sale & Charter

YERSIN was built in 2015 and since her launch has proven to be a true pedigree sustainable discovery vessel. Recognized as one of the cleanest explorer motor yachts in the world, YERSIN can cruise everywhere in the world and make a clean passage: zero emissions, zero wastes, whatever the location. Make your make without leaving a trace.

In her design, YERSIN brings to the fore some of the most innovative new technologies, whilst maintaining all of the comfort and luxuries expected of a superyacht - from an elevator that connects all guest decks together to a gym, spa, hammam, and massage room.

As a pedigree sustainable discovery vessel, she is also equipped with facilities needed on any discovery voyage - a research laboratory for investigation, a conference room, media room, hospital, and professional diving facilities.

YERSIN has been the vessel of choice for many prestigious explorations, including the Exploration de Monaco 2017, which saw her travel the globe for three years of scientific exploration, reaching the archipelagos of Micronesia and crossing the Atlantic to Martinique.

Aside from her explorative history, YERSIN makes a mark on the industry as one of the world's most sustainable yachts. Piriou, the French Shipyard commissioned for the build, used materials enabling YERSIN to be 95% recyclable. Her engines were designed to achieve extremely low fuel consumption and expel low emissions through filters which reduce nitrogen and sulfur oxides by 99.8%. Her dynamic positioning enables her to have no anchoring impact and her wastewater treatment is rated as 60% cleaner than the international standard. 

YERSIN yacht for sale is also available for charter. She is a maritime masterpiece dedicated to science and discovery with all the luxuries of a modern yacht, accommodating up to 18 guests (12 guests in charter mode).


YERSIN – Sustainability credentials

  • Vessel built to be 95% recyclable 
  • Zero emissions or waste, performing a clean passage wherever in the world
  • Extremely low fuel consumption and low emissions
  • Dynamic positioning, no anchoring impact
  • Bureau Veritas Clean Ship Classified
  • Non-wood recyclable resin decks
  • Underwater hull coated with silicon non-biocide and antifouling
  • Bilge water and wastewater treatment rated at 5ppm, 60% cleaner than the 15ppm international rule
  • Filters on all engines, reducing NOx and SOx emissions by 99.8% and retaining 99.8% of soot particles
  • Advanced water treatment and recycling systems
  • Black & grey water storage, up to 10 days
For full details and specifications or to arrange a private viewing, please contact her Broker, David Legrand.

Built for Exploration

Purpose Built by Piriou, the leading shipyard in oceanographic, pelagic fishing and navy vessels, YERSIN was designed to take her Owners to the world’s most remote destinations in the highest levels of safety and comfort. SOLAS Passenger Ship compliant, she provides the top maritime safety standards.
The vessel boasts an exceptional number of exploration-ready features, including:
  • Engineered for all weathers 
  • Ice classed for an ice thickness up to 40cm
  • Polar Code compliant
  • Withstands temperatures from -20°c to +50°c
  • 12,000 nautical range
  • SOLAS Passenger Ship Compliant
  • Exceptional sea worthiness and stability with double pair of zero-speed Quantum stabilisers
  • Food storage autonomy for up to 50 days for total 42 passengers
  • Comprehensive functional range of tenders
  • Dedicated dive centre with Air & Nitrox capabilities
  • Research laboratory, classroom/conference room and hospital



A vessel as individual as YERSIN required an interior to match. The Owner worked together with designer Pierre Jacques Kubis to create an interior inspired  by the 1930’s passenger ships. Of extreme importance to the Owner was the capability to go anywhere in the highest possible comfort, with no sacrifice to onboard living despite the passenger ship regulation and use of strictly SOLAS approved materials. Highlights of YERSIN’s interior include:

  • Guest spa with gym, hot tub, massage room, hairdressing room and Hammam
  • Fully immersive surround sound & 4K enhanced cinema
  • Guest elevator to all decks
  • Owner’s stateroom with private deck forward and recessed balconies 
  • 8 luxurious guest staterooms

Meet YERSIN’s Captain Jean Dumarais, on board from the start of the build

Adventure, Science, Education - About Alexandre Yersin and ASE

In the spirit of adventure, the vessel was named after explorer, scientific cartographer, physician and bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin. Among his many achievements was co-discovering the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague, which was later named in his honour, Yersinia pestis. His remarkable discovery saved countless lives.

The vessel shares the values of her namesake: Adventure, Science and Education (ASE).
“When the boat did not exist, it was very difficult to make people understand what it would be. Is there any other boat like Yersin? No, not really. I think we are the only one.”

AND NOW YOU CAN EXPERIENCE HER FOR YOURSELF -Now available for charter in Greenland


YERSIN is now available for unforgettable charters in Greenland. 
Whether you love breathtaking landscapes or incredible wildlife, a charter in the comfort of an ice classed explorer vessel will let you live your adventures in the upmost comfort.
Experience the midnight sun with the impressive backdrop of glaciers in this area of exhilarating natural beauty.