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Central America yacht charter

A Central America yacht charter is the perfect antidote to the pressures of a busy life. Although at one time this region was less frequently cruised by superyachts, there is a growing fan base, and for good reason.  Here you can trek through lush Costa Rican jungle while listening out for the haunting calls of howler monkeys and rare quetzal birds, dive some of the best reefs in the world in Belize or simply relax and enjoy a more sedate pace of life in the moonscape surroundings of the Sea of Cortez.
Most countries in Central America have very distinct micro climates with temperatures and rainfall varying from coast to coast and as the altitude rises in the mountainous interior highlands. However the dry season generally falls between December and April and is considered the best time to visit on a yacht charter.

Mexico and Belize offer the hottest weather during the dry season with temperatures ranging from lows of 20°C (68 °F) in the evenings and highs of 29°C (84 °F) during the day. Whereas Costa Rica offers a cooler climate with lows of 14°C (57 °F) at night and 26°C (79 °F) during the day.
Charter yachts in Central America
length84 m
Weekly rate From € 450,000 
(approx. $ 529,695)
length72 m
Weekly rate From $ 565,008 
(approx. € 480,000)
length50 m
Weekly rate From $ 250,000 
(approx. € 212,386)
Whether you’re relaxing on deck beneath the towering cliffs of a Costa Rican peninsula or reef diving in the Sea of Cortez, awe and wonder come as standard in this lesser known yacht charter region.
Regions in Central America
There’s a little something for everyone on a charter in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. The protected waters to the east of the Baja California peninsula offer up superb sport fishing (one of Hemingway’s favourite spots), as well as world-class diving and dozens of secluded bays in which to drop anchor. Add in a vibrant art scene, high-energy activities ashore and quaint fishing villages dotting the coastline, and it’s hard not to fall in love with a charter in the Sea of Cortez.
7 Days - Mexico yacht charter itinerary
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