Our ultimate yacht charter guide : all our top tips

De-mystify the process with the new Fraser Guide to Charter, in five easy steps.

Charter a yacht for vacation is unlike any experience you have ever had before.

A unique experience offering the luxury of togetherness, privacy, comfort, personalised service, sports and discovery.

Chartering your personally selected, fully-crewed, luxury yacht for as long as you wish, whenever and wherever you wish and with whomever you wish is, especially today, the pinnacle of freedom and reward in a safe and exciting environment. And an experience that many have always dreamed of enjoying and giving their loved ones.

And if you work with Fraser, your dreams can become reality.

Which is why, to help you take your first steps into opening up the world of charter, we have created this new expert Guide.

Covering every step of charter planning, from deciding what type of charter you are looking for, to choosing your perfect yacht and destination, to the ins and outs of the booking process, the Guide covers everything you need to know about the rewards you can expect from your first luxury charter.

We look forward to inspiring and helping you to create unforgettable memories.

Ask your Fraser Charter Broker for your personal copy of the FRASER 5-STEP GUIDE TO CHARTER, or click the button below to order.