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South Pacific yacht charter

Standing at the bow of your charter yacht on a cloudless night gazing up at the stars is an incredible feeling. It is easy to capture the sense of voyage and adventure that must have driven men like Captain Cook to first brave these waters.

Whether you explore Tahiti with its beautiful lagoons, visit Vanuatu with its cascading waterfalls or soak in the rich traditions, food and music of Fiji, a South Pacific yacht charter will create the most incredible memories.

The list of possible shore destinations is a ‘who’s who’ of famous islands very few people experience the chance to visit and where those who are fortunate enough to do so leave with lifelong memories. Dock in Tahiti with its beautiful lagoons and quiet ports. Or try Fiji, which instantly envelopes its visitors in its rich cultural traditions, food and music. Vanuatu, with cascading waterfalls and friendly locals, is another gem, just waiting for you to discover it.
Charter yachts in South Pacific
length33 m
Weekly rate From $ 90,000 
(approx. € 83,222)
length60 m
Weekly rate From  470,000 
(approx. € 434,604)
length37 m
Weekly rate From $ 115,000 
(approx. € 106,339)
shipyardMonte Fino
“Dramatic islands, iridescent lagoons and coral
reefs make Tahiti's society islands a South
Pacific must-see. Its Tuamotu chain to the east
are a world-class diver's paradise!"
Regions in South Pacific
On a French Polynesia yacht charter, your yacht drops anchors in a turquoise lagoon edged by sugar-white sands and thick green jungle. Hibiscus flowers flash red in the foliage, and the smell of frangipani drifts towards you on the soft afternoon breeze. The dark cliffs of an extinct volcano rise above the sea, and a sparkling waterfall tumbles down through the rainforest to a cool, deep pool. Below, the waters are so clear that you can see the tropical fish dart about in the coral, and the yacht throws its shadow on the seabed.
7 Days - Tahiti yacht charter itinerary
With 300 islands dotted around Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, the two major islands, you are spoiled for choice on a yacht charter in Fiji. Every bit as picture perfect as the films and photographs that show off this South Pacific paradise, you can divide your time between exploring the world’s most beautiful reefs, visiting the friendly village outposts and hiking through pristine tropical rainforest. Alternatively, sit back and soak in the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of your superyacht deck.
7 Days - Fiji yacht charter itinerary
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and have over 70 years experience in doing so. Our expert team
ensures that charters are professionally handled from start to finish
for the charterers, captains and owners alike."
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