Alaska yacht charter itinerary

Watch the glory of nature pass by as you enjoy a luxury yacht charter through Alaska’s famous Inside Passage. From the moment the sun rises over the peaks of distant mountains to some of the most dramatic sunsets you’ve ever seen, each day will be a revelation.

day 1   Mendenhall Glacier

Start in Juneau with a helicopter trip to the Mendenhall Glacier. Situated some 12 miles from downtown Juneau, the glacier extends for 12 miles flowing from the 1,500 square mile Juneau Ice Field. Land on its icy top and bundle up for the thrill of dogsledding! In the afternoon head for the Saginaw Channel for excellent whale watching.

day 2   Natural Hot Springs

Steam across the Icy Straits to Tenakee inlet where you’ll find Tenakee Springs. Situated on Chicagoff Island in the middle of the Tongass National Forest, Tenakee is a remote village, with no cars or roads. Here you can visit the natural hot springs that gave the town its name before taking a stroll through the charming village and visiting its delightful coffee shop and gift boutique.

day 3   Fishing, Hiking and Sitka National Historic Park

Steam through the Peril Straits for Sitka, a town rich in Russian history and native Tlingit culture. Sitka is well known for its flora and fauna and its noteworthy Sitka Totem Park, famed for its collection of native totem poles.  You will also find great clamming nearby and possibly halibut, ling, cod or salmon fishing around the entrance of Salisbury Sound.

day 4   Hot Pool and Waterfall

Steam out into the Chatham Strait and head for Baranof Island where you can enjoy a bath in a natural hot pool situated adjacent to a roaring waterfall. Head down the 150-mile long Chatham Strait to Red Bluff where it is possible to view humpback and killer whales.

day 5   Whale and bear watching

Leave Baranof and head down Chatham to view humpback and killer whales.  Admiralty Island on route boasts the densest population of brown bears in Alaska, so perhaps a hike is warranted into the interior to watch for bears.  Red Bluff is a spellbinding anchorage with a huge waterfall cascading nearby.  For a closer encounter the bow of the yacht can almost dip into the falls!

day 6   Halibut fishing, Sea Lions and a Sea Plane

Enter Frederick Sound, where you can take the tender for some halibut fishing. In the afternoon, hike ashore at Brothers Island and visit the nearby sea lion colony. You can also hire a float plane to experience an aerial view of the two glacial fjords Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm, while on route to a remote stream in the mountains for an afternoon of fly-fishing.

day 7   Wildlife at Tracy Arm

Weigh anchor and cruise into the Tracy Arm fjord, a highlight and must see of any Alaska yacht charter. You will take an incredible trip through granite walls to observe Sawyer Glacier up close.  “Calving” of large ice chunks, or soon to be icebergs are commonplace.  Grab your own glacial ice for cocktails that evening.  

You may also see all kinds of wildlife including eagles, seals and perhaps even brown bears, mountain goats and moose.

day 8   The Fishing Community of St Petersburg

Located in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, St Petersburg is a small, vibrant town that offers plenty of outdoor activities for your final port of call. Fishing, hunting, hiking and plenty of wildlife viewing will keep you busy until you return to Sitka for your disembarkation.