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North America yacht charter

On the Northeastern shores, the rugged, sometimes dramatic coastline has been defined and shaped by the Atlantic Ocean for millennia. From the craggy coastline of New England, steeped in maritime history with its picture perfect bays and towns whose beautiful architecture draws admiration, to the warm climes and calmer waters of the Florida coast. On just one side of this vast continent your North America yacht charter options are vast. In the middle of the country, the unsuspecting Great Lakes are home to summer resort towns and all-American experiences. While over on the West Coast everyone should surely experience the breathtaking nature of an Pacific Northwest sailing experience at least once in a lifetime.


Spanning from ocean to shining sea, North America is vast with a different experience to offer in each coastal destination. New England is often seen as the birthplace of yachting and further south, the warmer waters of Florida are now seen as the capital of yachting. Inland on the Great Lakes, sprawling orchards and wondering moose make for fascinating discoveries. On the West Coast the rugged and beautiful coastline of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia offers an incredible wildlife experience for the more intrepid adventurer.

Charter yachts in North America
length52 m
Weekly rate From  192,500 
(approx. € 179,945)
shipyardMie Shipyard
length40 m
Weekly rate From $ 120,000 
(approx. € 112,174)
shipyardNorthern Marine
length38 m
Weekly rate From  80,000 
(approx. € 74,782)
“ Fall under the timeless charm of New England, the all American classic, with its picture perfect lighthouses and stunning cliff-top views, or experience the adventure, stunning scenery and a myriad wildlife on an Alaskan yacht charter.”
Regions in North America
The grandeur of Alaska never fails to impress with its awe-inspiring wilderness and landscapes. Imagine the visual drama of ice blue glaciers, vast fjords, frolicking whales and infused light that spectacularly washes the view. Majestic mountains reflect the sun and illuminate grizzly bears as they snatch their evening meal of salmon straight from the river.
8 Days - Alaska yacht charter itinerary
New England is the American classic with a history, from the arrival of the Pilgrims through to the Vanderbilts as well as the Kennedys. It remains the summer playground of East Coast America’s smartest families who appreciate the heritage and maritime history. Picture perfect towns dot the rocky coast dishing up the best lobsters and chowder you can imagine, with a side order of Newport, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard gallery and boutique shopping.
7 Days - New England yacht charter itinerary
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