30 August 2023

7 Truly Unique Features You Will Find Aboard M/Y CROCUS

A unique gem on the brokerage market, 48M (157’) Admiral motor yacht CROCUS is a masterful blend of luxury, privacy and comfort. Herground-breaking design features offer an unparalleled level of sophistication, making her a truly distinctive vessel in every sense of the word.


Here are just seven distinguishing features that set this stunning vessel apart:


  1. Owner's Quality Supervision


There’s nothing like attention to detail. In the case of CROCUS, a three-person team, employed directly by the Owner, supervised the entire construction and finishing process. This careful quality control ensured meticulous compliance with the design plans and an unwavering commitment to achieving the utmost quality.


  1. Safety-Centric Design with No Sharp Edges

Safety is paramount across all aspects of CROCUS, especially when children are on board. Consequently, at the specific request of her Owner, her interior features are rounded and edgeless throughout, thus reducing the risk of injury during movement. This principle extends from the interior furniture and equipment to the outdoor fittings, allowing her to prioritise safety without compromising on luxury.


  1. Dual-Galley System for Owner and Crew


The initial design of CROCUS embraced the philosophy that a "happy crew means a happy owner and happy guests." This is demonstrated in a unique dual-kitchen system, where the crew has its kitchen, manned by a dedicated Crew Stewardess. The main kitchen, exclusively reserved for the Owner and guests, then houses a chef dedicated solely to their culinary needs.


  1. Highly Efficient Air Ventilation System


Fresh air is a fundamental aspect of any yacht journey and CROCUS makes no compromises in this regard. A cleverly-designed onboard ventilation system ensures that no unwanted odours permeate the interiors, thereby maintaining the fresh, new smell of a brand new yacht at all times. Contributing to the yacht's enduring freshness, the Owner's specific instructions to the Quality Team involved meticulous supervision and personal cleaning of every part of the structure before being covered by walls. This careful approach ensures there is no lingering construction dust trapped behind the walls, thus preventing any undesirable smells from permeating the interior of CROCUS.


  1. Separate Spaces and Routes for Crew and Guests


CROCUS offers a design that respects both the crew's and guests' need for privacy. The entire bow area serves as a dedicated space for crew relaxation and storage. The yacht has intelligently-designed separate entrances and communication routes for the crew and guests, guaranteeing minimal disturbance. Even the tenders and laundry facilities are separate for the crew and the Owner, further emphasising privacy and convenience.


  1. Exceptionally Large Beach Platform


Most yacht journeys are all about enjoying the water, and CROCUS caters to this with an extraordinarily large beach platform – one of the largest in her size range. It features a wide gangway that doubles as a staircase and a pole for jumping into the water. It also leads to a beach store with separate rooms for beach towels, water toys, and a conveniently-located bathroom.


  1. Spacious Floor-to-Ceiling Windows


Lastly, CROCUS is able to bring the beauty of the surrounding waters onboard with her stunning, expansive windows. These beautiful floor-to-ceiling arrangements illuminate the interior and create an illusion of enlarged space, allowing the Owner and guests to feel close to the water at all times.

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48m (157ft)
11 in 5 cabins