16 March 2020

We Are In This Together

Your Safety is Our Priority at Fraser and We Are in This Together

Life is filled with uncertainty. It is part of being alive. It is something we all share together.

The world does not stop for uncertainty. We learn from it. We adapt to it. And we move forward.

At Fraser we are taking stock of the current situation and adapting our processes to guard the health and safety of our clients, our Captains, our crew and our staff worldwide.

Over the days and weeks to come we will be instigating a series of measures hand-in-hand with the Owners and Captains of the yachts we represent for sale and charter as well as our specialist Yacht Management and Recruitment teams to ensure the peace of mind of all.

Procedures and precautions with long term benefits for all of our clients.

We will continue to share with you on our social media platforms and online, the very best of what Fraser and the world of yachting has to offer - the privacy and security of being on board your own private yacht away from the crowds; the reward of quality time spent with those you choose to share it with; the appreciation of our oceans, our nature and our landscapes… and the ultimate satisfaction of taking the time to see and enjoy what this world has to offer.

We will continue to post all of these ideas and opportunities so you can see what’s available for you and yours to experience and enjoy… whenever you are ready.

On behalf of Fraser worldwide and all our clients, crew and 170 specialists and employees, we look forward to providing you with the peace of mind of enjoying the experiences and the reward that yachting has to offer you whenever you are ready....

For the moment, be safe, take all common-sense measures for your own families and businesses to be safe and remember, for once, we are all in this together.

Raphael Sauleau