31 October 2011

A New Breed of Super Yacht Buyer has Emerged

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The super yacht industry is being saved from stagnation during a period of economic uncertainty by a new breed of people seeking luxury yachts for sale. First it was the Russian oligarchs who swamped the market buying a string of luxury yachts and motor yachts for sale. They have now been joined by wealthy buyers from China, Brazil and India who are keen to get in on the action, say experts following the Monaco Yacht Show.
"The BRIC -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- nations are much more active than they were three to four years ago," Ellie Brade, Pacific editor at the Superyacht Group monthly magazine stated on the recent trend of BRIC rich snapping up luxury yachts for sale. According to the latest figures from Forbes magazine, China now has 115 billionaires giving it the highest number of super-rich in the world, after America. In Russia, there are 101 billionaires. Many of the financial elites of the BRIC countries – namely Brazil, Russia, India and China – have realized the benefits of buying a luxury yacht for sale. There has been a significant growth in interest in Asia in general – with a number of yacht shows have been launched in recent years. And the highest number of demands for luxury yachts and motor yachts for sale in Asia now comes from China, industry insiders reveal.
The surge in interest in China for luxury yachts for sale comes at a time when steps are being made to improve the infrastructure for super yachts in the country. A string of marinas are currently in construction phase including a super yacht facility in Tianjin, near Beijing. Meanwhile, Brazil is also trying to make efforts to improve facilities for super yachts along its coastline. Interest in Brazil as a super yacht destination has been growing rapidly in recent years as savvy clients seek out new cruising grounds to explore. Now the Brazilian government is encouraging its people to buy luxury yachts for sale by reducing the level of tax owners must pay on vessels as well as by offering tax incentives to yacht building companies who set up in Brazil.