25 May 2022

Exclusive CNBC Travel Interview with Captain Tony Stewart of 40m/130' ALL INN

In a recent interview with CNBC Travel, Captain Tony Stewart opened up about how he ended up with his dream job.
Captain of m/y yacht 40m/130' ALL INN
Many people occasionally travel for work.

But for some, travel is at the heart of their jobs.

In a recent article titled 'Four dream jobs for people who love to travel', CNBC Travel spoke with people from very different industries about occupations where working from home — or an office for that matter — isn’t an option.

See below what Captain Tony Stewart of 40m/130' ALL INN has to say about creating his dream career.

Stewart said he expects to travel for nine months in 2022 at the helm of the 130-foot tri-deck “All Inn” motor yacht. He’s already moved from the Caribbean to Central America and Mexico. From the West Coast of the United States, he’ll go to British Columbia’s Inside Passage and on to southeast Alaska, then fly to Florida and finish the year in the Bahamas, he said. 

That’s slightly longer than a “typical year,” he said, partly because of an increase in charter business this year, he said. 

Stewart said he started out in the yachting industry as a chef in 1998, and “immediately fell in love with the lifestyle, work and travel.” After a year and a half of cooking, Stewart made a career switch...

“I decided I wanted to work towards getting my license and become a captain, at which point I took a job as [a] deckhand and started my journey,” he said.

The job requires strong problem-solving skills, organization and a high tolerance for stress, said Stewart. Captains do “a little bit of everything,” he said, from trip planning and accounting to “HR duties” for the crew and golf bookings for guests.

As to whether it’s a dream job — “it absolutely is,” said Stewart.

″We endure long days, and sometimes weeks without days off,” he said, but “I couldn’t imagine doing this … and not loving it.”

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The original CNBC Travel article written by Monica Buchanan Pitrelli can be found here.
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