14 May 2013

Arrive in Style for Less – Charter an Empty Leg Private Jet

Nothing represents luxury travel much better than taking a flight in a private jet. No long airport check in’s or waiting around in overcrowded departure lounges. After all if your destination is a luxury yacht you don’t want the holiday to be dampened by a poor flight experience.
Thanks to FlightPooling, an innovative new start-up company looking to conquer the world of private air travel; flying in a private jet just got a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly! Every day there are over 9000 flights throughout Europe and America and 40% of private aircraft fly empty legs as they are either returning to their airport base or flying onward to pick up more passengers. The concept behind Flightpooling allows you the chance to purchase seats on these private jets for a vastly reduced price. It’s a win, win situation for everyone. Charter a flight and travel in ultimate style for the same price as a business class ticket. By filling up otherwise unused seats on private jets through empty leg deals it benefits the environment by reducing fuel wastage and doubling up on extra unnecessary flights. For those of you looking to arrive at your yachts in ultimate style, comfort and luxury but who are economically or environmentally conscious, Flightpooling provide the perfect charter flight solution.