22 December 2011

Brazil: an emerging luxury yacht market

luxury yacht brazil
With more than 8,000 kilometres of stunning coastline scattered with scores of tropical islands and a wonderful all-year climate, Brazil boasts all the necessary qualities to make it a premier luxury yacht destination. But until now, the Latin American country - first discovered by Portuguese seafarers more than 500 years ago - has remained relatively closed to the international yachting community. However, leaders in the luxury yacht charter industry believe this is all about to change.
They predict that in as little as two years time there will be a new emerging super yacht destination on the world map. “It is a beautiful country with one of the biggest coastlines in the world. It’s very exciting,” said one expert recently, adding that a number of luxury yacht charters had plans to open up in Sao Paolo. Interest in Brazil as a luxury yacht destination has been growing rapidly in recent years as savvy clients seek out new cruising grounds to explore. The government are now making huge efforts to attract luxury yachts to its shores by reducing the level of tax owners must pay on their vessels as well as offering tax incentives to yacht building companies who establish themselves in Brazil. mega yacht for sale luxury yacht
Interest in the luxury yacht industry from wealthy Brazilians is also surging, with a growing number looking for a mega yacht for sale. Up until now thesailing enthusiasts in Brazil have tended to travel for their luxury yacht charters. As the infrastructure improves and the incentives start to take affect, it is hoped that Brazilians will decide to stay in their own country, once they have found their ideal mega yacht for sale. For the moment the government’s attempts to lure luxury yacht building companies to Brazil appear to be working, with leading boat builders such as Beneteau having recently opened up new production facilities there. Indeed, the world’s largest boat manufacturer is extremely positive about the emerging market in Brazil, predicting that the majority of growth in future years will come from countries like Brazil and China, reaching 14% of sales by 2015.