27 November 2019

DUNIA BARU opens Learning Center in Raja Ampat

DUNIA BARU, the stunning traditional Indonesian style charter yacht, has given its name to a learning center in Raja Ampat, serving the region and enhancing the community. The boat is closely linked with the area and the team behind her ensure they give back to the community in the destination which has captured their hearts.
The DUNIA BARU adventures team are delighted to announce the opening of the learning center, an educational hub where local people can study, learn about conservation of the environment and the importance of preserving the unique habitat. In addition they can find support with health-related issues, and train in professions which will help them with possible business opportunities from visiting yachts.

One of the inaugural programs is centred around waste management and aims to improve the current system for the Sauwandarek community which will immediately have a positive impact on the amount of waste entering the sea and therefore improving the health and hygiene locally.
In addition the team set up their 'Lighting the Future' campaign, which is part of the boat's wider Corporate Social Responsibility Program.  The initiative sees solar-powered lighting installed in villages without electricity supply.
Such a beautiful destination is sure to leave guests enchanted and it is thanks to this feeling of devotion to the local landscape that the DUNIA BARU team were motivated to give back to the community and the region.
DUNIA BARU, the 51m superyacht, is available to charter in Raja Ampat and Komodo. The combination of her unique style, the sublime destination and the chance to really do some good during your trip means a charter on board DUNIA BARU is sure to be unlike any other!
length51 m
Price $ 112,000
(approx. € 99,298)
shipyardKonjo Boat Builders Ara