19 June 2014

Experience one of the Last Great Wildernesses on an Alaskan Superyacht Charter

SOJOURN_Margerie Glacier cropped

The name ‘Alaska’ meaning peninsula describes a vast landmass jutting out from the North American continent with the Arctic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. At 34,000 miles, the Alaskan coastline is longer than the combined coastlines of all the other states in the USA making it a unique destination to be explored on a luxury superyacht charter.

With much of the state inaccessible or inhospitable to development, this pristine wilderness is a haven for rare and endangered species.   When you visit Alaskan shores you can expect to come face to face with a rich diversity of North American wildlife, including polar bears, bald eagles, blue and humpbacked whales, grey wolves, grizzly bears, orcas, lynx, moose and many others. To cruise this region is the recipe for an unforgettable opportunity to convene up close with nature from the comfort of your perfectly positioned chair on deck.

Soujorn Yacht at Tracy's North Arm, Alaska Soujorn Yacht at Tracy's North Arm Alaska

Be prepared to be amazed by the dramatic landscape which features live volcanoes, mountainous glaciers, bubbling hot springs and intricate island chains. If you’re searching for a holiday with a difference where your luggage contains more binoculars and fleeces than bikinis and flip flops, then a superyacht charter in Alaska is a fine choice.

SOJOURN aft Deck SOJOURN aft Deck

Here are just a few of our favourite Alaskan adventures you can experience from the comfort of your luxury yacht.

With over 100,000 glaciers, covering 16,000 square miles, Alaska has half of all the glaciers in the world.  Cruise in to College Fjord to see 16 ice blue glaciers, each one named after an Ivy League college by members of the expedition that discovered them in 1899.

Start your charter in Juneau, the site of Alaska’s first big gold strike in 1880 and the state’s second largest city. Mount Roberts and Mont Juneau tower above the state capital and atop these sits the Juneau ice field from which more than 30 glaciers flow. If your yacht has a helicopter, why not get a birds-eye view of this natural wonder?

SOJOURN Yacht Bedroom SOJOURN Yacht Bedroom

Baranof Island, home of the famous Baranof hot springs can only be reached by seaplane or private boat. Once anchored, take your tender ashore and hike up the trail to enjoy the soothing waters of these natural springs.

Motor across Shelikof Strait to reach Kodiak Island and discover one of the wildest places on the planet.  Look out for Kodiak bears swimming between islands and try your hand fishing for salmon and steelhead.  Should your visit coincide with Memorial Day Weekend, don’t miss the Kodiak Crab Festival, celebrating all that Kodiak Island has to offer including, of course, lots of its famous fresh crab.

You can discover superyachts available for charter in Alaska on the Fraser Yachts website. One of the stunning yachts you can choose from is M/Y SOJOURN, a 40m luxury motor yacht built by Gambol Shipyard. SOJOURN boasts four elegant staterooms decorated in a classic and refined style. The layout of its multi-level decks makes for an extremely social environment, offering versatile seating options, sun pads, Jacuzzi spa and a wonderful panoramic sky lounge.

SOJOURN Yacht Sundeck SOJOURN Yacht Sundeck

For more information on luxury yacht charters in Alaska, contact Fraser Yachts and speak to one of our expert charter brokers.