29 August 2011

Follow the Path of the Ancient Tradesmen and Choose a Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey

Mega yacht charter Turkey
Turkey is a country of riches, where ancient history as old as time can be enjoyed from the decks of the most modern luxury yachts under perfect blue skies. The southern coast of Turkey, with its rugged shoreline and emerald blue sea, was popular long before the first mega yacht charters began to cruise the area. Indeed, the coastline was one of the world’s main trading routes for centuries, transporting exotic goods from East to West and visa versa. The area is now one of the most popular destinations for those taking a luxury yacht charter. Many choose to start at the resort of Gocek, previously a small fishing village it is now one of Turkey’s main yachting resorts with four marinas.
Gocek, nestled at the foot of pine-covered mountains and with views over the Gulf of Fethiye, makes a charming base. From here visit the ancient baths, a ruin alongside the bay of Gocek where, legend has it, Cleopatra used to bathe. Next stop: the bustling port of Marmaris, where you will find Marmaris Castle, built during Sultan Suleiman´s reign in his attempts to conquer the Greek island of Rhodes. The next port of call on your mega yacht charter is the natural harbor of Serce Limani, where just 30 years ago archaeologists discovered the wreckage of an early 11th-century ship. The wreckage, which has been carefully conserved and reconstructed, is now found at the Bodrum Castle Marine Archaeology Museum. Another must-see on any luxury yacht charter of the area is the ancient port of Knidos, situated in the Gulf of Gokova. This stunning cove at the tip of the Doric Peninsula was a centre of art and culture in the 4th-century BC. Here you will find the remnants of the city’s ancient walls, two theatres, and the remains of several temples including the temple of Aphrodite. In the Gulf of Gokova you will find a plethora of peaceful anchorages including Cleopatra´s Beach, whose unusually white and fine sands were reportedly imported from Egypt by Marc Anthony for Cleopatra’s pleasure. Finally, head on your mega yacht charter to Bodrum, situated on a peninsula facing the Greek island of Kos.  There is a magnificent castle at the entrance to the city, which was built by the Crusaders to protect the important military harbour.