25 March 2018

Fraser Beach Clean March 2018

As proud partners of Plastic Oceans, Fraser organised a beach clean-up event which took place on Sunday 25th March at Plage de la Garoupe, and the coastal path around the Cap d’Antibes. Over 100 people turned up in support of the event to help tidy up the shoreline and remove the all too present pieces of litter, plastic and packaging that constantly arrive on our beaches.

With millions of tons of plastic covering around 40% of the world’s ocean surface there is no better time to shine a light on the dangers of plastic pollution and mobilise our network to take action. A beach clean provided an opportunity to engage the yachting community in this serious and increasingly pertinent topic whilst coming together in the spirit of fun and camaraderie. Coming into contact first-hand with the remnants of plastic that wash up or are discarded on the beach highlights the need to avoid single-use plastics in our every day lives. Simple changes to daily habits and taking conscious steps at every opportunity will help slow the growth of the plastic problem. In partnership with Plastic Oceans, the makers of the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’, Fraser is committed to educating our staff, our clients and the wider yachting community around this subject. With knowledge we are all better equipped for making responsible, environmental choices.

Participants at the Fraser Beach Clean this Sunday came from across the industry, comprising not just Fraser staff, but representatives from The Crew Network, yacht crew, local yachting companies and even staff from other yacht brokerages and their families. Cleaning teams stretched out along the coastal path and brought back a staggering amount of debris including cigarette butts, fishing lines, plastic bottles and corks, polystyrene packaging and more. The rubbish was then collected by ‘Expeditions Med’ who will analyse the collection as part of their research into oceanic pollution. The association aims to categorise the litter found in the sea and along the coasts to be able to work towards designing long term solutions for the future.

Fraser partners VSF Group kindly supplied water from CanOwater – a resealable and recyclable alternative to plastic bottles – which was very welcome after spending time collecting litter in the spring sunshine. Special thanks also to Frangipani for offering bamboo toothbrushes as a thank you gift to the attendees, to The Crew Network for their support, and to Blueiprod for their photography. Thank you to everybody who took part, Fraser looks forward to organising another Beach Clean soon.

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