15 October 2020

Fraser CEO becomes Eyesea Ambassador

As part of Fraser’s 2020 focus on furthering ocean sustainability and environmental causes, we are proud to announce that Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau has become an official ambassador for the nonprofit global pollution and maritime hazard mapping organisation Eyesea.

Seeing the need for proper data on maritime pollution, including where it is, and what it consists of, in order to find the solution to tackle it, Eyesea is developing ways to use geotagged images to map and chart marine pollution. With funding and support secured and solutions in development, key ambassadors such as Raphael are spreading the word to seafarers, the yachting industry and anyone who loves the oceans and wants to see them preserved for future generations.

The Eyesea app will enable communities to help map and identify pollution simply by taking a picture on the beach or at sea, in order to prevent, warn and act fast when potential pollution points are identified.

(Video: Eyesea)

“I am proud and excited to be playing a part in the Eyesea project,” says Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau. “We will only overcome the greatest of challenges by working with each other and taking tangible actions (however small) to make a real difference. There is an increasing feeling, backed by scientific evidence, that we are approaching a critical point in ocean care. Everyone I know in the maritime business wants to do more, but the way forward has been difficult to define. Sustainability reports won't save the oceans, but I hope pictures and maps might.”

Would you like to become an Eyesea partner or test the app? See the Eyesea website here or reach out to Fraser’s Green Team for more information.

This initiative, along with over 30 others, is a part of the Fraser Green Pledge and worldwide FUTURE campaign. For more information or to get involved, contact the Fraser Green Team.