12 February 2019

Fraser Charter Portfolio 2019/20

The brand new Fraser Charter Portfolio has now been released. This is your guide to the best that yachting has to offer, a beautiful brochure that offers a peek into the 100 most desirable charter yachts in the world, a showcase of the most exclusive destinations and more.

This edition of the Fraser Charter Portfolio presents just a glimpse of what awaits when you decide to book your bespoke vacation with us, and for those ready to extend that quality downtime, we will also be by your side when you are ready to purchase and own the yacht that is just for you. There’s a snapshot of just how many owners we help today a few pages along, in fact, it’s more owners than any other brokerage house in the world.

Each page offers a new opportunity for exciting adventures and incredible memories.

When chartering with Fraser you know your bespoke holiday will be crafted by the most dedicated, experienced and passionate people in the industry. You will discover a world where every moment and every detail are tailored specifically for you. Whether chartering with family, friends or even for corporate entertainment we will create the perfect experience.

Enjoy our Portfolio, and perhaps we will be welcoming you on board very soon?

For more information click here to read the Charter Portfolio online, or here to request a paper copy. Ready to book your next holiday? Contact a charter broker by clicking here