25 April 2024

Fraser named Best Global Charter Company in Asia

Fraser has been named Best Global Charter Company in Asia at the YACHT STYLE Awards.

Held on April 24 at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore, preceding the Yachting Festival, the award is an industry-wide recognition of Fraser’s commitment to the Asian market.

Sales and Charter broker Laura Verbrugge accepted the award, in the same week as her own in-house sale of the 28m/93’Mangusta BEAR MARKET.

Laura said: “We are thrilled to have been recognized by Yacht Style with this award. It is the result of years of hard work building up a solid reputation for Fraser in Asia and showing local clients just how much they can benefit from chartering. As well as enhancing the visibility of Fraser in Asia, this award has given us even more energy to continue creating memorable moments for our clients as they discover new regions by yacht.”

Detailing what marked Fraser out in a competitive list of nominees, Yacht Style commented: “Fraser has been actively chartering in Asia since partnering with Asiamarine in 2017, with Hong Kong-based Charter Broker Laura Verbrugge overseeing significant growth in the business, before and after the pandemic. Starting from day and overnight trips in Hong Kong, Fraser Asia has widened its business to extended bookings in Asia and week-plus charters in Europe and the Caribbean, last year securing a €1 million, 10-day voyage. It now has dedicated charter staff in Hong Kong – where it also supplies stewardesses and private chefs – and Phuket, and an emerging presence in Singapore.”