11 August 2020

Fraser working fast to get you back on the water

20+ sales in 16 weeks. If the current situation has brought home one important lesson for us all, it is the value of spending quality time with the people who matter most to us.



In uncertain times, the reward of being in control of your own environment, where you go, who you go with and what you do has never been more obvious.


Owning your own yacht is one way of securing that freedom and peace of mind.


It offers you the chance to get away from it all when and where you want whether that’s for today, tomorrow or for years to come.


In the last 16 weeks alone, we are proud to have helped over 20 clients successfully close deals on their yachts from 74m (242’) to 16m (53’). 10 of those in just 3 weeks - 3 yachts selling within 30 days of being listed on the market.


There has never been a better time to own your own space, carve out some real quality time and enjoy the rewards of being back on the water.


Our thanks to all for placing their trust and confidence in the worldwide teams at Fraser to help them get the most out of life today.


And if you are still wondering whether to take that first step…reach out to a Fraser broker today and let them show you what is possible.


We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Thank you for trusting Fraser to help get you back on the water.