28 February 2012

Giglio: The Island on the News

Giglio - Italy yacht charter
The enchanting island of Giglio which lies off the Tuscan coast of Italy, has long been a favourite stop over for those on a super yacht charter in the Mediterranean but it has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons.
With a charming port, beautiful beaches and a mountainous interior, luxury vessels on an Italy yacht charter are drawn to its many coves and bays in the summer months. The island is one of seven to make up the Tuscan archipelago, which lies in a crescent shape off the Tuscan coast, and is said to have been created when the goddess Venus emerged from the ocean and dropped seven pearls from the necklace she was wearing. The largest and most well known of the islands is Elba which lies 10 kilometres from the mainland. With a surface area of 224 square kilometres, it is also the third largest Italian island after Sardinia and Sicily and hugely popular amongst those on a super yacht charter. Another island Pianosa - arguably the most beautiful of all the Tuscan Archipelago – is predominantly taken up by a high security prison.

However it is the island of Giglio which has recently hit the headlines for a terribly unfortunate cruise ship tragedy in which 35 people lost their lives. The accident, which took place in January this year, happened when the ship carrying more than 4,200 passengers hit a sandbar of the coast of the island. Vessels on an Italy yacht charter will no doubt call into the charming town of Giglio Port, situated on the eastern coast of the island. Here they will find colourful rows of houses which line the cove between two piers. There are is also a picturesque waterfront full of great restaurants and boutiques. Inland, and 405 metres above sea level, is the historic town of Giglio Castello, which is well worth a visit while on a super yacht charter of the area. The oldest town on the island has kept its original fortified appearance and is surrounded by a medieval wall. It is around this town that the island’s own wine – Ansonco – is produced. In sharp contrast is the town of Giglio Campese, a visit to which is also highly recommended on super yacht charter of the Tuscan islands. The town is situated on the west coast and stretches along the largest and most popular sandy beach. The spot is popular amongst windsurfers, so those in the area who like to indulge in this sport should definitely drop in here.