13 March 2024

Inside CROCUS: Exploring the Distinctive Features of an Admiral Gem

CROCUS (48M/157’) is a yacht meticulously built to perfection and currently available for sale. To discover more, we delve into her distinctive features and exceptional offerings, guided by insights from Fraser Broker Anton Farber, whose comprehensive knowledge ensures no aspect goes unexplored.

From her sleek exterior design to the modern interior spaces, CROCUS captivates with a blend of style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Join us as we explore her standout amenities, impeccable condition, and the unparalleled cruising experience she promises to discerning buyers seeking perfection.

What would you say are the most unique features of CROCUS?

CROCUS stands out with her sleek and modern exterior design paired with a warm, contemporary interior. Her standout features include a vast sundeck with a Jacuzzi, ample lounging areas, and a hardtop for shade. CROCUS's design prioritises both aesthetic appeal and practical luxury, while the intelligent use of space, large windows, and light-filled cabins with state-of-the-art entertainment systems are equally notable.

How would you describe her overall condition?

As a private yacht used only for a couple of months since built, CROCUS has been preserved in pristine condition. She benefits from meticulous upkeep and low engine hours, indicating minimal wear. Her private use also underlines a bespoke level of care and personalisation, translating to a better-maintained yacht with less mechanical fatigue.

What is the cruising experience like aboard CROCUS?

CROCUS offers a superb experience thanks to her well-designed hull and powerful engines that guarantee comfortable cruising speeds with stability. Guests on board CROCUS can expect smooth sailing and excellent manoeuvrability, ensuring an enjoyable and relaxed journey, regardless of the destination.

What are CROCUS’s onboard technological features?

CROCUS boasts an array of technological amenities that enhance the comfort and experience of her guests. This includes cutting-edge navigation systems for smooth sailing, a modern entertainment system for audio-visual pleasure, and fast Wi-Fi connectivity throughout to keep guests connected at sea.

How would you describe the privacy and security on board CROCUS?

CROCUS provides exceptional privacy and security. Her layout is thoughtfully designed to ensure separate living areas for guests and crew, while integrated security systems, including CCTV, ensure safety and discretion at all times. At the specific request of her Owner, her interior features are rounded and edgeless throughout, thus reducing the risk of injury during movement. This principle extends from the interior furniture and equipment all the way through to the outdoor fittings, allowing her to prioritise safety without compromising on luxury.

What can guests expect in terms of entertainment and leisure options?

Entertainment on CROCUS is plentiful, with a variety of water toys available for guests' enjoyment. From jet-skis to inflatable water slides, there’s something to entertain everyone. The yacht's unique sound system, integrated across all decks, is perfectly designed to set the mood for parties or provide a backdrop for relaxed lounging.

What are the highlights and amenities of CROCUS’s sundeck?

The sundeck on CROCUS is a luxurious retreat boasting features such as a Jacuzzi, sun pads, a bar, and dining areas. It's an exceptional space for soaking up the sun, enjoying the views, and entertaining guests in a high-style alfresco setting.


What are the features of the beach club area?

The beach club on CROCUS offers a seamless connection with the sea. It's a versatile space with a fold-down transom creating a teak-clad swimming platform. The beach club serves as a launchpad for water sports and a relaxing spot to enjoy the water's edge. The swimming platform was extended by 2 metres during the build process, adding a new dimension of luxury for guests to enjoy.

Can you tell us about the guest capacity and staterooms found on CROCUS?

CROCUS can comfortably accommodate up to eleven guests in five staterooms. These include a full-beam Owner’s Stateroom, two VIP staterooms, and two twin suites, each with Pullman berths, ensuring all guests experience the utmost comfort and luxury.

How would you describe the crew facilities and accommodation?

The crew on CROCUS is well-catered for, with separate quarters ensuring privacy for both guests and crew members. These facilities allow the crew to maintain the highest standards of service while enjoying their own dedicated spaces. The crew has much more space than on the average 499GT yacht, ensuring their comfort, which is key for guest enjoyment.


The initial design of CROCUS embraced the philosophy that a "happy crew means a happy Owner and happy guests." This is demonstrated in a unique dual-kitchen system, where the crew has its own kitchen, manned by a dedicated Crew Stewardess. The main kitchen, exclusively reserved for the Owner and guests, then houses a chef dedicated solely to their culinary needs.

Can you tell us about the performance of CROCUS’s Twin CAT C32 Acert Engines:

CROCUS’s twin CAT C32 Acert engines are reliable, efficient, and provide a powerful thrust, delivering a top speed of almost 20 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. They epitomise the balance of performance and endurance, and are capable of confidently navigating a variety of sea conditions.

 How would you describe CROCUS’s fuel efficiency and range?

CROCUS is designed with a focus on efficiency, offering a range of 3,500NM at cruising speed. This makes her ideal for long voyages, minimising fuel stops and maximising the cruising experience for everyone on board.

What is her maintenance and service history?

CROCUS has benefited from continual professional maintenance and diligent service, ensuring she remains in excellent condition. The yacht’s service history reflects a no-expense-spared attitude towards upkeep and scheduled servicing. All reports are available for the future Owner.

What would you say are the ideal cruising ground for CROCUS? 

CROCUS is well-suited for Mediterranean cruising, where her spacious decks, ample lounging areas, and well-appointed beach club can be enjoyed to the fullest. However, her range and comfort also make her ideal for more extended voyages in the Caribbean or other exotic destinations, keeping in mind her shallow draft.

What is your personal favourite aspect of CROCUS? 

My personal favourite aspect of CROCUS is the perfect harmony she achieves between luxury and functionality. Her thoughtful layout provides both communal spaces for entertainment and private retreats for relaxation, which is ideal for a discerning buyer looking for a yacht that is as beautiful as it is capable. Her blend of Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology makes her a standout in the luxury yacht market.


Lastly, CROCUS is able to bring the beauty of the surrounding waters onboard with her stunning, expansive windows. These beautiful floor-to-ceiling arrangements illuminate the interior and create an illusion of enlarged space, allowing the Owner and guests to feel close to the water at all times.

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48m (157ft)
11 in 5 cabins