05 October 2012

Intec Goes Green

Den Helder  - Eco-friendly shipyard
Ambitious plans to build an eco-friendly boat yard have been revealed. Intec Marine Shipyard has recently announced that it plans to build a yard using solely alternative and eco-friendly energy. The ambitious project launched by Dutch shipyard Intec includes plans to install windmills and solar panels on roofs as well as bio-gas tanks in the yard to enable ship builders to work using alternative energy and deliver eco-yachts for sale that are truly green.
Alwin Muus, one of the founders of Intec, said: “Building a yacht costs a lot of money – welding, heating, painters, carpentry, air conditioning. For example, a 30 metre costs about €2,500 per month; a lot of money. We know how we can work with solar cells and wind energy.” Muus explained that plans for the eco-yard were hinged on the purchase of a three-hectare site in Den Helder, in the north of the Netherlands. The site is part of a 90 hectare area owned by the Dutch government, and acquisition will depend on an order for one of two ‘next generation yachts’ also built to run on alternative energy. A demand for eco-yachts for sale is definitely on the increase as sailing enthusiasts become more environmentally conscious and ship building technologies develop. For example, a new eco-conscious yacht with hybrid technology was launched onto the market last month by Hydro Tec Naval Architecture. The Columbus Sport 130 combines style with technology that will not threaten the marine environment and can easily accommodate up to eight guests. Intec hopes to make use of one of Den Helder’s main resources in its plight to build luxury yachts in eco-friendly conditions; cow manure. Farming is the main industry in Den Helder, and local farmers are always trying to find ways to dispose of their livestock's waste, which incredibly, can create enough energy to run a shipyard for a day. Muus explains, “On bio-gas you can generate a lot of power for a shipyard, just running on this you can get energy from 7.30 am until 4.30pm."