29 June 2017

Q&A with Matty Wainwright, the Director of the DJ Dispensary

An innovative new concept for the yachting industry and offered through Fraser, the DJ Dispensary is a fun and bespoke yachting DJ service that stands to enhance any yachting experience. Whether chartering a sailing yacht or cruising on your luxury motor yacht, the DJ Dispensary can entertain guests, teach them how to mix music, and provides an instant party. We spoke to Matty Wainwright, the Director of the company, to find out more about the exciting new service.

Fraser: Please could you introduce the DJ Dispensary and explain the services you offer?

MW: The DJ Dispensary is the world’s first company offering DJ retreats. Essentially, this is a guest experience like no other, which has traditionally been offered at luxury hotels, but now guests on luxury yachts can enjoy our service too! We teach guests the basics of DJ-ing over a couple of days. There is entertainment each evening, including DJ sets from international DJs and a movie screening of a disco/house music documentary. On the final night, we turn the decks over to our guests to perform their first live DJ set at the retreat closing party, which is recorded, photographed, and streamed live to their friends back home. 

matty wainright of the dj dispensary

The DJD Consul 
is the bespoke music service arm of the business. From supplying full-time resident DJs to curating venue-specific playlists, equipment procurement, and sound installation, the DJD Consul works alongside luxury venues worldwide to create the perfect soundscape to reflect the essence of a brand’s unique character. All of our DJs have years of international experience and have played at many of the world’s foremost venues, from luxury hotels and restaurants to world famous beach and night clubs. The DJD Consul also allows our partners the unique option of having their resident DJ perform a DJ Masterclass for in-house guests – a world’s first when it comes to guest experience!

Fraser: What was the inspiration for the DJ Dispensary and how did it begin?

MW: The phenomenon of the DJ has never been more popular than it is right now and there is a lot of interest in what goes on behind the DJ console. The DJ Dispensary offers our guests the chance to step to the other side of the DJ booth and get their hands on the decks, in a fun, non-pretentious environment. We teach the science of how to operate the equipment but also the art of a DJ performance: how to read a crowd, how to connect tracks with meaning etc. – something that has become increasingly lost with the recent plight of 1-hour long electro dance music sets.

Fraser: Is it possible for the DJ Dispensary to meet a yacht if it is out at sea? Which yachting regions do you serve? Or are you available worldwide?

MW: Absolutely. Our team can mobilise worldwide with minimum notice – like a pop-up party in a box, we can meet any yacht out at sea at any time!

Fraser: What happens during one of your DJ retreats?

MW: We have a morning group session where we cover what we will be teaching that day. Then, for the rest of the day, we break down into one-on-one sessions with personal DJ tutors. There is entertainment each evening, but for the rest of the time you are free to enjoy your vacation as normal. DJ lessons serve quite nicely as a break from sunbathing and swimming.

Fraser: Are the DJs experienced? Where have they DJed before?

MW: All of our DJs have a minimum of 10 years international experience, and generally a lot more. We have DJed all over the world from famous beach clubs like Cafe Mambo Ibiza and Potato Head Bali to nightclubs such as Cielo in New York and Ministry of Sound in London. Our tutors have the experience and insider tips to ensure that all of our guests are up and mixing in a couple of days, ready for the big closing party! 

Fraser: Do you plan on diversifying your service in the future?

MW: At the moment we are kept very busy with DJ retreats in between regular international gigs. We are always evolving and this partnership with Fraser opens up an exciting business avenue for us to offer our services to private clients anywhere in the world.

To find out more information about the DJ Dispensary, or about other services offered by Fraser, please contact the team.