11 June 2019

Mediterranean Yacht Charter: The Summer Destination

There are few places on earth as genuinely breath-taking as the glittering coastline of the Mediterranean. It is difficult to imagine a location equivalent in proportions and equally as accessible that is as rich in cultural vibrancy, food, wine, history and architecture both ancient and modern. Unquestionably beautiful in any season, in summer the Mediterranean comes into its own. Vivid blue water, long days and warm nights, sun-drenched white sand and the finest fresh cuisine present an intoxicating cocktail of sensual delights that are enough to make one wonder how you could ever spend the summer anywhere else. A Mediterranean yacht charter presents endless possibilities – every voyage is unique, limited only by your own desire to immerse and explore.

mediterranean in the summer

From the southernmost Spanish coastline to the Grecian islands, the Mediterranean climate has a distinct and recognisable charm. In the height of summer, the mercury consistently reaches heady heights – enough to satisfy even the most dedicated of sun worshippers. Cloudless skies and seemingly endless dry and bright days are commonplace and extend well into September and October, meaning a Mediterranean yacht charter isn’t constrained by the need to chase a few short weeks of sunshine. 

While discerning visitors flock from across the globe to visit the Mediterranean in summer and stay inland on the coast, there is something undeniably magical about a yacht charter and the way that this mode of luxury travel allows you to become completely absorbed in your surroundings.

Waking up in crisp fresh sheets in the warm, tranquil interior of the yacht before an early breakfast on the deck prepared onboard by your dedicated chefs, gazing out across the azure ocean and dramatic coastlines around you, enjoying the gentle motion of the boat on the water and the intoxicating scent of the warm summer air – it’s an experience that even Europe’s finest and most celebrated hotels simply can’t match.

Each Mediterranean country, whilst being part of the European continent, possesses its own unique character and offers a different experience for your summer yacht charter. Spain is known for its colourful nightlife, traditional festivals, music, dramatic flamenco dancing and local cuisine made with freshly caught seafood. The French Riviera is famous for its exquisite white sandy beaches, the finest wines and cheeses in Europe, and an unmistakable scent of old Hollywood glamour. In Greece you can expect the warmest welcome from this most hospitable of countries – you can sail from island to island and alight upon the quiet unspoilt beaches and hidden coves of this charming Mediterranean destination.

Each of these destinations also offers the opportunity to sample a part of its own rich and unique culture. A mooring in Monaco, for instance, can allow you to spend an evening at the Opéra Monte-Carlo. Opened in 1879, this stunning and ornate 19th-century architectural triumph is the backdrop to some of the world’s finest orchestral and vocal performances. Like many of the cultural visits on your Mediterranean voyage, the experience will create wonderful memories, evoking the true character and history of each individual region. In Sicily we recommend a stroll around the narrow, winding streets, past the colourful, bustling markets of Palermo to the awe-inspiring 12th century cathedral that houses ancient royal tombs.

No sea excursion would be complete without an exquisite menu, and the Mediterranean provides a bounty that is fit for the gods. Our Here Comes The Sun yacht charter offers about as close as it gets to gastronomic perfection - your every culinary wish can be granted by our onboard chefs, Tiziano Nastri, Samuel Haller and James Rees, who all specialise in creating tantalising dishes vibrant with Italian and Mediterranean flavours using only the freshest, finest locally sourced ingredients. Destinations on the course of your charter journey will become associated with the fragrant aromas and satisfying flavours of regional specialities. Moor in Livorno, and you’ll be able to indulge in Cacciucco, a seafood stew made with treasures from the Mediterranean sea – octopus, mussels, monkfish and white fish, red gurnard. Moor on the sensational Côte d'Azur and savour the colours and textures of the locally cherished Tapenade with fresh ciabatta toast – olive oil, garlic, capers, anchovies, black olives and green olives.

For oenophiles, the Mediterranean coast is a treasure trail simply waiting to be discovered by sea – truly unlike anywhere else in the world. Enjoying fine wine is part of the fabric of the culture and indeed the landscape – sun-drenched vineyards drape over hillsides on the coast and the unique agricultural techniques of each region developed by the care and expertise of generations gone by have shaped and crafted the scenery over the course of their history. The best way to immerse oneself in the exquisite craftsmanship of the best Mediterranean wines is to visit the vineyards themselves on your yacht charter. There’s no finer way to sample a wine than at twilight on a balmy summer evening in the very spot where the grapes have been nurtured and picked, ideally accompanied by a selection of delicious local cheeses.


A Mediterranean yacht charter offers you a summer vacation that is really something different. However you choose to plan your route through the sensational scenic coast of Southern Europe, this excursion will truly transcend all of your expectations: whether you are sampling the delicious and diverse gastronomic creations of this continent, admiring its ancient and historic coastal architecture or simply basking in its glorious sunshine.

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