01 June 2016

Port Hercules Comes Alive for the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix 2016 Fraser Yachts
May was a month made for motorsport fans in the Principality of Monaco with both the Formula One and Historic Grand Prix transforming the streets of Monte Carlo. There was no better place for spectators to revel in Grand Prix fever than from the deck of a luxury charter yacht: superyacht charters that were harboured in Port Hercules provided guests a prime position from which to admire the action of the illustrious event, and were even better situated to enjoy the celebrations that ensued.
This year visitors enjoyed the 74th edition of the prestigious race, which was held last weekend, between Thursday 26th and Sunday 29th May. Monaco Grand Prix 2016 Fraser Yachts While the 78 laps may have only taken two hours to complete, the party atmosphere in the Principality lasted for days. A host of exclusive pop-up events attracted the world’s social elite, including the renowned Amber Lounge soiree and parties at legendary venues, such as Jimmy’z. Monaco Grand Prix 2016 Fraser Yachts While it was Lewis Hamilton who clinched the hotly contested title of champion, the race comprised great drama and made for an extremely enjoyable occasion. Upon Hamilton’s victory, a chorus of yacht horns echoed throughout the Principality and the checkered flag came down to both crown the victor and announce the start of the post-race celebrations. Monaco Grand Prix 2016 Fraser Yachts From the office on the world famous Rascasse Corner, Fraser Yachts enjoyed pole position for both the F1 Grand Prix and the Historic Grand Prix – the latter of which has been held every second year in Monaco since 1997. This year was the 10th edition of this unique race and for many motorsport enthusiasts it is an event that rivals its modern equivalent.   Over the course of three days, from May 13th to May 15th, the finest cars of yesteryear battled to be first across the finish line in a series of races that commemorated over 50 years of motor racing. From pre-war cars, raced by Grand Prix drivers of a bygone era, to front engine sports racing cars, the Historic Grand Prix certainly delivers what its name promises and is a wonderful addition to the Monaco sporting calendar. Monaco Grand Prix 2016 Fraser Yachts