2 December 2023

Santa's Seaplane

This festive season, Fraser, Tropic Ocean Airways, and Saving the Blue have collaborated to introduce the 2023 Santa Seaplane Initiative.
To kick-off the initiative, Fraser has generously contributed to the non-profit organization, Saving The Blue, on behalf of our entire clientele.

This meaningful project aims to uplift the holiday experience for school children in remote Bahamian islands by flying Santa in a plane loaded with gifts. These islands often face challenges in supply chain logistics and inflated prices, making the holiday season both demanding and expensive. Inspired by The Bahamas' warm hospitality and resilient spirit, the initiative seeks to bring joy and special moments to the children in these communities.

Beyond the toys alone, Santa’s Seaplane delivered a more profound gift - hope renewed and community connection rediscovered after a challenging era marked by the pandemic. Smiles abounded as Santa high-fived the older kids and cradled wide-eyed toddlers in his lap. The afternoon became a celebration of holiday spirit and the delight of childhood rediscovered.

Several Fraser team members volunteered as Santa's helpers, distributing gifts and spreading the joy of giving across Great Harbour Cay.

To learn more or make a donation to support this initiative in partnership with Saving the Blue & Tropic Ocean Airways, click here.

Most profoundly, the 150 toys and unforgettable memories will continue spreading ripples of joy in young hearts long after the seaplane fades from the dusky pink horizon. Santa’s Seaplane 2023 embodied the spirit of generosity, service and togetherness that epitomizes the meaning of Christmas for communities worldwide.

Click here to view the full photo album from our Santa's Seaplane sleigh ride.

Click here to view the video recap.

We are delighted to spread joy the beautiful communities of The Bahamas, on behalf of all of our clients at Fraser!