18 January 2012

St Kitts to get Economic Boost

St Kitts yacht charter
St Kitts and Nevis are two islands in the Caribbean which together make an increasingly alluring super yacht charters’ destination. The islands, which lie in the stunning Leeward Islands chain, actually make up one single country called the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, a former British colony which was given independence in 1983.
Certainly less commercially popular than neighbouring Antigua and St Maarten, the islands – especially St Kitts -  are experiencing a phase of redevelopment which aims to put the federation firmly on the super yacht charters circuit and which will definitely appeal to the Caribbean yacht charter industry. Both islands are blessed with incredible natural beauty, but St Kitts already has more to offer in terms of facilities for super yacht charters. And these facilities are about to get even better with a recent announcement that Christophe Harbour — a major marina and resort development in the south east of the island — which soon be able to accommodate craft up to 90m (300ft).

Set over 2,500 acres, Christophe Harbour will feature a yacht club with full concierge services, an 18-hole golf course, hotels, restaurants, shops and private clubs. The harbour already boasts The Beach House Restaurant, one of St Kitts’ most famous and exclusive dining venues. The developers hope it will become a major Caribbean yacht charter destination, especially as it will be a designated port of entry with streamlined customs and immigration services. A new private jet terminal is also due to be completed close by in October. Visitors to St Kitts will not be disappointed. The island offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of the Caribbean, and even has its own UNESCO World heritage site. For mesmerizing views, guests on super yacht charters should climb to the top of Brimstone Hill Fortress, built by the English to defend St Kitts against French attack. Alternatively, head to the Coconut Tree Reef which is without doubt one of the best dives sites around the island of St Kitts, if not in the Caribbean.