04 October 2013

Thailand: The Land of Smiles Welcomes Luxury Yacht Charters


The waters surrounding the beautiful and wildly exotic country of Thailand is emerging as one of the most popular new destinations for luxury yacht charter on the planet, and it’s easy to see why.

The Andaman Sea coastline is nothing short of a marine paradise, from the sheer limestone cliffs and fantastic dive spots of Phang Nga to the hectic streets of Phuket’s Patong area and the turquoise emerald sea surrounding the twin islands of Phi Phi.
Delving this far south into Thailand, far away from the energetic capital of Bangkok and party island of Koh Samui, offers a more relaxed, unspoiled take on ‘The Land of Smiles’. Here, tarmac roads become dirt tracks and the nearest Starbucks is hundreds of miles away. Luxury yachts venturing into these relatively unchartered waters will be sailing in the same aquamarine waters that left 19th century sailor-novelist Joseph Conrad in awe, providing him with a muse to his pen as he travelled aboard the ear’s creaking clipper ships. There will be no creaking aboard your luxury yacht charter, however, as you enjoy the perfect tropical luxury sailing holiday. It is a journey that reveals the mystery of Southeast Asia, combining incredible locations with crystal clear seas and idyllic tropical islands. It’s a place to explore either with a snorkel and mask or a kayak, a place where secret lagoons and hidden waterfalls are revealed at every turn. Discover first of all the Phi Phi island group, perhaps best known as the setting for The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Like the film’s protagonists, you too can find your own private paradise around these pristine islands. Thailand Yacht Charter
Next on the itinerary is Rock island, where the coral gables are considered one of the world’s top dive sites. Reef sharks, turtles and, on land, giant monitor lizards are all common sights. The island is a protected national park and its only inhabitants are animals making a trek inland a fascinating experience. Also highly recommended on a luxury boat charter in Thailand is a trip to the Butang group of islands, which remain to this day little-visited.  Here, deserted beaches, unspoiled rain forests and the chatter of monkeys are sure to fulfil all your Robinson Crusoe fantasies. Finally, head to the islands of Lipe, Tanga and Muk, for which the phrase ‘off the beaten track’ could have been coined. Located just short of the Malaysian mainland, the islands boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the region and are, quite honestly, as close to heaven on earth you will find. Article edited from the Fraser Yachting Magazine