05 December 2019

The Crew Network Christmas Dinner 2019

The 5th annual The Crew Network (TCN) Christmas Dinner was held at Versilia Lido una Esperienze on the 4th of December, welcoming over 250 guests including 140 Captains from all over Europe and Fraser was a proud sponsor of this fantastic annual event.


Crew Network Christmas Dinner

Guests of the event were greeted with a welcome cocktail followed by a speech and presentation of the evening given by Alessandro D’Angelo, Crewing Manager for TCN Viareggio & TCN Palma and Raphael Sauleau, CEO of Fraser. The brand new TCN website was launched live for the occasion of the 30th anniversary of TCN. This was followed by an exquisite sit-down dinner during which a raffle was held with incredible prizes provided by the various sponsors of the evening. At the end of the evening an impressive amount of €25,000 was raised for Insuperabili Onlus, an amazing charity organisation that helps children with special needs in Viareggio. This has been so far the highest donation gathered to date during the TCN Christmas Dinner.


At the end of the enchanting evening, each guest received a gift bag including various goodies graciously provided by the sponsors, thanking them for their attendance and as memento of this remarkable event.

The event was generously sponsored by a number of companies and many contributed to the success of the evening: Fraser, Lusben, Ischia Spa, Nautica Pennati, Porto Mirabello, Italian Yacht Masters, Clearvac, Nautica International, Cinzia Bulciolu, Termopetroli, Ocean Remote Support, Team Italia, Versilia Supply Service, Luise Group, Jotun, Samos, Asea Nautica, Versilia Marine Service, My Vintage Accademy, Centro Antincendio, SR Insurance Broker, ASS.P.M.I, Sun & Shade, Moores Rowland, Yacht Agent Montenegro, Roman Yachting, Hestia, Elios Yacht Services, Estela Shipping, Orizon Controls, Automar, Paolo Mantovani, Two Elements, Acqua Dell’Elba, Benetti Yachtmasters, Foglizzo, Land Rover.


Discover the new TCN website and job search platform and the new TCN look here.