20 July 2016

The Latest and Greatest Superyacht Accessories in 2016

Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts
From underwater flying machines to amphibious vehicles, the futuristic and luxurious gadgets found on superyachts are the things of which sci-fi dreams are made. Presenting the latest and greatest, as well as some enduring classics, we’ve put together a list of some of the best superyacht accessories on the market in 2016.

1. The Amphibious Jeep.

Forget having to board the traditional tender and then find a land vehicle when you dock; in the amphibious jeep you can drive through the water, up onto the sand and then get on the road - all without leaving your seat! The Panther from Watercar is one such example of the jeep-style amphibious vehicle, offering on-water speeds of up to 45mph and a rapid 15-second transformation between sea and land vehicle. You can experience an amphibious jeep experience on the superyacht for charter M/Y EXUMA. Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts

2. The Seabob.

This underwater propulsion system has proved to be a popular addition to many luxury superyachts across the world. With your hands gripping a Seabob you can glide effortlessly underwater. The mechanism is suitable to use whether wearing dive gear or not. There are three Seabob models, with the Cayago F7 model reaching a top speed of 16 knots underwater and 22 on the surface. Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts

3. The Sports Car.

Have you ever wanted to take your own supercar with you on your yachting adventure? With the ultra lightweight Marine Mono, you can dock your yacht in Monaco and quickly unload your sports car to experience the F1 racetrack before heading up into the winding Alpine roads. This single-seat, rust resistant and easily loaded supercar, which has been designed expressly for the superyacht market, can hit 60mph in 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 170mph. superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts

4. The Submersible.

The latest breeds of submersibles bill themselves as ‘underwater flying machines,’ taking their cues from aviation technology and enabling fast and highly manoeuvrable underwater exploration. The Deep Flight line of submersibles began with the Super-Falcon; yet the new ‘hover and fly’ model, Deep Flight Dragon, has now entered the market as the latest must-have toy in the superyacht world. The Dragons are electric powered, easy to operate, reach a speed of six knots and a maximum depth of 400 feet. Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts

5. The Quadrofoil.

Fly across the water at 20 knots in the Quadrofoil, an electric powered hydrofoil craft that is tipped to be the next big sensation in the superyacht industry. This aerodynamic watercraft emits no noise, no waves, and no emissions, meaning that you’ll be able to tear across the water in places where Jetskis and waverunners aren’t able to go. The Quadrofoil has a range of 100km, seats two people and foils above the water at a relatively low speed of 6.5 knots. Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts

6. The Fly Board.

The fly board is a superyacht accessory that defies the laws of physics to provide an exhilarating experience for its user. Thrusting thrill-seekers meters into the air, the device propels water downwards to evoke the sensation of flying. Popular in part due to its accessories, M/Y LATITUDE offers its charter guests the opportunity to reach the skies on a fly board. superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts

7. The Electric Wakeboard.

You won’t need to ask the deckhands to give you a tow in the tender anymore, as this new electric wakeboard from Raddin allows you to jump on your wakeboard and streak across the water at up to 29mph. The Raddin Electric Wakeboard is fast, agile, and silent, and will last for up to an hour on one battery.

8. The Superyacht Slide

M/Y AURELIA treats charter guests to the use of a superyacht slide - a timeless staple of a superyacht accessory. The inflatable toy extends from the sundeck into the water below, and guarantees fun for charterers of all ages. The Latest and Greatest Superyacht Accessories in 2016 This is just a small selection of the exciting new accessories available in the superyacht world. To find out which yachts have these fantastic gadgets to enjoy on your next charter experience, contact the team at Fraser Yachts.