26 May 2017

Fraser Makes a Difference on World Oceans Day 2017

The world’s oceans and seas provide most of the oxygen we breathe, regulate the globe’s climate, put seafood on our tables, and provide leisure activities and beauty beyond measure. For yacht Owners, charterers, crew, and superyacht brokerages like Fraser, healthy oceans sustain an incredible way of life and a global yachting industry of which we all feel privileged to be a part. Yet in some corners of the world, the mighty ecosystems we depend on so heavily are in an exceptionally poor condition, plagued by pollution and overfishing.
world oceans day 2017 fraser

As the world’s premier superyacht brokerage, Fraser is dedicated to ensuring that our oceans are beautiful and bountiful long into the future, and that yacht guests and crew will continue to share the seas with incredible marine creatures and flourishing coral reefs.

Fraser cares deeply about the health and future of the oceans, and has recently partnered with Plastic Oceans to be a part of the solution to the plastic pollution problem that faces our seas. In collaboration with the team at Plastic Oceans, Fraser is lending its support to the campaign by helping yacht Owners, Captains and crew to limit their yacht’s pollution, as well as acting as global ambassadors for the Plastic Pollution campaign. Raphael Sauleau, Chief Executive Officer of Fraser, affirmed this support when announcing the recent partnership with Plastic Oceans:

“We are always looking for ways to protect the environment and give back to the oceans that we make our livelihood from; we want to make sure that the oceans remain a beautiful place for many people to enjoy for future generations.”

Thursday 8th June is World Oceans Day – an international celebration and day of awareness. Fraser proudly promotes the annual event as part of an on-going effort to promote the conservation of the planet’s oceans. With the state of our oceans deteriorating each year, the upcoming edition of World Ocean Day is more important than ever.

world oceans day 2017 fraser

In 2017, the theme of World Oceans Day is ‘Our Oceans, Our Future,’ with the conservational focus centred upon combating plastic pollution in the seas. From preventing plastic littering right through to innovative clean-up solutions, World Oceans Day is dedicated to creating a healthier ocean and a better future for everyone who loves and depends upon the waters. This is a pledge to which the leading players in the superyacht brokerage industry have committed with enthusiasm.

Millions of people around the globe will participate in World Oceans Day this June, with hundreds of events planned in more than 100 countries. If you would like to know more about how Fraser is supporting World Ocean Day through the Plastic Oceans partnership, or to find out how you can make a difference, please contact Fraser.