Bilgin Yachts, a member of SYBAss, specialises in building superyachts ranging from 45 to 120M. Operating from facilities spread across 60,000SQM in Turkiye, with headquarters at West Istanbul Marina, Bilgin boasts a comprehensive setup including manufacturing areas, marine furniture, and workshops for mechanics, hydraulics, stainless steel, and upholstery. Managed by the fifth generation of the same family, the company offers eco-friendliness and sustainability throughout its operations and aims to be a prominent global brand while providing time-sensitive services to customers, including after-sales support, winterisation and maintenance.


About Bilgin Yacht

Founded on the historic shores of Bosphorus, Bilgin Yachts brings forth a century-old legacy of family-run expertise in building fully customised superyachts. The shipyard distinguishes itself by performing 90% of its work in-house, proudly bearing the hallmark of quality embodied by the “Made in Turkiye” label.

Through every stage of production, Bilgin Yachts prioritises eco-friendly practices, ensuring that each yacht is not only a symbol of luxury but also a testament to their dedication to a sustainable future. Their collaborative approach with clients allows them to integrate innovative resources into every project, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.

With headquarters nestled in the West Istanbul Marina and production facilities spanning Yalova, Istanbul, and the Antalya Free Zone, Bilgin Yachts epitomises excellence in the superyacht industry. Its state-of-the-art facilities, staffed by over 500 highly skilled craftsmen, encompass every aspect of yacht development, from manufacturing to outfitting and maintenance. The company's expansion into the Antalya Free Zone in 2023 underscores its commitment to innovation and growth, providing additional space for refit projects, after-sales services, and wintering facilities for megayachts.

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Bilgin Models Available

Bilgin Yachts offers a range of yachts including the 48M Bilgin 156, the 50M Bilgin 163, the 52M Bilgin 170, the 74M Bilgin 243, the 80M Bilgin 263 and the 86M Bilgin 282.

Bilgin Yachts is working on several key projects, including two units of the on-spec 50M 163 series in the headquarters, three units of 52M and other three units of 53Min Yalova facility. There are also a 74M on-spec project known as Bilgin 243 (scheduled for delivery in 2026), third unit of the 80M project (to be delivered in 2024), named Bilgin 263, and an 86M yacht that will be the largest Bilgin when launched.


Notable Yachts by Bilgin

Bilgin Yachts has left a mark on the superyacht industry with its featured yachts. Significant launches in 2010, including MADNESS, INDIANA, and TEE-DJE, solidified Bilgin's position as the third-largest yacht builder in Turkiye. In subsequent years, Bilgin unveiled notable vessels such as the award-winning Bilgin 160 Classic M&M, showcasing retro styling coupled with contemporary engineering. Collaborations with renowned designers, including H2 Yacht Design, resulted in iconic creations like the reverse-bow superyacht M and the distinctive 45M ELADA.

Bilgin Yachts continued to push boundaries, launching groundbreaking projects like the 80M eco-friendly TATIANA in 2020, hailed as the largest private superyacht built in Turkiye. Designed in collaboration with Unique Yacht Design and H2 Yacht Design, TATIANA is capable of cruising in eco-friendly mode at 12 knots while consuming only 250 litres of fuel.

LEONA, which premiered at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show as the second unit of the Bilgin 263 series, boasts a striking exterior. Bilgin's expansion into the Antalya Free Zone saw the launch of the 42M explorer yacht KASIF, symbolising the shipyard's pursuit of innovation. In January 2024, LEONA won the first place in the category “Outstanding Exterior Design - Motor Yachts, 60M and above” at the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2024.


Why Buy a Bilgin Brokerage Yacht

Offering a range of yachts in key size sectors, including multiple award winners, Bilgin is a key player in the growing yacht building sector in Turkiye.

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