Since 1863, Burger has been the foundation of the American yachting experience and stands as the oldest, most-respected custom yacht builder in America. Founded by German immigrants, Burger’s legacy is shaped by its pioneering spirit, American ingenuity, collaboration, and its unwavering commitment to crafting the world’s finest vessels.

About Burger

Located in the heart of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, the Burger Boat Company is synonymous with enduring quality and innovative craftsmanship. This storied shipyard combines centuries-old techniques with cutting-edge technology to create custom and semi-custom yachts. With a passionate team of skilled engineers, designers, and craftsmen, Burger translates the unique visions of its clients into reality. Specialising in steel and aluminium construction, Burger's vessels combines elegance, performance, and timeless design.


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When creating a custom-built yacht with Burger, the journey begins with each Owner sharing their dreams with the shipyard’s design and engineering team, laying the foundation for a yacht that mirrors their individual lifestyle. The experience involves Owners from the outset, including touring the shipyard and meeting the expert team poised to bring their vision to life. Through detailed conceptual designs, renderings, and cost estimates, each yacht progressively takes form according to precise specifications. This process ensures the final outcome is a bespoke embodiment of each Owner's unique vision.


Burger offers a diverse range of models and concepts, from the collaborative venture with Evan K. Marshall, the Burger 142' Atrium Motor Yacht, to the 120' Raised Pilothouse Motor Yacht, along with the adventure-ready 112', 115', 122' Raised Pilothouse Motor Yachts.


The flagship 144' Tri-Deck Motor Yacht combines a commanding exterior with an opulent interior, and is ready to be customised to each Owner's individual priorities.



Several Burger yachts have distinguished themselves on the worldwide stage. MIRGAB V, with sleek lines and sophisticated exterior design, combines timeless elegance with modern amenities, making her a beloved vessel among those who appreciate the blend of classic and contemporary.


TENACITY offers durability and performance. Designed for long-range cruising, her robust hull and advanced navigation systems mean those on board can conquer the seas while ensuring the utmost comfort.


LADY PAT, a yacht of significant pedigree, harks back to the golden age of yachting while incorporating the latest in maritime technology. Her interiors reflect a rich nautical heritage, with artisanal woodworking and custom fittings that speak to Burger's attention to detail and bespoke craftsmanship.


And INTERMISSION, measuring a graceful 30M/101' in length, stands as a proud example of Burger’s adeptness at blending luxurious comfort with meticulous design. Her generous beam allows for expansive living spaces, while her length makes her ideally suited for both intimate harbours and open waters.



Choosing a Burger yacht means investing in a vessel with a proven pedigree of workmanship and reliability. Burger's commitment to quality extends beyond the construction of new yachts to include the meticulous care of pre-owned vessels. The shipyard's modern facilities and skilled craftspeople ensure that each yachtis built to last. Beyond the initial purchase, Burger provides comprehensive support and services to brokerage clients, including ongoing maintenance, customisation services, and upgrades, ensuring that every yacht continues to meet the highest standards.


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