Burger Yachts for Sale

Since 1863, Burger has been the foundation of the American Yachting experience and the oldest, most-respected custom yacht builder in America, spanning three centuries. Founded by German immigrants, the Burger Boat Company's history is rich with landmark innovations, American ingenuity, collaboration, and an unyielding dedication to building the world’s finest vessels for both business and pleasure.

Why Buy A Burger Yacht

When choosing a shipyard, it’s important to consider your requirements, as well as the yard’s capabilities, enthusiasm for the project, and proven track record of delivering high-quality projects to satisfied customers. In addition to Burger's team of highly skilled engineers and craftsmen, their shipyard offers numerous modern advantages to seamlessly design, build and maintain your yacht for a lifetime of memories at sea.

Burger’s skilled craftspeople provide a wide variety of specialty project services. Known for delivering quality fabrication work to a diverse client list, Burger takes pride in its systems and procedures that deliver extraordinary final products. Burger’s craftspeople fabricate aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel weldments as well as mechanical assemblies and exquisite joiner fabrications. With a modern shipyard known worldwide for high-quality custom yachts and commercial vessels, Burger also specializes in all types of fabrication needs.

Featured Yachts by Burger

The Burger team's pride, passion, and enthusiasm are exemplified in each and every custom yacht they build, from fruition to completion. Their experienced designers, engineers, and craftspeople continuously deliver yachts to exceed the expectations of discerning clients, making for an outstanding fleet, unmistakable on the horizon.

Notable Burger yachts sold by Fraser include 38m/126' T-ZERO and 46m/151' NADAN.

To see all Burger new build projects for sale today, and other project options, contact your Fraser broker.