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Merging as part of the Ferretti Group in 1999, CRN is the acronym of ‘Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali’.  Sanzio Nicolini founded CRN in 1963 and started building small craft, before moving onto producing larger luxury yachts. CRN manufacture luxury Italian yachts with a blend of steel hulls and aluminium superstructures ranging from 40 to 90 metres in length. The CRN yacht bow structure is an unmistakable trademark of their stern designs. The CRN semi-custom range of yachts build using composite materials are from 29 to 43 metres in length.

Why Buy A CRN Yacht

Based in Ancona, Italy, CRN is becoming increasingly well known for its building and design of large steel luxury Italian yachts over 50m. CRN is known for composite planning custom line yachts, and composite displacement yachts, ensuring CRN’s status as one of the industry’s leading superyacht designers and innovators. Currently, CRN’s building projects include mega yachts of over70 metres in length, blending luxury, comfort and high performance into its state of the art yachts. Having launched over 115 yachts, CRN’s shipyards build tailor-made mega yachts in steel and aluminium from 29 to 90 metres.

Featured Yachts by CRN Yachts

CRN Yachts is known for its custom luxury Italian yachts that are designed and built according to the Owner’s requirements, they have been doing this for the last 50 years. Recent sales of CRN Yachts bt Fraser include 50m DR NO NO, launched in 1998 and by far one of the best yachts of her generation. Her exterior design created by Paolo Scanu, is complemented by interiors from Francois Zuretti.