Damen Yachting is a division within the Damen Shipyards Group that includes a strong and diverse portfolio that includes the ever-popular Amels yachts, the growing number of SeaXplorer yachts and Yacht Support vessels, and the refit division. The success of the Damen Yachting portfolio is largely thanks to the company’s rich history and expert craftsmanship in shipbuilding which stems back to 1918.


About Damen Yachting

Damen Yachting is considered one of the master superyacht builders in the Netherlands thanks to its promise to deliver clients the finest in Dutch yacht building tradition and to take care of them throughout the yacht’s life cycle. As a market leader in 50-metre-plus yachts, Damen Yachting’s heritage is grounded on centuries of Dutch maritime history, shipbuilding and family legacies. Damen Yachting builds luxury superyachts from 50-100 metres in length and has delivered over 100 Amels luxury superyachts, SeaXplorer expedition yachts and Yacht Support Vessels. SeaXplorers are the world’s leading long-range luxury expedition yachts with outstanding capability, and the Yacht Support vessels can be adapted by any Owner to be the perfect complement to the superyacht experience.

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Damen Yachting Models Available


SeaXplorers are the world’s leading long-range luxury expedition yachts, with outstanding capability for the most fun you can have on the water. The SeaXplorer design was created by combining the best of the luxury Amels superyacht range with Damen’s high-tech shipbuilding know-how. These yachts can be delivered quickly with a customised design to suit each Owner. Damen Yachting pioneered this semi-custom large yacht-building technique a quarter of a century ago at Amels, and brings that same philosophy to Damen Yachting’s explorer yachts.

Every SeaXplorer is enhanced by the expertise and experience acquired by Damen Yachting over generations of shipbuilding. During the design phase, the shipyard collaborated closely with top designers and expedition experts, including EYOS Expeditions and Azure Yacht Design. The result is a high-performing expedition yacht with proven reliability. The 60M SeaXplorer 60 is an innovative hybrid explorer. The 77M SeaXplorer 77 is a luxury expedition yacht with all new features and lots of customisation possibilities. The 105M SeaXplorer 105 is at the top of the SeaXplorer range.

Yacht Support
The Damen Yacht Support platform is the perfect complement to the superyacht experience. The vessel can facilitate everything from a diving operation to additional guest accommodation and a vastly increased capacity for toys, helicopters and tenders. The design builds on two decades of Yacht Support experience and a deep understanding of high-end yacht operations, global adventure lifestyles and outstanding technical solutions.

The 53M/175’ YS 53 offers completely new naval architecture, building on two decades of Yacht Support experience, and offers a powerful deck crane, optional A-frame (both up to 5 tonnes), 250sqm deck space for boats, toys, vehicles and more, and the capacity to carry chase boats, day cruisers, sports boats and tenders. The 65M/214’ YS 65 brings multipurpose functionality and lots of room for tenders and toys. The helideck can also have a roll-in helicopter hangar without folding the rotor blades. Quality hardware and a perfect finish brings the 75M/246’ YS 75 to the top class of luxury yachting. Significant storage space capacitates all the tenders, toys, submersibles, vehicles, surf and dive gear you want, plus extensive below-deck storage and space for around 40 crew and staff.

Notable Yachts by Damen Yachting

The SeaXplorer range features LA DATCHA, project managed by Fraser, ANAWA, PINK SHADOW and SX6001.

In the Yacht Support range, deliveries since 2010 include UMBRA, PURSUIT, AD-VANTAGE, GARÇON, DAPPLE, INTREPID, AXIS, GAME CHANGER, POWER PLAY and GENE CHASER, as well as various custom projects including a 75M hybrid expedition vessel.

Damen Yachting is the master yacht builder behind Amels. 


Why Buy a Damen Yacht

The expertise, longevity and pedigree construction quality of Damen vessels make them a world leader in the support vessel market. The capabilities and proven platform of the SeaXplorer range offer unlimited possibilities.

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