Hatteras Yachts for Sale

Two strong currents collide near Cape Hatteras: pride and perseverance. Hatteras is a product of the storied coastal waters for which they are named. Unforgiving seas where, for hundreds of years, dreams were sacrificed and legends born. So when it's said Hatteras is obsessed with over-engineering every detail, they know it is simply the right way to build a yacht. The uncompromising union of inspired design, breakthrough innovation, and unmatched craftsmanship.

Their commitment began 60 years ago when Hatteras founder Willis Slane envisioned a new fishing boat breed. One strong enough to tame the waves off Cape Hatteras. What followed was the birth of a legend. Beginning with the KNIT WITS, the 12m/41' fiberglass yacht that revolutionized the industry, Hatteras served notice that their yachts would now be the standard to which all others were judged – above and below the waterline.

Why Buy A Hatteras Yacht

On the bow of a Hatteras yacht, adventure lines the horizon, and inhibitions are left in your wake. Through 60 years of signature innovation and design, Hatteras has crafted a legacy to which all others aspire. Every yacht utilizes bold form to merge indoor and outdoor spaces for ample entertainment areas, while skylights and windows bring cavernous staterooms to life. From their maiden voyage to every journey thereafter, Hatteras yachts deliver on the promise of a life without limits.

One of the many reasons Owners ultimately choose to purchase a Hatteras is due to their ability to highly personalize the vessel. From slight modifications to general arrangements to installation of over-the-top backlit stonework, Hatteras won’t shy away from much. No two Hatteras Yachts are ever the same, as they work closely with their customers to ensure the yacht’s interior and exterior design, as well as overall amenities, embody their individual needs, desires and dreams.

Featured Yachts by Hatteras

Fraser has been proud to represent a number of Hatteras yachts through the years. Most recently the 26m/85' NORTHWIND was sold by our San Diego broker Neal Esterly and the unique 26m/85' WILD CHILD by our Ft Lauderdale broker Trevor Carroll.

To see all Hatteras new build projects for sale today, and other project options, contact your Fraser broker.


Hatteras, yachts for sale
30m (ft)
2002 / 2018 (refitted)
8 in 4 cabins