Lürssen Yachts is a family-owned German shipbuilding company based in Bremen-Vegesack. Building some of the largest and most innovative German yachts in the world, the Lürssen skillset includes design and construction of private yachts, naval ships and other specialist boats. Lürssen builds extraordinary vessels from 50m/164' to 180m/590' in length and has on its fleet some of the most respected yachts on the water today.


About Lürssen

At Lürssen, the journey of creating a custom-built yacht begins with the client’s vision. Each project sets out to transform a potential Owner’s dream into a tangible masterpiece. Clients are involved in every step of the process, from the initial conceptualisation to the selection of designs proposed by leading international yacht designers. A leader in both quality and performance, no other shipyard has delivered as many of the world's top 20 largest yachts as Lürssen. Today, the team works with a pioneering spirit to bring to life the visons of Owners. Lürssen's corporate culture is based on long-term thinking – not just focused on the next quarterly results. To cater to the wide range of individual preferences, Lürssen operates from five different shipyards, each specialising in crafting yachts of specific sizes, ranging from approximately 60 to 220 metres. Whether it's realising the yacht of one's dreams or seeking a reliable partner for refit or maintenance, Lürssen assigns each project to the shipyard best suited to its specific requirements.

Each of Lürssen's facilities is a hub of technological innovation, staffed by highly skilled naval architects, specialised engineers, technicians, and skilled workers. The workforce is characterised not only by its expertise and vast experience but also by a deep sense of loyalty and commitment. Many employees are part of families who have been with Lürssen for generations, contributing to a profound understanding of the art of yacht-building. Lürssen's headquarters, nestled in the historic German city of Bremen, oversees all five shipyards located in the region. Combined, these facilities offer 1,125,000M² dedicated to new builds, refits, repair, and maintenance. This substantial capacity enables Lürssen to provide lifelong care for its vessels, and, as such, a promise of enduring quality and service.

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Custom Yachts by Lürssen

Each bespoke Lürssen yacht project is unique. Yet the build of each full-custom Lürssen shares one motivation: to fulfil the Owner’s vision. The individual set of challenges posed by each build are solved by Lürssen’s expert team. Lürssen works with the best designers, in-house engineers, naval architects and craftsmen. This, coupled with well thought-out workflows and carefully selected materials, results in top-quality yachts and the best value for money.

Notable Yachts by Lürssen

With yachts among the world's top 20 largest yachts than any other shipyard, Lürssen’s portfolio of custom yachts offers some of the most innovative and best known yachts ever launched. The collection includes 180.6M/592’ AZZAM, 160M/524’ BLUE, 156M/512’ DILBAR, 155M/508’ AL SAID, 147M/483’ A+ (ex TOPAZ), 146M/480’ OPERA, 141.6M/464’ NORD,136M/446’ FLYING FOX, 126M/414’ OCTOPUS, 97.2M/319’ CARINTHIA VII, 85M/279’ SOLANDGE, 70.7M/232’ SKAT.

The Hamburg shipyard Blohm+Voss became part of the Lürssen group in 2016, with a portfolio including 119M/390’ A, 136M/446’ SAVARONA and 95M PALLADIUM.

Why Buy a Lürssen brokerage yacht

Exceptional German quality handed down through generations define every unique yacht launched by Lürssen. With each launch making a lasting impact on the superyacht scene, purchasing a Lürssen yacht means owning a part of history. Lürssen yachts have exceptionally long service lives, and to keep your yacht in good shape and always ready for operation, Lürssen offers lifetime support.

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