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MCP Yachts has been building yachts for 35 years, specialising in the construction of large aluminium yachts. The company is based in Brazil, in South America. To date the shipyard has built 250 yachts, and it was in the 1980s that the shipyard began producing more vessels for the luxury market. The emphasis of the shipyard’s approach is on building top quality and high performance vessels, based upon the superior resistance and structural lightness of the aluminium construction. They offer 10 models of aluminium superyacht which can be customised according to the requirements of the client, ranging from 21m to 43m in length.

Why Buy A MCP Yacht

Having launched the largest all aluminium yacht produced in South America, MCP Yachts is now a well-known name with many international clients. They have become the market leader in all aluminum performance motor yachts and with their range of 10 customisable models there is a good choice of options available to the client. MCP Yachts put emphasis on their expertise in the construction of aluminium yachts  and have recently started working on sailing yacht projects as well as motor yachts. With an 18,000 square metre facility, the shipyard is well equipped to meet the highest international standards and levels of operational excellence. MCP Yachts aims to put client satisfaction above all else.

Featured Yachts by MCP Yachts

Fraser has proudly represented a range of both launched and fully operational construction projects with MCP Yachts. The projects have included MCP Hemisphere 140/02, a tri-deck, voluminous semi displacement 43.59m aluminium yacht. Bearing all the hallmarks of a yacht from the prestigious Brazilian ship builders she offers huge social areas, a beach club and high-level systems and accommodates up to 12 guests.  RED PEARL is an outstanding model of the MCP Yachts’ GFT series. Commissioned by a demanding Yachtsman, she is finished with exotic Brazilian woods and has all the comforts and amenities for an extended family cruise around the world, her distinctive red colour is sure to turn heads wherever in the world she goes.